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  1. Its almost been a year and I am 100lbs down with more work to go but I have no complaints. I was beautiful before and even more confident and beautiful now.. I love me, I am traveling more comfortably and looking good while living life. I wish everyone the best in their endeavors and continue to reach for the stars..

  2. still working hard to get the weight off hope all is well with everyone

  3. frustrated tryn to post pics

  4. sorry sleeve family about missing the meeting. I hate excuses so I won't give any.Charge to my head not my heart.. Hope all is well with everyone

  5. ok everyone I hope one is doing well.. I am going to put pictures up soon. I really have been feeling myself. this sleeve is incredible.

  6. Hope all is well with everyone...

  7. is this scale really accurate? 30lbs no way

  8. Almost 2 weeks post op and 25lbs of fat gone forever..... I am still trying to find foods that I can eat but its okay. I am going to love the newme2be. Hope everyone is doing well

  9. trying to eat egg whites today, I didnt cook them to hard so I can mush them up real good. I truly hope it agrees with me.

  10. I really want a tall glass of cold water...:(

  11. Oh wee today is a new day. I am so blessed to be feeling myself again minus eating. I had a moment yesterday when I was at home and wanted to have something good to eat but knew I couldn't. That was a moment of uhhh ok so what are you to do. Even if I wanted to eat it I couldnt, but the moment went away and went to the kitchen and had my cabbage broth. yummy yummy. Hope everyone is doing great, I have so much more work to do only being 6 days post op. Be Blessed Sleeve Family

  12. Good Morning Sleeve Family, I am up sipping on my greens broth and tasting ooh so good. It still kinda tender going down to me no matter if its cold or warm. Cold hurts a little more. I will be glad when that goes away. I start my vitamins and sub lingual B12 today. I starting walking yesterday, Im feeling good and hope everyone else is too.

  13. I am home and couldn't be happier. Shout out to everyone that supported me.. I truly couldnt have done it without you. I missed my babies and sooooooo Happy to be Home. I feel great on postop day 3. When does everything kick in, Im ready

  14. postop day 2 and I have my ounce of jello that im eating on. still taking it slow.

  15. Ok I have been doing my laps around the unit and trying to suck on these ice chips. A little discomfort but not all that bad. Will be happy when I can toot out this gas dancing in my belly. I feel your prayers sleeve family because I'm feeling good today.

  16. I"m sleeved...feeling sleepy a little discomfort but truly ready for my new start. Thank you for all your support:)

  17. Ok sleeve family, I will see you on the loser bench. Heading to the hospital soon. keep me in your prayers.

  18. Just returned from the movies, cant sleep but I am going to try. Sipping on my last sips before midnight. I will touch basis with the sleeve family in the morning.

  19. Ok surgery is tomorrow... just return from the hospital for my pre-op. I am ready to put this weight behind me. Have to report at 8am heading to the store to get some jello and broth.yum I will keep you updated after I awake from getting sleeved.

  20. wonderful.. Im 10 days before Im on the losing bench with you Ms. Rachel

  21. Ok Im down to 10 days can you believe it. Im getting so excitied.. I just ordered my bodymedia from costco, going grocery shopping this week. It's cominggggggg

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