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  1. Cmsumom

    Nutrition Help

    HI- I hope that your surgery went well- I am sorry if I freaked you out- I am just trying to seek understanding and help- by no one answering - I have to assume I am a rare case I guess. I still am having issues- but like I tell my husband I wouldn't have chosen not to do this- I can't count the ways that this has been a blessing to me- I did it for me- and there are just so many reasons why I would have still had the surgery- but I am struggling I won't lie on the "healthy" part of it all- they have gave me nausea medicine- but it hasn't been real effective. Let me know how yours went! It is an adventure- and I pray that you are well!!!
  2. Cmsumom

    1 Year Anniversary

    To answer you- sorry I am just getting back on here- I really don't hang out with them anymore- I thought maybe it was just me being upset cause I couldn't eat- but then it became more of - I was tired of them -well making fun of me- and it really made me nauseous to watch them gorge themselves. I have found that because you have to eat slower anyways- you are done with your 1/4 of a plate lol by the time they eat the whole thing- so it usually works out lol. Sorry to say it but sometimes I just eat potato chips- they go down easy and I have yet to get sick on them. I do throw up A LOT - they have done every test on me and don't know why- I was anorexic/with throwing up tendencies while in college, so it comes "easy" to me and I don't know if part of it is mental- but I really don't want to and am really struggling with it. They said I may have dumping syndrome- so I don't know- I eat VERY slow and never til I am full. Hope that answers some of your questions. Have a great week!
  3. I need help- I don't know what to do- I am 1year and 1 month out- I have lost 125lbs and I have been sick the whole time- I throw up - I feel like my gut is full of razor blades- they have done tests on me- my Vitamins are down- I have to be on prescription Vit D, and I have to go in and take B12 shots- which my doctor said because of the deficiency I may have early stages of dementia- I try to eat all the time just to maintain my weight and get what I need- I have talked to 2 nutritionist and they just don't understand my surgery because what they tell me to eat and do- is not possible with this stomach. My doctor recently did a colonscopy to make sure nothing else was going on and she said she thought that my food was moving to quickly through my stomach into my intestines which is causing me nausea and pain- I already eat so so so slow- and even kind of reguratate and chew more- I don't drink when I eat- I am at a loss- I just don't know what to do- I am to the point that I feel so sick and so done with all of this- I just want to close my eyes and be gone- its so very emotional, physical, mental - I just want to be healthy- Has anyone experienced this- THIS FAR OUT- I know this might be common the first few months after surgery- but I need to know informaiton from someone who is out at least a year and what has helped them or what they have done to stop the maddnes! Thank you, Tina
  4. Well today is 1 year since my surgery- It has been the hardest year of my life!!! I have lost about 125lbs and went from a size 24/26 to a size 10/12. I offically know what it is like to feel comfortable in my skin, to have people look at me like "you've never had a weight problem", to have people (family) not recognize me, to go shopping and just buy things or actually have fun trying things on, it has made my relationship better with my husband, it has showed me who were really my friends, and all of that because I made a choice to do something for ME and not anyone else. It has had it's down side, hair loss, Vitamin deficiency problems and going in for shots monthly, throwing up, wishing I could eat (I am an emotional eater), throwing up, (I know I said that twice- but I woke up from surgery throwing up and have had issues with it ever since). THIS IS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE AND I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO REGRETS EXCEPT THAT I DIDN"T DO IT SOONER!!!!! TINA
  5. Sorry- I know the last post was so positive- but I am 8 months out- and I its still the same- pretty much- now if I eat a lot of carbs- it bulks up a little but not much! Good Luck- at least I am regular now- I know everyday what time I am going lol sorry tmi -
  6. Cmsumom

    Stomach Flu?

    Well I was prone to throwing up ever since surgery- and still have days of nausea- then I got the flu from the kids too- it was actually a lot easier- cause your food goes thru quicker so mostly I had the runs (sorry tmi) - with nausea - but it wasn't as bad as it used to be before the surgery.
  7. You know I was the same way as your friend- but I have been so sick- I feel weak and my hair is falling out horrible and I just hurt all over like I have the flu non-stop, nausea etc. the past few months- they checked my vitamin levels- I have virtually no vit. d- they started me on 50,000 IU pill prescription strength that I now have to take every week for at least the next 3 months- it can be serious is what they tell me- it effected my liver function, cholesterol and how calcium is absorbed- just because this isn't one of the more severe surgeries for weight loss- doesn't mean it is just a walk in the park - you still have to take your vitamins and trust me- she doesn't want to learn the hard way like I have!
  8. What helped me is the hospital gave me a little sling to keep it in that went around my neck- like a little pouch- but definately tape it up on your skin close to wear it comes out - mine was stitched but I pulled them loose- so I had to start taping it- that helps so it doesnt pull with your clothes. Hope that helps.
  9. Cmsumom

    Swallowing Air?

    Hi, Like the others I have never heard of this- and yes I too was given a straw with a big glass of water in the hospital after surgery- have used one ever since- actually to me it's easier with a straw to take a sip hold it in my mouth and slowly swallow- but I understand everyone is different- you will have to see how it works in your life and whats best for you.
  10. Hey- I still have a lot of issues with nausea- but other than that doing good- 5 months and 85lbs- went from a 24 to now a 12/14 - and still loosing- it has been an emotional ride- that I am still on- just taking it all a day at a time :) Thank you for checking on me!!

  11. just checking in.. how are you doing now 5 months out?

  12. Hey- I am 3 months out- no I havn't taken pics- although I should have- I have lost 62 lbs and down almost 40 inches- I was actually in there a full week- cause of complications with swallowing anything- but I have a bad gag reflex- everyone else went home the next day between 1-4pm- I know this is SO silly now- but the worst part besides- throwing up after surgery was not being able to take a shower that week! They gave me towelette things lol- I would be up trying to wash my hair in the sink and blow dry my hair and the nurse would come in and get on to me lol- I know I am vain- I think I will be dying and still want my hair fresh and clean and foundation on hehe.
  13. Good Luck!!! Just make sure- to not be afraid to ask for medications! I wanted to be tough- but the nausea meds- are your friend!!! And drink drink drink- well sip- Like I have said in other posts- this will be the hardest thing you ever do - but the best! Take it in stride! Don't think you should feel great- it's ok to laugh and then cry and then just go to sleep - and we will all be here waiting on how you are doing!!!!
  14. Cmsumom

    Kansas City

    Hi, I had my surgery with Dr. Malley- (and Dr. Fearing-they are both in there during surgery) on May 2nd- I think he is a really good surgeon- I just really like Dr. Fearing a lot better- she is kind- and really open with discussion- where Dr. Malley really isn't to much- but the office always gets back to ya and work with you every step- I had my surgery at Menorah- and they were all very nice and my stay was good even with my complications (I have severe nausea- I had it before surgery to but had to stay a lot longer in the hospital) and Dr. Malley or Dr. Fearing came by every day to check on me even when they weren't on duty- so that was nice too. I have lost 62lbs so far... but that really isn't due to the dr lol