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  1. pcos_chick

    Fiance Mourns The Fatness

    My suggestion would be to have him check out these boards. My hubbie created a 'secret' account here (as in didn't tell me until later) that it really really helped him with his worries and concerns. It sounds like there is support there and some worry... which is natural. The boards might help ease his concerns and help him voice his support in a more... helpful way.
  2. pcos_chick

    Two Years!

    Thanks for the update. Love love love seeing the year plus updates.
  3. pcos_chick

    Not Wls Related But I Need Opinions...

    Instead of registering for gifts... which seems more formal... Have them create an Amazon Wish List.... Then you can distribute the list on the sly... This way folks won't feel obligated to get gifts but if they were so moved they could pick stuff the couple could really use.
  4. pcos_chick


    Its very common... I found that the best thing to do was to exercise. Just like with cramps or other hormone related moods exercise seems to even things out.
  5. I'm actually having periods now. At 342 they were pretty non existent. We had plenty of fertility issues but we've two little ones now and we're done but if we wanted more I'm sure we'd have zero issues now. My skin pigmentation issues seem to be getting better as well. The biggest issue with my PCOS was insulin resistance and constant hunger - that's 100% gone. I feel like a normal person!
  6. pcos_chick

    No Support From Husband...

    I'm another PCOS VSG'er. Having the surgery was hands down the best decision I've ever made. I've always been active, always ate what I thought was healthy foods.... always overweight. Getting diagnosed with PCOS was as enlightening as it was enraging. How was it possible that I went YEARS without being diagnosed? I am still very angry that I was just told to diet... that my problem was JUST what I put in my mouth. I accept 100% responsibility for over eating. But for so much of the medical community to deny and turn a blind eye to PCOS is shameful. I'm very sorry to hear your husband doesn't support you. Its clearly a lack of understanding PCOS and very likely fears on his part. Have you check out soulcysters? (google it!) The resources there for PCOS and metabolic syndrome folks is amazing. Get him educated!!! Take him to endocrinology doctors and nutritionists! Get some couples therapy! You deserve to be supported. For you he should be willing to learn!
  7. pcos_chick

    Carb Debate (Friendly)

    I have PCOS ... carbs just are not a good idea. I work to stay well under 100 grams of carbs a day. In seven months I've lost over 120lbs. I was a heavy weight at 342 when I started my vsg journey. Some folks don't have my issues with carbs. More power to them.
  8. My surgery was done 4 hours from home.... The ride was fine though I was pretty sore afterwards. All the vibrations and bumps get to you after a while. We made sure to stop every hour and I walked for a bit.
  9. pcos_chick

    how long were you off work?

    I went back on day 12 with no issues.
  10. I am 4 weeks out today. I've lost 40lbs. In my two week preop I had two periods. In the 4 weeks post op I've had three! (In the past year, prior to preop diet I had one bleeding cycle.) I think that until we get to a maintenance stage its going to be hard to predict our cycles. I would not consider BC - with PCOS our hormones are already out of balance. Brute forcing your cycles with more hormones just seems like a bad idea not to mention all the risks associated with them but its a very personal decision. What is right for me might not be right for someone else. It seems like you've already chosen the best treatment possible for PCOS. Give it time and let it work. Make sure you educate yourself diet-wise. Again VSG is the best possible treatment for PCOS but I think as cysters we need to be even more aware of the role diet and insulin resistance plays in our health.
  11. Up until this point everything has been pretty great. Then last week (two weeks and one day post op) I had to put my dog to sleep. Then I had to drive 4 hours to see my surgeon for my post op two week visit and 4 hours back home. By Sunday my stress level was through the roof and bam got hit with a nasty migraine which included lots and lots of vomiting. The next day I had a follow up migraine and more vomiting. On top of all of this I'm on my third period in three weeks, this one seems to be bound and determine to leave me completely bloodless. So I'm very very shaky, dizzy and some what sick to my stomach. Trying to get in fluids and some Protein. When it rains it pours?
  12. pcos_chick

    Sleeping on Stomach

    I'm a stomach sleeper and having the same issue. I'm two weeks and one day post op and I'm just now able to sleep for a little bit on my side. I think everyone is different but I have too much saggy belly fat to roll around without sharp pulling.
  13. pcos_chick


    I'm a little over a week post op. Like you, I was/am a drinker. Most days I had more than 64 oz of water easy. The first few days where uncomfortable with gas but now I'm having zero problem drinking. I was worried about gulping being a problem but either I gulp less than I thought or its just not an issue today.
  14. I'm day 6 too! My saving grace has been some V8 juice. Salty! I can only handle about 2oz at a time but it really helps when I'm craving the taste of things.
  15. I'm so excited I can barely stand it. Its finally happening! I'm nervous but mostly just really ready to start the next, healthier chapter of my life!
  16. You look great!!!! Good work!
  17. pcos_chick

    Good bye 24!

    In between an 18-20 is just about my dream size right now - GREAT job! Eddie Bauer, J Jill, Old Navy all have sizing for petite and up to 20 (their size 20 is NOT their plus sizes but their regular .
  18. You can do it! I ordered two sample packages from Unjury, a bunch of Syntrax samples, bought extra skim milk and today on day 6 I'm feeling really good. Make sure you get enough fluids and I'm on 5 shakes a day... so long as I get 4 in and one of those is the chicken soup I've not been hungry. I do have moment when I miss food, chewing and the different tastes... but the unjury chicken soup fixes me right up!
  19. My preop diet is 5 Protein shakes and all the zero calorie drinks I want. I can also have SF pudding and Jello. Its been alot better than I thought it would be and I'm on day 5. The Protein Shakes are alot better than I thought and when I get really torqued about food the unjury chicken Soup is a life saver. I can honestly say that with this much protein I'm not feeling any hunger but I am missing crunching on things a bit.
  20. Are you getting enough Protein and fluids? Are you avoiding carbs?
  21. pcos_chick

    I need to Vent...

    I have a liquid pre op diet that is starting Wednesday and lasts two weeks. I'm looking forward to it. Its the start of a wonderful journey. It will be very hard... perhaps the hardest part will be the preop... hunger.. only shakes which might taste awful... but its the start of this wonderful chance to be healthier. Focus on all the great stuff that will come with all the hard work.
  22. I'd love a copy too! sionna@gmail.com
  23. pcos_chick

    Still baffled on fullness!

    Glad to hear its going so well!!!

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