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  1. Brenda0600

    NSV shout outs

    This morning it just hit me!!!! NSV, I love towels!!! I mean seriously!!! A towel fitting around your body after a shower is a beatify thing!!!! Hadn't experienced that in sooooo long... who knew something soo simple would be so life changing!!!! LOL
  2. Brenda0600


    Thanks very much for this post!!! I am at the same point with a stall!! I am 5 weeks out and the first 30 days I dropped 33 lbs!!.. now, this week appears to be nothing and just has got be crazy!! I am following the rules.. Eating about 600 cal daily (if that), water intake 40 oz. Protein and fish has been the name of the game; but, things are definitely very, very slow now.. Any suggestions would be help.. ( I know, I trying not to become paranoid.. but, cannot help it. .:thumbup:
  3. Brenda0600

    Colon Hydrotherapy????

    I have personally had several colon therapies pre surgery.. but, just wondering how this would be post op. I am 1 month out and was thinking about 1 recently. I am not as regular as I was prior to surgery. Also, the experience is not as bad as it seems. It really is another option to cleanse and continue on a journey of healthy living. Yes, there are things on the market; but, they are not as effective as having gallons and gallons of water run through you like the colon cleanse. If anyone has had one post op, I would be really be interested in knowing how was the experience. Was it more painful or what?? Thanks
  4. Just another echo here for Dr. Aceves!!! I was in the hospital the same timeframe has Julester and fell in love w him!!! I have worked in a various hospital leadership positions and without question found this hospital to be the best staff in terms of care, service and experience!!! When can anyone say that the actually enjoyed a hospitalization experience? Well, until I me Dr A., I can fully and equicovally say "I enjoyed every minute!!!" I would recommend him in a heart beat!!!
  5. Brenda0600

    March 2010 Sleevers

    Hello.. My surgery is scheduled for March 19, 2010. I am about to jump out of my with soo many emotions. Any support or Angels are certainly welcome. I fly out on March 18, 2010. Dr. Aceves, (Mexico).. Blessings to all Brenda
  6. Brenda0600

    Just got sleeved

    Can anyone describe day TWO as everyone has posted that it is the worst. What would you compare this to?? Childbirth??? Hit by a Bus?? what?? (just trying to wrap my head around this before I am sleeved next week).. Thanks!
  7. Please someone please tell me about the Gum. My surgery is on March 19 and I may have years worth of Gum in my stomach as I generally would swallow gum about 1 a month. I this case, I may be a basket case at surgery (lol.. lol).. Thanks for any replies..
  8. Newbie Here so please take my obversations as more of a query.. I really love my new sleeve family and I am scheduled for surgery in March. After months, month and months of research (with the help of this forum), I am just curious as to why there are not commericals or informationals about the Sleeve to help more people.:confused1: This journey appears to be a "God send" for alot of us and I am just sooo thankful I found out about the sleeve by through word of mouth. Anyone curious as to why the Sleeve has not recieved more public advertising.. similiar to the Realize Band? No pun intended to my Band family, just curious and trying to understand why more people are really not aware of Sleeve.. :blushing:
  9. I am attempting to purchase alot of the Protein products to stock up before surgery (March 13). Can anyone tell me if you liked your protein powders during pre-op, did you taste buds change post op finding that you could no longer tolerate the protein after surgery? After much, much, much reading, I am beginning to rethink my plans in purchasing so many products prior to surgery. I am just wondering did anyone find that their taste significantly changed? Any Help if much appreciated.. PS. I just love this board and the new sleeve family since joining. :thumbup1:

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