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  1. Gluttony overshadows this country. Maybe a government shutdown will wake everyone up.

  2. Today was a great beginning to the Spring season

  3. My nails are all ready to get a french manicure... except for the one I broke on the effin light switch...grrrr

  4. I have dental insurance yet it has covered nothing lol

  5. Don't yah love it when you do something super embarassing lolol

  6. Heading for lunch and tini...

  7. I am experiencing severe spring fever

  8. I always enjoy rearranging my day around for no purposeful reason.

  9. For pete sakes if I read another FB post from a woman whining about how her man dont want her i am going to puke. Get a grip already and go find someone else who does and spare us the drivel.

  10. I just murdered the copier in the teachers lounge lol

  11. Full week ahead...work, school, good times, and something unexpected.

  12. Pretty perfect day.

  13. And so the fun begins.....

  14. I am gearing up to do some major shopping damage

  15. I think I just went into sugar shock from drinking some soda lol

  16. Super nice out and I have to go spend the next three hours indoors :(

  17. Beautiful day out...couldn't resist a walk around Loring.

  18. My knee problems are returning...time to go back to ortho.

  19. so the syrian government decided to resign. can we make our government do that lol

  20. So today is pretty monumental I suppose. I have lost 101lbs in 4 1/2 months and feeling/looking spectacular. Had a couple stalls due to drinking too much lol (hey a girl has got to have her fun), but on my way to being fit and extra happy.

  21. Gonna go IKEA shopping

  22. It has been a multi-tasking day...

  23. I just woke up from a major nap. I think I could sleep all day.

  24. I am catching a cold...not good. I don't have time to be sick.

  25. So hung over...don't want to go to work lol

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