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  1. I was banded in August Weight at surgery was 255, now 3 months post op and 2 fills I am still only down 15 lbs. The scale has been stuck between numbers for a while now. Dr says im doing ok and would be more concerned if I were gaining weight. I feel very little restriction yet do feel full if I eat too much. I did drop from a size 20-22 jean to an 18 though. Is there something Im doing wrong, am I eating wrong? HELP

  2. Scale froze for a good 2weeks, I havent felt any restriction or full in the past week. I had my 1st fill this morning..Dr says liquids for 3 days..is that the norm & what should I look for, stay away from etc.

  3. HELP!!! Im 3 weeks post op and still on the mushy stage for one more week, although since surgery Ive lost 14lbs it has since frozen, Im starting to feel more hungry less full these days also. Any suggestions?

  4. How are you doing so far?

  5. So_Sincere


    I agree with the ladies, walking is a good gas reliever. For me the best thing is to have my husband press on my back. (press and hold either thumbs or knuckles starting from the waist to my shoulders) works great. Or an old fashion baby burping method lol. Im post op 14days no real gas, not really hungry and are on my post op 2 week diet with 2days left. You can do it, stay focused
  6. So_Sincere

    People... UGH!

    She may be a silent hater, lol. And what if you were sick? She would be the one to run and tell the wrong info and get a nasty rumor started . PEOPLE!! Keep on smiling girl
  7. So_Sincere

    THE OLD ME!!

  8. Are you drinking enough fluids?

  9. 13 days post op, 3 days liquid diet left to do & so far 14lbs lighter, very little soreness...I must say Im doin ok. LET THE JOURNEY CONTINUE....PS cant wait to chew something next week lol

  10. Heyyyy Im also an Aug 12 bander. ((hug)) I am so far 14lbs post op and on my last week of the stage 3 liquid diet. Hows it goin?Let OUR journey begin.

  11. Hi, I am 10days post op. Hope all is well. Let our journey begin.

  12. Day 6..Im doing pretty good. Still on Stage 3 of the Liquid Diet and about 11lbs lighter so far. Im ready to start chewing. Thank you for all the support and tips.

  13. So_Sincere

    post op liquid amounts

    Im with you ChelseaM. Am I right by saying even with the protein shakes, those should also only be about 2oz in each meal along with a minimum of 40oz of liquids a day?
  14. So_Sincere

    August 2011 Bandsters????

    ((waving fast)) Hello allllll August Banders. Congrats to us all and good luck to those approaching the big day. I was banded 8/12/11. 4 days post-op, Ive been up and out and around the house almost good as new. Still a bit sore but nothing unbareable. I am on the 2 week liquid diet which is a bit challenging. I know Im to have at least 40oz of liquids yet I find myself feeling a bit full after about 2-4oz of my lil protein shake is this normal? (while waiting for a call back from the Dr) Am I doing everything right? Any advice?
  15. Surgery went well, back home, up and around. Not sure im drinking enough protein though, feel light headed ever so often. other than that..im good

  16. ((cart wheels)) Surgery tomorrow....Here we go!! :-)

  17. Surgery tomorrow..nerrrrrrrrvous.. Any tips are very much needed

  18. ((Broken record sound)) change in plans, I have to be treated for H-Pylori for 2 weeks then reschedule my band date ((big sad face)

  19. My 1st real post, Im new to the site yet not new to the weight loss struggle. I see Im amongst family here. Band date this friday, scared yet happy as helll, any advice

  20. So_Sincere

    Returning To Work

    I just got my date of 7/22, I am a rider myself and are devestated at the thought of not being able to ride for weeks. :-( Im sure it will be well worth the wait. Keep me posted and in your prayers

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