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  1. mint2bskiny

    Too Big Or Too Small

    I am at 5.25 cc Why is it with the band you can eat the smallest piece of white chicken and get stuck but you can eat the largest bite of chocolate and it goes down? I am struggling so bad with eating whole foods! I cant eat white chicken, salad,or red meat. I am afraid to take Fluid out because right now if i eat tuna salad or chkn salad i can eat a cup at time if i gave up bread 6 months before my surgery along with rice. i only eat no yolk Pasta 1 time month maybe ad can eat cup or 2 of that! I dont want to make my port bigger but how do i eat the healthy stuff? and I CANT LOSE WEIGHT!
  2. mint2bskiny

    How much have you taken off???

    I have not lost a lot of weight but I have changed my life drastically! I have lost 64lbs on my journey since February24 2011. I have had good times and bad. Puking times and good times! I wouldnt trade it for nothing because I dont eat near what I used to!!! I lost a total of 80lbs last year if you add in my preop diet! I am pretty proud of my self for that. I know I could change the way I eat on the weekends, but I think it keeps me saine to be able to enjoy stuff on saturdays! so average during most weeks i can lose 2-3 punds and gain 1-2 on a saturday and sunday. so... i am losing a lot slower that most would be. but Its TOTALLY WORTH IT! i dont splurdge anymore on stuff, i sure cant overeat!
  3. I eat a pice of wasa bread (20caloires) with 1tbp of sugar free jelly (10calories) at night. sometimes i even add 1tbs of smart choice peanutbutter. I eat that about 3 times a week around 10pm and alway seem to do pretty good during the week. *its the weekends that hold me back* LOL.
  4. Latte's keep me going! lol. and far as the foods I can NOT eat: HOT FRESH PIZZA-if its cold and left over i can eat maybe half piece and have to chew realllly well! Bread *any kind wheat white or toasted* shrimp white chicken pork steak *even pureed* Yes i tried lol corn saltine crackers SOME RICE *i can eat spanish rice if its moist and almost overcooked* REHEATED food it is too dry for me also!!! cupcakes/cake HOWEVER... I do enjoy a carbonated Dr Pepper 10 about once a month. I pop the top around 7am and leave it out on desk and slowly drink it all day. around quitting time (5) I usually have the can emptied. I love wasa bread/crackers. its the only kind of bread or crackers i can eat. i also love chips but have to have melted cheese or salsa on them or they get stuck! . haha Honestly I am glad I cant eat those things on the list anymore!!! ive been told my band maybe too tight, because i dont lose very fast and have awesome restriction, but i choose to have it that way because i am addicted to food and its better for me this way!
  5. mint2bskiny

    Do you still enjoy food after lapband...

    There are so many foods that I actually miss but when i think about it I am grateful that I cannot enjoy those foods anymore! I cannot eat pizza, steak, bread, biscuits, pancakes or waffles. But the food that I do eat I take my time on making it taste yum! and I enjoy every bit of it. I eat alot of egg salad but find different stuff to put in it to juice it up! lol. I do miss drinking water with my food because I eat HOT food! but. i found that havinga tablespoon of sourcream by my plate is alway helpful! I can agree with above stating that band may not be for an addict. BUT...I am a food addict ! Completely. i LOVE it all! and I am SO glad I made the choice because it has really changed me!
  6. mint2bskiny

    Is lap band the right choice at 18?

    This truley is a hard decision. But i must say if you dont want to keep gaining weight its a great tool to keep you under control. I have lost about 60pounds in 8 months and it does take dedication to lose, but most important if i stray I dont gain weight like i did before because there is no way of over doing it! i even get full eating ice cream! I love my band and would reccomend it to anyone who has done their research! make sure that you know its right for you. read the good, bad and ugly post about it!!! I wish my insurance would have covered somthing at the age of 18 for me. I wouldnt have gotten up to 300lbs! When i was 18 I was 190lbs! By age 26 I was 309! Now I am 239 and much better and still on my way to healthy skinny happiness! GOOD LUCK
  7. mint2bskiny

    long time lapbanders input requested

    I was banded in February and I am still learing! I tried low carb, too much sodium for me. I tried weight watchers, not enogh restriction, so now I am counting caloires, carbs, protien and fibers. I eat only right portions. BUT...I cant seem to stay away from slider foods on the weekends. The weekdays are great and easy i take my food to work, i am not allowed to leave work for 730-5 and we have no vending machines. BUT on the weekends i seriously need help. I can lose 5pounds m-f and gain 4-6 on the weekend! HELP. does anyone have any ideas for me? Maybe if I eat more protein bars during the weekend i wont be tempted to eat more? What kind of protein bars do yall reccomend? I need low carb.
  8. mint2bskiny

    Strange Instructions...

    On my thick liquid stage I added Water or milk or Protein water to anything and blended it!! HAHA taht got me thru 2.5 weeks of liquids! And my mushies and soft stages lasteda bout 2-3 weeks also. At week 7 I got my first fill. it was tiny but i got a fill. lol. then every 2 weeks after that i went back to get more fills. I am at 5.5c amd very satisfied. it didnt take long for me to reach restriction.
  9. My typical day all depends on how much time i have and how creative i am. Usually try to stay between 1000-1100 caloires 40g fat, and 80-100protein, 30-35fiber and NO MORE THAN 75carbs a day. I admit every saturday i have date day with my hubby and eat what ever i want. i just dont go crazy! i have really good restriction tho. almost too tight but i perfer it this way that way when i do eat what i want only about 6 bites go down!!! But for instance today: 6am Protein shake (very thin) 10am bfast-2pc Wasa Crackers sugar free jelly and natural peanutbutter . (i dont eat untill about 10 because my band is usually tight early morning.) 1230 3/4c egg salad with added Protein powder and 2pc wasa crackers , 1/4c green Beans 3pm no sugar added 1/4c apple pie filling with splenda 330 2 sugar free hard candies for dinner i am planning on having 3ozchicken that cooked in crock pot all day, 1/4c loaded mash potatoes and 1/4cgreen beans. I dont drink liquids with my meals anymore i stoped and the weight started coming off! I also make sure that i do have 2 Snacks a day usually no more than 120 caloires each. i dont eat more than 10g sugar per serving, and i personally cant eat bread wheat or not *wont go down*
  10. your stories are all amazing! I wish i have done that good. I have struggled quite a bit since i have been banded and was very interested to read this post! I have just "started over" with my lifestyle! I ahve CHF and Chronic Renal Disease so high protein is hard when there is so much sodium. But after reading everyones post over last few days and doing a bit more research (more than the clnic i go to) I think I have come up with a new plan. I am super excited to get my weightloss on track. its been 7 months since i have been banded and havnt had any good results rather then inches off of me. So now I am triying to get it in to gear. Thank you all for the stories and to you who started this post thank you the most!
  11. i dont know what that white foam is either. I have had it about 4x since i ve been banded. (February2011) I think mine has occured when i i ate my salad with vinegar and also it occurs both time when i fell like i have too much liquid in my pouch that wont go thru. then i will vomit and it will be the foamy stuff. LET ME KNOW IF YOU FIND OUT!
  12. It took me about 3 months to stop drinking with my meal. Of coarse I had to adjust my meal too. I dont eat really hot food anymore because I dont want to have to drink with it. Also I do not eat Ice chips. For me they tend to sit in my pouch and actually burns I guess because it gets so cold Same thing with icecream. If i eat a frozen treat its usually frozen yogurt and I tend to let it melt a little and take small bites. As far as gum. I was told when i went in for pre op that you can cause more gas pains by chewing gum and drinking thru a straw. PERSOANLLY....i hate the feel of the gas pains that i get in my upper left sholder. so...i DONT DO IT! Everyone is different but just to fill you in on what I do.
  13. mint2bskiny

    Birth control question

    I USE yaz. its fantastic! no side effects. it lessens PMS to minimal and i only see Aunt Flo about 2 days for very very light days! its great!!!! Been on it about 4 months now
  14. mint2bskiny

    32, newly wed , and newly banded

    I was only married 4 months when I got my surgery. The lap band doesnt change your marriage. It hasnt changed mine. We are still happy. He thinks I am a goodball because I burp now and stay on this web page alot. But nothing has changed. If anything its getting hotter!!! I mean he loves my new curves hunny! he says its a added bonus!
  15. I have two! About a year ago right before my wedding I did a crash diet and lost about 15 pounds. I went to my cousin after the wedding to get my hair trimmed when i walked in the shop she didnt speak to me. i had to go over and ask her to cut my hair she said "oh i didnt recongnize you you must have quit your diet! " WHAT!!! I was almost so mad I could have punched her! About 3 days ago I went to Dentist office. They made a mistake with insurance and wanted 138$ upfront. I told them I dont have that kid of money with me and a guy sitting down beside the counter said "looks like you have money for food" WOW!!! after losing 65 pounds that was REALLLLY HURTFUL because I JUST started feeling good about myself !
  16. mint2bskiny

    getting used to the gastric band

    I honestly started eating less after my first fill only because I didnt want to mess anything up. I had no restriction. But I made sure I ate wholesome foods. Thick foods and added protein powder to all my foods to make me full longer. Also in between my meals I drink protein shakes *i make mine with protein powder almond milk fat free and instant pudding mix). I was starving by my first fill and the dr said it was very normal. it took 4 fills to get me where I am today. I am 5.25cc in a 10cc band. Some people need more and some people need less. Good luck on your journey this is the place to be asking for help. We are a great big family support system here!
  17. I love to look in the mirror now and see that I actually have a butt underneath all of the old weight! LOL. I also am starting to have a figure. I called my mom up the other day told her she needed to rush over. She lives about a mile away. She come over what's the deal?? LOL. i was in panties and a bra and said "LOOK I HAVE CURVES!!! " lol we laughed and cried for 30 min. Thank you for starting this post! its great!
  18. mint2bskiny

    I need inspiration, please!

    I have been banded about 6 months to the week. I have struggled a LOT. The day I came home from being banded got served with custody papers! It really put a toll on me. I did great my first 2 weeks on liquids then emotional roller coasters all the way! I told myself I wasnt going to let it bother me and I DID! i gained 10 -15 pounds back and was so ashamed! Finally in June I told my self if i cannot be strong for myself I cant be strong for my son. So i started changing. I had ups and downs with getting fills and puking and PB and all the good stuff that i had to learn but finally I am on track! my biggest goal was getting thru the custody in July with out gaiing any weight! i did it! Today I am taking my weight loss slow. i know it will happen in time for me. but SINCE i started putting my self first and eating how i am suppose to i finally started losing weight! MY MAJOR RULE i found out was dont just wait 10 min for a drink after you eat.. WAIT 30-45!!! i really get full if i dont drink liquids during meals! who woulda thought they wre all right! lol. But since July I have lost 24 pounds and I am holding out strong. I dont eat bread, past, or rice, BUT i do have sweets atleast 1x a week and I am addictied to cheese nachos so I have those about 1x a week too. I figured 5-6 good healthy eating days and 1 bad day aint so bad afterall. it gets me where i need to be!!! GOOD LUCK OUT THERE KEEP US POSTED!
  19. mint2bskiny


    OH MY!!! POPCORN GETS ME BY!!! I LOVE IT. I tend to over eat when i eat it tho so you have to watch out. I make sure I only pop 2cups now instead of a serving of 5 cups! but kettle korn at night gets my sweet cravings out of the way and usuallya bout 2 times a week i have it for my daily snacks.! of coarse i used the 94% fat free. you have to watch the carb content if you are doing low carb tho.
  20. mint2bskiny

    Crunchy foods for dinner

    I love to get some pasta sauce and put it on melba toast sprinkle with little cheese and few mini peperoni slices and toast!!! ITS SOO GOOD!!
  21. mint2bskiny

    Carbonated drinks after Lap Band Surgery

    I sometimes get a diet 7up at 6 in the morning and take small sips throughout the day.By evening time it is flat enought I can enjoy regular drinks of it. The feeling of bloating is bad. If you cannot tolerate this feeling DONT DRINK IT. True it is hard to burp. So sometimes I have to pat my shoulder if I take too big of a drink adn the gas gets stuck.
  22. mint2bskiny

    Deli Meat

    I have the same problem. The only kind of beef I eat is ground beef. The sandwhich meat ham,beef all makes me vomit! No matter how well i think i chew.
  23. mint2bskiny


    Got to love those NSV thats been getting me by lately. i have only lost 24lbs since surgery 6 months ago but my body for some reason likes to lose inches! i have gone from a 24 to a 16! incredible. makes me sick when i look on the scale but funny NSV for me is the other night i was laying on couch and my dear hubby says "wow i can see over your belly when I lay down beside you" I took it as a good thing!!! Congrats on your success!
  24. mint2bskiny

    Blending things on liquid diet

    I bought the broccili and cheese in the steamer bags and blended that in the magic bullet during my full liquids phase. actually blended almost everyhing!!! my doc actually recommended me to do that so i got more nutrients and felt full so i wouldnt "drink my calories! Also if you blend up potatoes that have been boiled down to mush with pepper its delicious soup! just add some cheese! and the magic bullet is fantastic! i have that one and the walmart version is about 10 dollars cheaper it works great!
  25. Thank you so much for writing this post! I truley didnt know how to express it myself! Im in the same boat and I truley appreciate your and everyone elses input! I LOVE THIS FAMILY!!!!