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  1. Things r going well. I had my first fill yesterday. I was looking forward to it, because I've been so hungry. Since I started dieting in January, I've lost 40lbs. I'm very excited. Thnx for checking up on me......And how r u doing?

  2. crazygoatlady

    Just Banded

    I feel a little bit better every day. I hope that everything is going ok for you too. I wish u luck!
  3. crazygoatlady

    2nd week

    I need some meal ideas for week two post operation. Any ideas would b greatly apperciate.
  4. I've made it a week......and I'm still alive!

  5. crazygoatlady

    Wow...now this is different

    Thank u. That will be helpful.
  6. In one sentence, give me advice on what my journey of weight loss will involve. All of the good things, and all of the bad things. I would like to know it all. Thank you for allowing me into this community. I have learned so much.
  7. Looking forward to trying applesauce again. The small things excite me.

  8. Need to exercise....need to exercise.

  9. crazygoatlady

    Hi I'm new!

    Hello.....and welcome. I'm a newbie here, and just had the surgery last wed. I have been overweight my entire life, but it took until last year for me to say, out loud, I'm overweight. That was hard. I don't have any negatives from this experience, but the more u know, the better off u will be. I suggest changing your eating style and lifestyle as soon as possible. This made the transition, for me, so much easier. I have a long road ahead of me still, but I'm optimistic. If you have any questions, let me know. Jessi
  10. crazygoatlady

    Just Banded

    Hello...I had the surgery last Wednesday. I've been battling with terrible gas and left shoulder pain. I got a hold of the doctor today, and they said to back off of the applesauce, etc. and go back on only Protein shakes. I had a hernia repaired at the same time, so they said that I have double the swelling. I feel your pain though. It feels like the gas bubble is going to burst right out of my chest. My dr told me to take 7 gas-x a day, and if I'm not getting any better by Wednesday, to go back to the office. So, what I'm getting at, call your dr. They will give u all of the info that u need. I wish u luck....and good luck with the gas. Jessi
  11. Hello...I was banded last Wed. I can't tell you what my outcome will be, but my outlook on the future is good. Unfortunately, insurance would not cover my surgery, so I am paying out of pocket. Hopefully, this will be the motivation to keep me going. It is a lot of work, mentally and physically...even just getting ready for the surgery. You can't learn too much. Research everything that you can, and talk to lots of people. Every bit of knowledge will help you make your decision that much easier. I wish you luck in whatever you do, Jessi
  12. crazygoatlady

    Hi Everyone.... Newly joined

    I am new here too. I actually had the surgery last Wednesday. Pre-surgery, once I knew that the surgery date was soon to come, I switched to a low carb, high Protein diet of my own. Once I got to the 2 week protein diet, it wasn't too bad. My doctor allowed me to have one well balanced meal a day, so that was something to look forward to. The hard thing for me was when my family would go out to eat. I chose not to go to the restaraunt, because it was so hard to resist. The other hard thing,(kind of stupid) tv food commercials. I have never craved pizza so much in my life! I try to change the station during commercials now. The Clear Liquids the day before surgery was hard. Keep yourself busy. I went shopping all day. Since the surgery, I started with clear liquids the first 2 day, then I moved to protein shakes. Yesterday, I switched to pudding, applesauce, and those types of things. I've been having terrible gas problems though....nothing will come out, and it hurts my chest. I talked to the dr today, and they said that because of the hiatal hernia repair that I had done, my food progress will be behind schedule, since there is twice the swelling. Unfortunately, I had to switch back to protein shakes only, for a few more days. My moto that I say over and over in my head is, IT'S JUST FOOD! Hopefully this will help you a little. You can do it! Keep up the good work. If you have any question, I'm here to help. Jessi
  13. crazygoatlady

    New to the forum

    I had the surgery 5 days ago. So far, so good. I have been using the Bariatric Advantage Protein supplement that I get from my doctor. Disgusting, made me gag. I've tried a few different recipes, but my favorite so far is, 10 oz of brewed decaf coffee, 1 oz of skim milk, 1 tbsp of sugar free choco syrup, 2 scoops of protein, and ice. Mix it up, and it's not too bad. At least I can get it down. I wish you luck, and if you have any questions, let me know. I can try to help. Jessi
  14. Thank u for welcoming me.

  15. Too much gas, too little time

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