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  1. browneyedgirl89

    Any March Sleevers?

    can you add me i had surgery on march 11 and have been a part of this thread since before:) parker118@live.com
  2. browneyedgirl89

    Any March Sleevers?

    could you add me pleaseee? parker118@live.com
  3. browneyedgirl89

    Any March Sleevers?

    this is kinda gross, but I was sleeved on monday and today is friday and i have not gone number 2 once! is that normal??
  4. browneyedgirl89

    Any March Sleevers?

    Sitting in waiting room waiting to be taken back to change into gown and everything. Not one bit nervous just excited! Ill keep you guys posted on how it goes! Good luck to everyone else today
  5. browneyedgirl89

    Any March Sleevers?

    Surgery is tomorrow! So excited that its almost here! Good luck everyone
  6. browneyedgirl89

    Any March Sleevers?

    yes...my stupid dr office didnt tell me that the hospital needed there part paid 3 days before surgery so they are making me push it back to Monday. the girl that works for my dr is an idiot and soooo rude. i finally had a breakdown on the phone today with the NP and she promised me that that girl will not be allowed to call me anymore! but its only a few more days...
  7. browneyedgirl89

    Any March Sleevers?

    So upset. My surgery was supposed to be tomorrow and now is pushed back to Monday.
  8. browneyedgirl89

    Any March Sleevers?

    Sitting at the hospital to do my pre op stuff for surgery on Thursday! Time is going by Sooooo slow its worse than waiting on Christmas but Im Ao excited. Good luck to everyone having there surgery today"!!
  9. browneyedgirl89

    Any March Sleevers?

    Im on day 3 of my liquid diet and i just want to eat something that is not a protein shake! my dr has me on optifast 800 shakes, up to five a day. My surgery is thursday the 7th so im excited about that. its just the evenings that are hard, all day i am fine with the shakes but at night i just want real food. sorry just had to vent! good luck to everyone )
  10. browneyedgirl89

    Any March Sleevers?

    Just got my date. March 7!!!!!
  11. browneyedgirl89


    I just got my surgery date today for March 7! Good luck and let me know how it goes
  12. browneyedgirl89

    EGD/Hiatal Hernia/Exclusion on Aetna

    I should also add that i was banded at true results Houston as well
  13. browneyedgirl89

    EGD/Hiatal Hernia/Exclusion on Aetna

    Do not get the lap band!!!!!!!! I wish someone would have told me this two years ago before i was banded. It is awful. Go to vertical sleeve talk and there is a forum full of lap band patients that have switched to the sleeve i am about to have the sleeve myself. My band has been Hell from day one!
  14. browneyedgirl89

    True Results-Houston

    i was banded at true results houston on june 10 2011. I HATE my band and the nurses always piss me off. everytime i went it it seemed i had a pouch. so i would be put on a 2 week liquid diet, go back, and still had a pouch. after doing that for about 8 months i finally hit my breaking point and decided to start talking about revising to a sleeve. i have been absolutely miserable with my band, severe acid reflux, vomiting, you name it, i have it. i had all my liquid removed in november, and they sent me to dr holliss office in pearland to talk about revision. i just think it is funny though that before i got my band, they said nothing but negative things about the sleeve and bypass, yet now everyone i talk to that works at true results and dr holliss office say nothing but horrible things about the band. im like, why the hell didnt you tell me this before i got banded?? one of the PAs at TR even told me she had the band and wished she would have got the sleeve instead. its ridiculous. and it really bugs me that they never really talked about all the negative things that could happen with the band before surgery, they made it sound so easy and simple. basically, they are all full of sh99 and i advise ANYONE who has not been banded yet to run and get the sleeve!
  15. Ill start by saying two months ago I had a fill and was at 8.3ccs and first couple of days couldn't eat anything, only liquids..then it loosened up enough where I could eat a little at a time, had horrible heartburn, night coughs, everything but lost 15 pounds that month. I don't eat healthy food I eat whatever I want. After that I got a little more put in because imstupid, so had to get an unfill the next day and they took two whole ccs out. Now I'm back up to 7.9cc and have a little heartburn, but I want to get like .2 at most put back in. Am I totally stupid??
  16. i was banded on june 10th and after having 4 fills(6cc's), i can still eat a lot. i am starting to feel like i will never get that full feeling. the only thing i notice is that when i eat bread and dont chew it well it gets stuck, but after a minute or two it goes away. at my last fill appointment i even gained 4 pounds. my doctor keeps telling me to be patient and that i will get there but im starting to think he is full of crap. he keeps telling me how important it is to only eat 4 ounces at a time but hello, if i could only eat 4 ounces at a time i wouldnt be fat and i wouldnt need the lapband. i feel like im just going to be fat forever. i need to know there are other people that hve been through this but finally got that feeling, i need some advice desperately!
  17. browneyedgirl89

    Feeling NO RESTRICTION and depressed

    Omg thank you so much for saying that, it was EXACTLY what I needed to hear!
  18. browneyedgirl89

    Muscle Milk

    i buy them online, but i suggest buying them from GNC they delivered them a lot faster than when i ordered them from the muscle milk website. they are delic!
  19. browneyedgirl89

    Looking for support in Clear Lake Area

    ill definitely let you know how it goes! i think he said he put in 3ccs at surgery, but i feel NO restriction yet...did they put anything in yours and do you feel anything?
  20. browneyedgirl89

    post your before & during/after pictures

    everyone looks FABULOUS! i am only 2 and a half weeks post op so im far from being after picture ready, but im definitely inspired!
  21. browneyedgirl89

    Looking for support in Clear Lake Area

    hey kitty, if you look on the true results website, it says they have a support group that meets at TR i believe every last Thursday of the month. im going for a fill on the 8th and was going to ask about it when i go because im a baby and im nervous!
  22. ok i have 2 problems. i had surgery on june 10th and i feel great other than the fact that when i bend completely over, i have a stabbing pain that feels like its right behind my belly button. everyone has been saying its probably my port but my port is way higher right under my ribs..anyone know what it might be? problem number 2 is that i had i believe 3cc's put in at surgery, and i feel NOTHING. the second week i was eating whatever i want and had no restriction at all. im scared i might never feel anything!
  23. browneyedgirl89

    Looking for June 2011 Bandits!

    hey everyone just checking in with you guys. good luck to all of you with surgerys coming up! i get my first fill on July 8th and i cant wait!
  24. browneyedgirl89

    What do you eat each day?

    how long did it take everyone to start feeling restriction? my surgeron put in 3cc at surger on june 10th and i am still able to eat anything and everything and i am starving. im like a bottomless pit! im scared that ill never get that feeling!
  25. browneyedgirl89


    hi michael! sorry i just saw what you posted. i LOVE dr hollis, and i am so weird when it comes to doctors, but he is super nice, he made me feel so good about making this decision. i really feel like i couldnt have picked a better doctor, so dont worry! and the nurses before and after surgery are fabulous! they are so nice, pretty funny as well. they made it such a great day, i really cant say one negative thing about them!

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