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  1. newlyfe2011


    Well guys I was banded this morning. Is okay to sleep on your side
  2. I felt that why after surgery as well. I also had surgery on the same day, but I was determine not to let the pain win...by Friday evening I drove to walmart....Saturday morning did 4 laps around the track at a good pace. The more u move the better u feel. I thought I had a problem with getting liquids down so I would take a few sips, maybe let water sit in my mouth and spit it out so that it wasn't as dry. But u will be okay..good luck
  3. I was banded 9/22 as well and I had the stomach talk to...couldn't get rid of my gas...so I took a few sips of Ginger ale..and behold one big burp...felt so good..I had to get what works for me...good luck on your journey
  4. newlyfe2011


    I feel okay just a little sore ...just trying to a good position to lay in
  5. newlyfe2011


    Okay ladies thanks because I can't do the back thing
  6. newlyfe2011


    Well guys I was banded this morning. Is okay to sleep on your side
  7. I am less then 24 hours away from surgery. I am so nervous right now. I hope that i will be able to go to sleep tonight. well until then
  8. newlyfe2011

    Thursday morning is the big day

    I hope so because i am scheduled first thing in the morning.
  9. I am 4 days away from my surgery and I can't wait. Has anyone surgery ever been canceled I think thats the only thing I am worried about.....no weight loss on my liquid diet..it just stayed the same....nervous
  10. newlyfe2011


    I was approved today for surgery September 22nd here I come....yay me
  11. newlyfe2011


    Yes, I will only pay 250.00 being that its an outpatient procedure and that is due at the time of my surgical interview
  12. newlyfe2011


    Thank you so much...my surgery will be @Gwinnett Medical in Georgia, my surgeon is Dr. Richards. I am just trying to get past the whole liquid diet. I think I should've prepared myself lol but it will be worth it
  13. newlyfe2011


    I was approved today as well and we have the same surgery date.....yay us woot woot
  14. Hello people I have been gone for a while, but i am back again. Today was the start of my 2 weeks liquid diet and let me tell you its no walk in the park. Can anyone suggest any good ideas to get past the 2 weeks. Please help
  15. newlyfe2011


    How long have you been fasting and what shakes did u use
  16. newlyfe2011


    Hello everyone I am just getting back to the site; however today started my 2 week liquid diet. My band date is set for september 22 pending insurnace approval
  17. I wanted to know if anyone has been seen by Dr. Robert Richards in Duluth, Ga at Gwinnett Medical Center
  18. I am so glad that someone asked that question because i was so unsure. I have cigna as well and they want me to do the same thing. I have decided to do the pre-op diet each month for one week until the big day.
  19. newlyfe2011


    Hello I wanted to know how did your 6 month prerequirements go for you. I will be meeting with my doctor in the morning to start the process. Good luck as well!!!
  20. newlyfe2011

    new here

    Hello I am new here to the site, and I would love to get advice from some of you that had the surgery. I am starting my diet and exercise program that must be done before I have the lapband. So again I would love to hear from you.

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