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  1. Recently I talked to a co-worker about her LapBand experience and diet. She looks AMAZING at 4 years out. I am almost 1 year out and have had 5 fills at this point. I have not gone back to the doctor since October because I felt like if I got filled any more I would not be able to eat the healthy foods I love. Well, after my chat with my co-worker, I feel like I'm completely overeating at least compared to her. So I wanted to reach out to you successful bandsters and ask your opinion on my menu. Here is what I eat everyday. Do you think it is too much volume of food? Does it look like I might need a fill if I can easily eat all this food? Calories are about 880-900 a day. Breakfast 1 egg scrambled (70 cal) 3 asparagus spears (10 cal) 1 slice bread (80 cal) Snack 1 oz (~15) almonds (160 cal) 1 tbsp dark chocolate chips (70 cal) lunch 1 ½ cup raw salad greens (15 cal) 3 oz. chicken breast (145 cal) ½ cup raw veggie mix (15 cal) 2 tblsp Lite Salad Dressing (60 cal) dinner 3 oz chicken breast (145 cal) ½ -1 cup cooked greens (collards , kale, spinach) (18-36 cal) Snack (if hungry) ½ cup yogurt (76 cal) ½ tablespoon honey (30 cal)
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    good prenatal vitamin for band

    I have taken these before and liked them but I can't imagine swallowing them now. Did you get all or most of your fill taken out so that you could take these?
  3. curlygirly999

    Are You Making Good Food Choices?

    My lapband journey has been frought with issues related to food. I am still a work in progress as far as getting my mind in the right place. These are the things that help me most: 1) Create a set menu and stick to it! You can deviate a little but having my meals planned everyday and always having those foods stocked up makes it easier to follow through. 2) Track your calories, somehow someway. I use the MyFitnessPal app on my phone which makes it easy. I can even scan the barcode on food items to add a serving. This means also tracking your bad food choices, which helps you realize how much you are hurting your progress compared to when you follow your plan. 3) Get help. I am fortunate enough to have health insurance that allows for therapy and it took me a while to admit I might need it but after going (had my 10th session today) I feel much better, less negative and more hopeful about my future. I also watch a lot of youtube videos by josielenore who has struggled with her own food issues. This one in particular pretty much changed my whole perspective on this food thing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOJEkmsvz80&context=C3129502ADOEgsToPDskJyr1TLHodUAAe9k-LZfdkG Remember to take is slow. These things will take time. You will never just wake up and have everything right in your head. It is work but it is worth it. Posting on this forum is a great sign that you want to be successful and want to reach out to others. We are here for you! :-) Hope this helps.
  4. curlygirly999

    Am I Eating Too Much? Look At My Menu & Chime In.

    Thanks for the feedback everybody. I am currently exercising about 6 days a week for 30min - 1hr. I do still get hungry between meals, even with my snacks so I'm thinking I could use a bit more fill. I don't always eat everything on the menu, sometimes I am not as hungry and other times I eat more, it just depends. I am afraid that if I can't eat as much I'll be forced to eat less healthy but I'm sure I can figure something out that I can both tolerate physically and that is healthy.
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    9 month compare

    From the album: During

    @ 199.8 lbs, compared w/ start
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    IMG 4799

    From the album: During

    Recent, 1/12/12
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    4 Months Post Op 07/28/2011 (30 pounds down)

    Looking good!! Keep it up! That's great progress! You look awesome!
  9. curlygirly999

    22 Months Post Op :)

    Congratulations! You look great. Keep us updated with pictures. It's really inspiring!!!
  10. Both of my parents who have had WLS, take activated charcoal pills. My mother suggested them to me when I told her about the gas issue post-surgery. I have yet to purchase them but she said they have really helped her. Hope this helps.
  11. This pictures make me so hopeful! You look great Missy! Keep up the good work. I hope to post some cute pictures of myself in the future! P.S. Love the arm muscles!
  12. I'm having mine done tomorrow too!! I'm in California. I'm super excited and I can't wait to officially be a bandster! Congratulations to all of you and I hope you have a speedy recovery and great results! I'll be at the hospital at 5:30am (first surgery of the day)!! WOOHOO!!!
  13. curlygirly999

    March 2011 Bandsters

    I'm so glad some of you are sharing your experiences. Kelli your post was especially helpful! Keep up the good work and continue to heal, we'll all be waiting to see how awesome you guys do! Oh yeah...and pretty soon I will be one of you!! Only 22 days!!
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    I am currently seeing Dr. Swartz & Dr. Felix for my band. I have also heard that Dr. Boone is nice. They are all in Fresno, CA.
  15. My surgery has been scheduled for the 31st as well! I was so excited when I got a date! I am trying to get a head start and lose a few lbs before I go in, not to mention, try to get myself used to this huge life change! Congratulations!!!
  16. curlygirly999

    A real before picture. B-o-d-y s-h-o-t. 270lb.

    WOW KATIE!!! You have completely transformed!! I love your pics! They are so motivating!! I'd be curious to know how much the tuck cost.
  17. curlygirly999

    March 2011 Bandsters

    My date is the 31st too mzstephanie!! Good luck!!
  18. curlygirly999

    March 2011 Bandsters

    I am finally scheduled for March 31st!! I could have gone in sooner but my work scheduled forced me to postpone it. :-( Either way...super excited. If anyone else out there is having surgery this day with Dr. Felix or Dr. Swartz office in Fresno, CA...let's talk!!
  19. curlygirly999

    5 lbs From Goal!

    What an amazing transformation! You look awesome!
  20. curlygirly999

    Hidden fees???

    Wow you all make my doctor sound super expensive. My surgeon's office charges a $950 program fee which is supposed to include nutritional/fitness consults, 24-7 support, support groups and large gift bags of protein and vitamins to start you off. I felt like it was super expensive but I went with him because they are a center of excellence and a friend of mine recommended it. Insurance is paying 100%, I figured $950 isn't bad for the whole thing considering. Wish it was more like $200 like some of you though!!
  21. curlygirly999

    I had my first consultation today!

    I had my first consultation today too! I also did my nutrition and psych evaluations at the same time. I'm just waiting for my primary care doctor to submit the last of my lab work results to the surgeon's office. I also went in wanting the band and it seemed like the surgeon really emphasized how much more work the band is. He almost had me thinking about changing to the sleeve too, but I just can't accept the idea of removing or rearranging parts of my insides. I think the band is the best choice for me and I'm pretty excited about it. I guess I'm just in disbelief that it will happen for me still. Perhaps it will feel more real once I get the phone call to schedule my surgery date. Good luck to you!!

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