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  1. I was banded on 3/3 and i had my first fill on 3/25 with no problems. When i went for my second fill on 4/27 my doctor couldn't find the opening to my port... he kept digging around and i could hear the syringe scraping the port, but no dice so i was scheduled for a flouroscopy on the 29th and the determination was that my port had flipped. My doctor used "hooks" to anchor the port. Now I'm having port revision surgery on 5/5 and he promises me that he will suture the port this time... i'm so frustrated :-/ Has anyone else had to deal with a port revision surgery?
  2. I know hormones affect my band while i'm on my period..I had to switch from Implanon to a pill contraceptive so I chose LoEstrin. The day after starting LoEstrin I began having menstrual bleeding which has persisted for two weeks. I've contacted my lap band doc who is "baffled" by hormones affecting the lap band..so..on to the next doc who switched my BC. She says that I will stop bleeding eventually once my body gets used to the new drug. In the mean time I've had almost 1CC removed from my band and i'm still having trouble eating :-( Any one else have similar problems?
  3. I'm 14 months passed my surgery (March 2011) and I've lost 83 lbs. In ladies clothing my pants have gone from a 20 to nearly an 8, my tops have gone from an XL to a M and sometimes a S and even my shoes have gone from a 9.5 to a 8.5. My question is.... at what point do I say I'm finished? I've still got quite a bit of belly on my 5'4" frame and I'd like to lose as much of that as possible. I'd also like to feel accomplished and say "i've lost 100lbs". How did everyone else know when enough was enough?
  4. Free shipping, on anything and everything! I do have modest prices only because i've been selling my clothes to buy clothes that fit. I can accept paypal with credit, debit, or whichever :-) Feel free to send reply to this thread or send me a message if you see anything you'd like! I'm looking for sz 6 or 8 pants, small or medium tops, and sz 8.5 shoes if anyone has any of those sizes. clothes and shoes https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.567580183346.2044285.74501245&type=3&l=fb81593ca4
  5. agdunkle

    When Are You Finished?

    Thanks all.. But I asked for those who were at goal when they knew I had an appointment with my doctor today and he said that my goal should be when I feel good and I'm happy with myself...that being said I think my goal is a normal body fat % (<25%) whether that means i lose 10 lbs or 30lbs. He also said that BMI isn't a very good tool to use because it doesn't account for muscle mass. I think I would look like a child if I were to weigh 135 which is what my BMI says I should be and I'd rather look like a woman.
  6. agdunkle

    When Are You Finished?

    Unfortunately, my surgeon isn't very useful to me other than inserting the band and filling or unfilling it. I've had labwork conducted in October and in March and everything was perfect. My BP is 110/65 which is pretty awesome...My doctor says, "exercise, exercise, exercise" which is redundant because I teach Zumba 3 days a week and do resistance training on 3 days in between.
  7. agdunkle

    Can Fills Be Dangerous????

    the port could be flipped if the surgeon didn't suture it on. Mine was not sutured initially and it flipped. I had to have a port revision surgery to have it flipped back and at that point he sewed it to my abdominal wall. It also could have moved if it isn't sewed. Mine moved from my upper rib cage to nearly my belly button.
  8. agdunkle

    Not Sure If I Need To Be Un-Filled...

    It sounds like you have too much in your band. Don't wait to get checked out. If you're having a lot of reflux and throwing up, that stuff can go to your lungs and develop pneumonia... among other problems like dehydration or a slipped band. You can always get that put back in at a later time.
  9. agdunkle

    How Much Can You Eat At 4Cc Fill?

    whether you can eat a whole lot or a little.... you want your fills to be slow so that you have time to adjust to them. You may think that you want it really full so that you can eat just a crumb, but you'll end up really sick. The trick that I use is that I eat until I'm not hungry. Sometimes that means that I eat a lot more than I think i should. Sometimes it means a few bites. Learn what your body is trying to tell you.
  10. I was banded in March and had port revision surgery in May for a flipped port. During the initial surgery the port was free floating in my abdomin. When it was revised, my doctor stitched it down to my abdominal wall. I have to admit the second surgery was tougher on me than the first but this is why: 1st surgery I stayed overnight in the hosptal and I could focus on the doctor's directions, 2nd surgery i went home immediately to a dog who just wanted to be with me and i was distracted by everything going on to follow directions. However, two days after each surgery i was in my Zumba class doing light movements so I guess it wasn't too bad. My abdomin was tender for much longer after the 2nd surgery i'm guessing because of the stitchery. I took care of the dressings as advised and didn't have any further complications or infection. My doctor was able to go back into one of my previous incisions for the 2nd surgery.
  11. It's really a good thing that your doctor fills you so slow.. it helps to not be sick! My doctor does the same thing and while my weight loss has been slower than others, i haven't been sick at all. I don't think you're there yet, in your mind and in your band. I too have been banded since March (3rd to be exact) and it's taken a while to wrap my head around this new way to eat. What are you eating? Low fat, high Protein, low carb? High fat, moderate protein, high carb? I would suggest keeping a food diary for a couple weeks that you log what you eat, when you eat it, and why. I found that even know I eat sometimes because I'm bored or sleepy. After that, you can really see how you can begin to modify what you're eating to give you success. There are different definitions of low carb, but my doctor says low carb is under 50 grams advises me to eat less than 50 grams of carbs, less than 15 grams of fat, and at least 80 grams of protein. As far as exercise, your body plateaus. I'm a personal trainer, and I can tell you that if you've been walking or biking the same thing for the past 8 months your body says..meh... been there done that let's go. It would be more beneficial to do some interval training so maybe for 1 minute while you bike you peddle as fast as you can, and then for 2 minutes you peddle normal. Maybe when you walk for 1 minute you increase the speed and incline and then 2 minutes take it back down. Once all of that is comfortable, change it up again! Then you can begin to add in some resistance training which will really amp everything up.
  12. agdunkle

    What is your full feeling?

    before my last fill, I would eat until I felt full (normal full pre band). Granted I didn't lose 5 lbs a week, but I was never hungry. Now, that i've got more in my band and I can eat about 4-5 ounces, I eat until I don't feel hungry. If I eat until I feel normal full, then I've eaten to much and hope that I don't puke!
  13. hey fellow bandsters! I haven't posted in forever but I thought I would because I'm finally at a fill that will only allow me to eat 3-4oz. The mental problem I'm having is that I want to eat so much more! I've only over eaten twice, and got sick enough the second time to never do that again! Has anyone else dealt with that? It's so strange to me that a few bites makes me full and I sometimes I just want to eat more because it's delicious..
  14. agdunkle

    Not Quite in Bandster Mentality

    It's not even having food around to snack for me! I don't want to snack, I want a bigger dinner! lol oh stupid head hunger
  15. agdunkle

    am I too tight?

    i would really think popcorn would get stuck.. but it's a slider for me! If I didn't watch I could definitely eat a whole bag with no problem.
  16. agdunkle

    am I too tight?

    After my last fill, I can hardly eat anything. I can't eat chicken, fish, pork, beef, of any cut or consistency without having to puke. I'm really getting tired of puking :-( Am I too tight? When i call my physician's office the girl that answers the phone can be quite nasty and she instructed me to take smaller bites. I take small bites and then I time them out one minute in attempt to not puke. The only thing I can eat and not puke are my slider foods: popcorn, macaroni and cheese, and pudding.
  17. agdunkle

    am I too tight?

    Luckily my physician was able to get me in around 1:15 yesterday.. he took out .5cc of fluid after giving me a lecture of not losing enough weight and eating the wrong foods (my slider foods because all my good foods would get vomited) I'm very happy to say that today I can eat!! waaaa-hooo!! lol I haven't been able to eat meat in nearly a month, and today I had some fish. The SAME fish that got stuck on Saturday and caused me to puke.
  18. agdunkle

    am I too tight?

    I can't eat ANYTHING except mac and cheese, popcorn and pudding.. .i cut everything up to the size of the end of my pinky finger and take a bite, wait a minute (literally), take a bite, wait a minute.. and sure enough puke every time. I don't think that I over eat because i weigh my food out and never ever get to finish it. My fill was on May 20th and I've been puking ever since I started on solid foods again on 5/22. I started to think this was going to be my way of life forever but I can't continue to puke!
  19. agdunkle


    i WAS one of those that could eat whatever I wanted.. until now that I have 5ccs in my 10cc band. I can eat a toasted bagel thin, and a thin piece of pizza but that's all the bread. i can eat pasta with no problem thought.
  20. Good luck!! You will do fine!
  21. I'm 5 days out and i have to say it was actually rougher to have the port revision surgery than the actual lab band for me! They must have really sewed it on there good this time haha
  22. my whole life if I haven't been on a birth control that limits my periods my menstrual cramps are so severe that I vomit, have an upset stomach, and radiating pain throughout my torso for a few days before, the whole time during, and a day or so after my period. I got Implanon (impant in your arm) in October and i haven't had a period since then (which is a good thing!). I was banded on 3/3 and now I DO have a period with all the old familiar symptoms. Did anyone else's menstrual cycle get worse after you were banded? I'm trying to figure out if there could be an underlying issue :-/
  23. agdunkle

    What does stuck feel like?

    stuck to me feels like i can't breath! It feels like there is such an enormous amount of pressure in my chest/diaphram that i can hardly breathe. Then my stomach starts to "slime" to try and get it down and it comes out my nose :-/ I just try and keep burping to get it down, i've never actually thrown up from being stuck, but it's scared me enough that I don't even try to eat those foods anymore.
  24. agdunkle

    Extreme PMS/cramping AFTER band?

    this is the 3rd month of it and this time i've never puked so much in my life. If I didn't know any better I would think I had a stomach virus, but I've had all these symptoms before as a milder version.
  25. agdunkle

    Things to get before surgery

    1) throat spray because when you wake up from surgery your throat will kill from the breathing tube 2) pudding, Jello, and soups 3) pre-made Protein shakes and protein powder 4) single serve smoothie blender (got all of my protein powder blended really well) 5) chewable tylenol tablets Gas x strips really won't help.. that gas pains you will have after surgery is not intestinal..it's because the doctor inflates your belly with NO2. Walking helps that. My nails and toes were painted when i had surgery, and they didn't make me take any of the polish off.. may just depend so ask when you had your pre-admission testing or the doctor's office

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