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  1. I am over four years out. I recently got married and now have no reason not to slim down (want baby's) but I work super early and cannot remember what I used for protein in the morning. Help?
  2. Gayle

    I'm so disappointed in myself!

    Hey, I am four years out and recently back and a little ashamed of myself. You are human, love yourself
  3. Hello, I have quite the history. I got down to a weight I liked a year after while in an abusive relationship. I gained since weight back before ending that relationship. More recently I just got married, but didn't worry myself about losing weight before the marriage but now after we want kids, and I don't want to try until I lose more weight. How do I start to retry after four and a half years.
  4. I started at 400 got down to less than 300 and now am I above 300
  5. I had my surgery years ago, and i lost a lot of weight. But i gained back some and i was told recently if i wasnt going to count calories i at least need to keep up with protein. But lord save me i cant remember what i use to do for protein at any meal. Help please?
  6. Hello, my name is Gayle. And I am finally back on this site, almost 4 years from my surgery. I have managed to lose weight at keep most of it off, about 80 pounds right now. But it has been tough, and life has been tough. So, I am back to try and get myself back on track and lose some more!
  7. Gayle

    From Boise

    Hello, I am from Boise! I want to know if anybody did the lapband through saint alphonses and what you have to go through to be approved and stuff like that.
  8. I am 10 months out and down 120 pounds with another 100 to go. For over a month now I haven't been losing weight and I have been trying so many things. On average I get between 30-100 g carbs a day (on the lower side majority of the time, including fiber) and like 20-30 grams of fat and 60+ g of protein. I even am trying taking alli even though I don't eat much fat. I exercise and get 7 thousand steps a day and 4 flights of stairs at minimum. I get all my liquids in and eat between 800-1000 calories. I have even tried calorie cycling by going up to 1500 and then back down to 800 but even though I lost some doing that it didn't last. I am at the end of my rope and need some help or advice or anything!
  9. I wish I was losing inches! I was at the start of it but it's kind of stopped to,,,, BUMMER!
  10. Thanks guys. I almost never get that down about it and I'm not so upset now, I just was this morning and had to say something somewhere! lol
  11. Yes, I have thought about revising but my insurance only pays for one wls in my lifetime so that's not an option. And I was supposed to be at 40 carbs when I first started out, and it goes up from there. But like I said I'm on the slow side, today is 30some carbs including fiber.
  12. I had surgery a while ago and my dad got all excited about it and he wants to have it to. He has an average BP of 188/98 and an A1C of 10.7 among other health problems. I'm afraid he isn't healthy enough for surgery. Did anybody else have similar health problems going into surgery?
  13. He is already taking 4 different blood pressure medications. I really don't think another one is going to do that trick. I am just worried what will happen during the surgery.
  14. That's the scary thing, the surgeon isn't running any more tests. He did the psych test and that's it now it's going through insurance and he will be scheduling soon
  15. I am five months out and was just wondering what other people similar too me have been eating during the day? How many calories a day?
  16. Down 91 as of today, still in the same pants size! curses!

  17. I am a little over three months out and down 73 pounds. I started at 402 so I'm now 329. I am discouraged because I am only down about half a size. I am still wearing the clothes that I was wearing before my surgery. They are somewhat looser but I thought I'd be down one or more sizes by now. How long did it take everybody else to go down sizes?
  18. I have been measuring, they haven't been going down. like last month i lost half an inch in a couple places and that was it
  19. Down 73 pounds as of today

  20. I just wanted everybody to introduce themselves! Where are you from, when were you sleeved and how much have you lost? I am from Boise and I was sleeved April 13th by Dr. Vallentine at St Lukes Boise. I am down 55 pounds now
  21. At first it will be different, like softer. But after you get back on solids it should be normal, maybe a little harder because you won't be getting a lot of fiber. But it just won't happen as often. I suggest fiber gummies
  22. Down 57 pounds as of today. This is going great!

  23. I am doing great! how are you doing?

  24. Gayle

    4 month pic updates

    Wow, what an amazing difference. Congrats!
  25. So I had the sleeve April 13th, and things went pretty well, but I was in quite a bit of pain. It was only in the past couple weeks that I was able to start back working out (even though that still makes my ouchie spots pretty sore). I even was able to roll around in the sack with my dear fiance, and only to no avail. It was really painful and we couldn't even finish. Haven't tried since. Went to see my OB and they found a 2 inch cyst on my left ovary. I am having another ultrasound in a month, and if it hasn't gotten any smaller I am going to have another surgery to take it out. They say it's really unlikely that it will get smaller, just will keep getting bigger. I know this type of surgery isn't that big of a deal and probably less painful than what I already had, but still sucks, it will keep me out of exercising and Water aerobics for a while over. Almost feel like i'm starting over. Anybody else had this type of surgery?

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