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  1. phatgirl 2011

    how do i get re-motivated and back on track???

    I so needed to see this post. I have definitely fallen off the wagon. i recently moved away from home and been going through the motions. Not eating right or enough and not hitting the gym either. Gained back 9lbs in 3 mos! sighhh.. Haven't been to the doc for a fill either. Only have my 1 so feeling very little to no restriction. I'm just so ashamed of myself. My doc was just talking about how she wanted me to speak at a seminar because I was doing so well and not many patients do the Lap Band. I really need to get back on focus and reading these posts was very helpful. Thank you for the advice everyone.
  2. phatgirl 2011

    Do you use Wii to exercise?

    I also have all the games listed above with the addition of Golds Gym Cardio workout which is boxing and soooo awesome! lol also have Just Dance 1 and 2 and Dance on Broadway. MY favorite game is Just Dance 2. I Love to dance. lol can't wait till they come out with the part 3. And on the Just Dance 2 game there's an option called "Just Sweat" for exercise where u can weekly tell them how hard u want to work out. And it tracks your "Sweat" levels and intensity. Thats a great game to try.
  3. phatgirl 2011

    ok so they unfilled me

    I just had my first fill today and my doc filled me 3 ccs. So i'm assuming it's just that doctor. And if it's just for your insurance money then that's just wrong on many levels. smh.
  4. that was so quick with most of you! I went to the seminar in Feb and was banded 5/23.Had a lot of running to do. With low vitamin levels and scans. But finally was all cleared. Just got my first fill today so i'm on a liquid diet for today. smh.. lol I don't even know how i did it first time around.
  5. goodness, dealing with a fill sounds scary. I haven't had a fill yet, got banded 5/23. I have a drs appt tom. I'm worried.
  6. Banded 5/23. and when were u? I have nooo idea if i will be given a fill tomorrow or not but I hope i am cleared for the pool! I swim and do aqua aerobics for exercise so this is something I NEED! lol good luck to you and i will keep u posted.
  7. @ Jerseygirl and NJgirl These are the reasons I only told my immediate and close family members and about 3 or 4 friends and that was only because about 2 of em had the surgery themselves and the other 2 are thinking about the surgery. I don't want people looking and watching what i eat and whether secretly or openly judging my food and weight loss. It's my business and it's still going to be a battle. I'm fightig it now. I've gained 12 of the 30lbs. i lost! being on solid food of course. smh. But it's a struggle. I'm hoping for my first fill tomorrow. But keeping something like this close to your heart is a better idea.
  8. phatgirl 2011

    Discouraged with the band.

    Hey Girl! I have a wii! and Love the Just Dance series part 1 and 2, the Michael Jackson Experience, The biggest loser game, Golds Gym Dance Workout and Cardio Workout. I tried the Zumba on the Kinect and it was just toooo much for me. I gave up after the warmup. lol u have a lot of good choices for games here.. also can't forget the wii fit. :-) Good luck to you. I'm sure you'll find what works for you.
  9. I'm soooo happy I'm not the only one! I initially lost 20lbs after the surgery on the liquid diet. i was banded on 5/23 and I have gained back 6lbs since being on mushees for 2 weeks now. I'm about to graduate to solids. This is so scary. I don't want to go backwards.
  10. I have a PS3 and a Wii. I don't have an xbox and I refuse to buy one just for the Kinect! lol But I have played the Kinect and love it. I also love my WIi. I would buy the Kinect for the Dance Central game. I have on my wii, Michael Jackson the Experience game, Just Dance 1 & 2, Dance on Broadway, the Wii Fit, Golds Gym Cardio Workout and Golds' Gym Dance Workout, oh also the Biggest Loser game. I bought all of this when I was frantically working out before I got banded. So, I'd have no excuse when i couldn't make it to the Y. I love them all but my fave games have to be Just Dance 1 & 2. I don't cheat my workout either by just moving my arms. I do everything the proper way. But good luck, a new system is a great and fun way to work out.
  11. I'm so sorry you're not feeling well Weesie. But don't worry that will pass. I'm also supposed to transition to solids today but i've basically been on solids just chewing my food extremely well. Till it was basically mushees which I wouldn't recommend, but its just something I did. I don't do too well with pureed food. The whole "visual" thing put me off. But that gas will pass. Hope you're feeling better now.
  12. Rachel is right. lol since no food...liquids was all I got. I was on clear liquids for 2 weeks! lol so... and that includes the protein shakes. But I couldn't do them. So clear liquids it was. And believe it was hell for two whole weeks! lol But you'll make it and it will be a distant memory a couple of months from now.
  13. phatgirl 2011


    I was banded on 5/23 and it's driving me crazy! I wanna hit my pool at the Y! My insicion looks pretty good but I don't wanna hit the pool till I see my doc. and i'll see her next thurs. :-( Enjoy the pool.
  14. phatgirl 2011

    sugar free?

    Hiya Kimmi I also don't like the sugar free items except the popsicles. I eat regular jello pudding. sorry by the taste some things aren't meant to be sugar free! lol JMO.
  15. phatgirl 2011

    Survived my 'Cheat" Sunday

    Good for you.. doesn't sound like you did too bad at all. Me, i've been out of control. I'm supposed to be on mushies till Thurs and move to solids. But i graduated myself to solids and have just been chewing till things were basically liquid. I'm going to have to bring myself back to reality and do this right. I'm going to use you as my inspiration. lol Keep up the good work.
  16. phatgirl 2011

    gaining weight on mushies/before my first fill

    Hey Jessy, sorry you're going through this. I myself am in the mushee stage post-op. probably about 4 days now.. and I just know I have gained! I'm eating. Not like i used to but when I'm hungry I grab something. It WILL get better and keep your chin up. It's going to take time. You've already taken the right steps by getting banded. So congratulations on that!
  17. phatgirl 2011

    Swimming After...

    oohhhhhh it's killing me! Was banded 5/23 and I'm anxious to hit the water! that's my daily exercise. It's a chlorinated pool and it's public but I swim at the Y here and how do i miss it so! lol
  18. This is why I only told close family members, and only a cpl of my closest friends. I don't need every time you see me to ask me "how much I lost and am I doing it right and eating right-since someone I know lost... " Which is why i keep it to myself and just say i'm working hard at it because it's true. i am.
  19. Anyone else experience nausea while laying on your stomach? I laid on my stomach, not even fully on it and instantly started to feel tha hot and cold all over feeling so I got up and instantly felt nauseous. Thankfully it went away in a cpl of min or so. Anyone else experience this? Thanks in advance.
  20. phatgirl 2011

    Bandages Came Off Today!

    I went for my 2 week on thurs and i agree, my incision doesn't look bad at all. none of em. i'm very happy. Now on to my mushees! lol
  21. Hi all I had was banded on 5/23 and am wondering how long should I wait before I remove the bandages? and I don't mean the steri strips, i mean the rather large bandages covering the strips. I saw my surgeon the day after surgery but that was something that totally slipped my mind. So how long did each of you wait before you removed em? Or did you let em fall off on their own?
  22. phatgirl 2011

    Anyone else in NYC?

    Hi all... I'm a may bandster, my name is Amber and I'm in my last month in my twenties. lol I'll be 30 the end of june. Had my surgery done on 5/23 at Montefiore Hosp in the Bronx, NYC. Interested in chatting with like minded people.. hope all have been well and successful with their banding so far.
  23. phatgirl 2011

    Good Breakfast Ideas?

    OMG, this sounds super delicious. Can't wait to try this quiche when i get on solids. lol about to graduate to the mushies tomorrow. I can't wait.
  24. phatgirl 2011

    Any May 2011 Banders?

    Very ambitious of you G. Hope u have great day back and take it easy as much as u can.
  25. phatgirl 2011

    New, scared, have an insane amount to lose!

    I really like this response and your meals. my diet will hopefully be something like this. I was banded on 5/23 and haven't even been to see my surgeon yet. I can't wait to get out to the Y. You're so inspirational with your story and advice, thanks a lot. I also appreciate it.

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