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    Hi Roseyposey, Yeah I got 1/2 cc also. It all depends what I eat but I try to keep to portion control, if I am really still hungry i'll have a little more. Mostly I dont feel restricted unless I eat Pasta it seems to reallly fill me up fast and I dont like the feeling , so I stay away from it. lol. I guess its just a hit or miss kindof thing. Take care, Eileen
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    Hey roseyposey,,, hey just be kind to your self, lol i was thinking the same thing i want this weight off NOW! but i had to talk to myself and say hey it didnt take you a day to put it on so just take it one day at a time. I had surgery om 12/30/2010 and have lost 21 lbs and a total of 57 since my seminar in sept... I had my first fill on 2/10/11 it was okay and I feel just a little restriction. I try not to eat more that a cup full of food at a time some time its less than that.. But I know what you mean about the flavor of food I think its delicious also. I really am trying to eat slowly and enjoy every bit.. lol some time my schedule doesnt allow me to take as much time as i need. Don't get discouraged you will find that sweet spot and enjoy your journey..... Have a great night!! Eileen
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    Hi All,, I started the Leslie Sansone walking dvd. SHe has walk a mile, 2 mile or 3 mile versions. I am on the 1 mile and I have to say its not that bad with the weather so cold its nice to do the dvd inside and just when I think I cant go any further it s over and I walked a mile lol. I'm trying to do this at least three times a day on the other days I try to do some band work for resistence for my muscles... good luck!!!!! We can do this!!!!!
  4. irishangel

    First Blog Entry - A little about me

    Hey Kevin, Your making the right choice I am a fifty-three year old single mom with two grown children and two grandchildren they are my life and sunshine. Anyway I started this journey in september 2010 when I went for my first seminar, I was banded on 12/30/2010(good way to start the new year). Since september I lost fifty-five lbs. so far and I am elated!!! I have been overweight since I was 10 yrs old. I love food and I am amazed that I have finally learned portion control. LOL I dont have it all figured out but am taking it one day at a time. I started this Journey at 384 and am down to 329. I cant tell you how l feel except that its wonderful I feel like I lost all my weight lol I know I'm a little crazy, but you'll see. I am so excited for you, your life is just begining.. Good Luck Eileen
  5. irishangel

    Im from Nj looking for a mentor or buddy

    Hi Misty and Laura, Im also from NJ and I was banded on 12/30/10. I would love to be buddies with you. we seem to be all in the early stages of this band journey. Im 53 and single mom of two of a 26 yr old son and a 20 yr old daughter. I have a 8 yr old grand daughter and a 6 mos old grand son. All four of them are my sunshine. LOL I have a large family and they are supportive. but its not the same as someone going through the same thing. . Good luck on our Journey ladies!!!! Talk soon Eileen
  6. Hi I use a product called Intergrated and it is whey isolates. it comes in different flavors my favorite is chocolate and Also Coffee Ice cream flavored. I'm also from New Jersey I get mine from Hardcore in Manahawkin, its a nutritional shop. They were really great there they let me taste a lot of different types, and this was one that was good, no after taste, not grainy either. I put it in the Magic bullet and mix it up. its really good. MY nutritionist told me that UNJURY is another good product. Its a little costly, and you can only order it online I just received my order last week and it is really good. I just found this other website its called Bariatric eating.com and they sell products there also. I havent tried them yet but I plan on it in the near future. Goood Luck hope this helps a little.. Eileen
  7. irishangel

    Banded December 22nd, 2010

    Hi All! I feel the same way, a little nervous. I was banded on 12/30/2010 and have lost only 13 pbs so far. I did lose a total of 51 pounds so far. I started losing in september after my seminar. I go for my first fill on 2/10 so I am anxious to see if it makes a difference. My nutrionist said that weeks three through six are known as lapband hell because you can pretty much eat what ever you want. I have been trying to stick to what the nutritionist says to eat but its not easy sometime. I want this to work and Im not giving up but it is Hell!!!!! lol Thanks for letting me share..
  8. irishangel

    Half Way to Goal -- Horay!

    Wow thats great good for you keep up the awesome job!! I know you must be so proud of yourself..... Eileen
  9. irishangel

    100 lb loss celebration!

    Hi Jen, Congratulations! Thank you for this post I am happy that y ou are so pleased and happy with your success. I am 53 and was banded on 12/30/10. Since my seminar in September 2010 I lost 51 pounds and I am thrilled I still have over 150 to go but I am going to make this happend. So good luck with you journey and I just had to write to you because first my daughters name is Jennifer and You and I have the same ticker.... LOL okay im alittle crazy but I'm Happy!!!! Take care Eileen
  10. irishangel

    A Lot To Lose!

    Hi steph, I also have to lose over 200 pounds since my seminar in september 2010 I have lost 51 pound to date. My band was done on 12/30/10. The weights not pouring off but its comming off. I am just taking it one day at a time and following my doctors and dietitians recommendations. I have also learned a lot here on this web site. Do not get discouraged. It is a tough climb but I will go with you and together we will reach the peak of this mountain.lol You are not alone. It's nice to talk to you. Eileen
  11. OMG You look amazing. I am so proud of you! I know I dont even know you but I feel like family with everyone that posts here we are all on the same journey! I am fifty three and just got banded on 12/30/10 I started at 384 pounds and have lost 51 pounds so far since september 10. I wish that I had done this surgery a long time ago. You should be so proud of yourself You are young and have so many happy and healthy years ahead of you.... You Go Boy!!!!! Eileen
  12. AMAZING!!! lapNYC you are amazing. I was just banded 12/30/10 I lost fifty lbs since my seminar in september 2010. You should be proud of yourself. I am proud of you and I am excited to start my journery. Thank you it makes me feel good to hear such good success. I know its what you put into it. But I am also determined to reach my goal. I have never lost this much weight and I know I can lose it all. Great Job I am happy for you! Now enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!! Eileen
  13. Hi Purpleshell, My name is Eileen. I was banded on 12/30/10 and am still new at the whole band thing but this web site is good and very informative. I wil have my first fill on 2/10/11 and am looking forward to it . I lost 50lbs sinc I started with my doctor in september 2010. I was reading all these posts and i know one you had questioned the amount of fluid to drink. My nutritionist says 64 oz. I did have a hard time with this at first but now I try to get it up there every day. I also found another site you might like Its called BariatricEating.com It looks like a great site also. has lots of info and recipies and stuff. you should check it out. good luck with your journey. Eileen
  14. Hi Amyloveslou! I go for my first fill on 2/10/11 and I think it is the same as you mentioned I know I have to go to the xray department. I'm a little nervous but im sure it will be ok let me know how it goes for you good luck.. Eileen
  15. Hi HeatherinCA, My name is Eileen I'm from NJ. I was banded on 12/30/10. I wil Have my first fill on 2/10/11. I was wondering how did it go for you with your first fill? Thanks Eileen
  16. Hi Mandyluvmylapband!! Iwas banded on 12/30/10. My highest weight was 384, since I started in september with the seminar and all and my surgery I hit my fifty pound mark so Im now 334 an it feels great. Congratulations on your lose it is wonderful. Hey the more goals the better!!! Have you had a fill yet? Mine is 2/10/11, I'm a little nervous but I'm sure it will be ok. I really love reading everyones posts, they are very informative. I wish you all the happiness in getting your life back I am right along side you!!!! Eileen
  17. Awe charmin, You are amazing and yes its not easy and yes we will slip up. We have to just take it one day at a time. sometimes one meal at a time. I was banded on 12/30/10 and havent had my first fill either, Its scheduled for 2/10/11. So I had to have the frito burrito from taco bell. i ate half of it and it sucked lol. so i am back to making better choices and sticking to them. I'm here with you. Now you go girl!!!!!! you can move mountains......... Eileen
  18. Hi John, Just wanted to give you a big "YAHOO!" your weight loss is amazing. Good Luck on your journey.. Eileen
  19. Hi I was just scanning through this talk and found your advice, It is very good thank you. I was banded on 12/30/10. So Im a little over three weeks out and I am doing well. I have eaten things that I shouldn't have like crackers and rice cakes. So I went for a check up to day and am doing well my first fill is on 2/10/11. I saw the dietitian today also and feel renewed and focused on my eating plan. So again thank you for your sound advice I shall use it. LOL I asked my doctor today " Do you have a lapband for my brain cause thats were I think I need it the most. LOL Thanks for listening... Eileen
  20. irishangel


    Magic bullet is the best , takes up little counter space, has a large and small container to mix things and also different blades. Good luck!!!!!!1
  21. Hi Nicky,,, My name is Eileen. I just loved to read your message. You are so cute and funny!!! I was banded on 12/30/10. I have lost 50 lbs since september when I started with my lapband physicians. I can say that I under stand your pain and the low self esteem, I dont think I had any for a long time. Im 53 yrs old and have two children a son 26 and a daughter 20. I am a single mom. My husband past away in 2006. My relationship was good and bad and I know I spent all my time with food instead of the people in my life. I am not going to have a pity party and go over and over in my mind what I should've, could've done differently. I started this journey at 384 lbs and am now 334 lbs and I can tell you I feel like a "hundred bucks" My self esteem is climbing up in the right direction, instead of it being down around my ankles it is now up above my knees. lol. I feel good. I havent had my first fill yet so. so far I am able to tolerate my food plan. I started a full week of liquids and am know in the mushie stage and its not bad. I go to my doctor on monday the 24th and will probable progress to soft foods. Having the lapband has been a positive expeirience for me and I am so glad I did it. I do have to be aware of the foods Im eating and make sure I am making smart choices. But some how I know deep down that I am going to succeed this time.. Good luck to you nicky and I'll be talking to you soon. Eileen.
  22. Thanks Jackie, You definately have a great attitude.And I think that means so much. Congratulations!!!. Oh P.S. love your ticker!!! lol
  23. irishangel

    100 pounds lost !!!!!!!!!!

  24. I love your friends saying. It's so true. food has been my lover and companion for so long...................But I am ready for the break-up lol

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