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  1. Im on my way to the county fair....wouldnt it be nice if they had a broth stand ...lol ill be just fine....i will get some ice cold water and enjoy the festivities
  2. Im dying with a cough and the yucky stuff....is anyone else experiencing this.. i also took some tylenol because i started to get a fever...i ended up sweating half to death!
  3. robesondenise

    Post Op Day 4 Still Coughing

    Thanks to all for the support and concern
  4. robesondenise

    Post Op Day 4 Still Coughing

    So i do have pneumonia...they gave me a bunch of shots and some liquid antibiotics...so i decided to chase all that with a boatload of protein and a popsicle.......wow on the popsicle
  5. robesondenise

    Post Op Day 4 Still Coughing

    You are so sweet...lol i am going to call at 9 i promise.
  6. robesondenise

    Post Op Day 4 Still Coughing

    Thats how i felt...i called on saturday because i thought the yucky stuff was abnormal...they said i needed to get it out...but i am so weak and drinking broth water protein jello...im dying in the chest...ill call today...thanks again...im gonna give u a call as soon as i feel better so we can celebrate ...luckily my incision is not painful.lol...: i just feel like i got a cold or virus
  7. I just arrived in Raleigh...i am really relaxed. I hate to say it but i missed having the protein shakes yesterday during my clear liquid stage....surgery is for 8:15 am....with Dr. Enochs. This is the first time since September 6, that i have had hunger pains...lol...thank you Lapband folks for all the posts and information that is here as a support! Wish me luck!
  8. I am getting Banded on September 21st, really anxious!
  9. robesondenise

    New Journey

    I am very excited about the possibility of being a surgery candidate for LapBand, I live in North Carolina, and I am going to my very first appointment in Fayetteville tomorrow, (weather Permitting), I have already participated in the seminar, and I have researched so many hours for LapBand and realize Band. I will make every effort to update my progress, in this blog. I have tons of questions for other participants, however I will add more after I have my consultation and give you the steps that I have to take in order to change my life. If anyone has had the surgery could you tell me the post -op recovery time, I only ask because I am a school teacher, and do not want to miss a lot of school, just curious how many days people might have needed in order to be back in full force! Thanks again.
  10. robesondenise

    New from Florida

    Hey Michelle, I am also brand new to this website, I was reading your blog, and I was curious about your surgery date, from your experience do the plan the surgery dates ahead of time like that in most circumstances, I am just asking because I am a teacher and dont want to have my surgery during summer break I really want to lay out in the sun and be poolside, thanks for any help you can lend me, by the way congrats on your journey!
  11. robesondenise

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