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  1. I have the same problem, I do GREAT in the daytime but once evening hits, I could eat non-stop. My strategies are to keep busy, even folding laundry or doing something with my hands while watching tv helps. And sometimes I just go to bed to avoid eating. I also try the every other day thing...allowing some snacking one day but not the next, then snacking the next after that. Then you can work down to snacking every third night...Also, I weigh myself often. I know a lot of people are trying to weigh themselves less but I find progress on the scale really motivates me to keep going whereas gaining shocks me into action. Hope you find something that works for you, I know how tough it is.
  2. nu2ywg

    Paying for the lap band

    I've heard the gaining weight back more about gastric bypass than the band but there are certainly people who fail with the band, by eating slider foods. What I liked most about the band is that it is less invasive (no cutting of organs!), is adjustable, and is even removeable if necessary. I think the results are slower than gastric bypass but I guess it's a choice you have to make. Depending on how much you have to lose it could take 1 to 2 years to get it all off. Personally I have been really happy with my decision. I had no complications related to surgery, I have lost well over 100 lb and it hasn't even been a year and I feel like I have my life back. I play with my kids, I go to amusement parks and go on the rides with the kids, I don't have to shop in plus stores anymore, I have energy for EVERYTHING...I feel absolutely wonderful. I did work very hard with the band though, I exercise a lot now and I do have times where I have struggled. I honestly think that having to pay for the band probably helped...I used some of our RRSP's and I absolutely did not want to use our savings in vain. But I was at a point that I felt my life was severely shortened due to my weight and thought I might not even be around to enjoy that RRSP money. I hope this helps...everyone has a different experience so read up. Some are very happy and some are the opposite so you have to make your own decision. Good luck
  3. nu2ywg

    Paying for the lap band

    I recently received an email from slimband (had initially considered going to TO for the surgery until I discovered that they did it right here in Winnipeg) and they are offering fairly attractive financing now. I was able to get a portion back on taxes with a letter from my family doctor saying that the surgery was not cosmetic (that I had health reasons to lose weight) as well as a letter from the surgery clinic saying similar things. I didn't get much back but every little bit helped. You might consider a personal loan if you aren't using a clinic that offers financing. Good luck!
  4. nu2ywg

    I Am Starting Over...Fresh!!

    Good for you! I wish you all the best. I think this weight thing is a lifelong battle for many of us and you just have to get back on that horse and keep trying which is exactly what you're doing. In the past, I would get off track and not get back on for a long long long time. The band helps me a lot in this way, getting me back on track much sooner. I'm glad you are getting yourself back on track, sounds like you have a great plan.
  5. JulieG, gained one pound, now 206. I did great on my exercise goal, made it to the gym 5 times (goal was 4). It was the first week with my husband out of town training for his new career and I think I did reasonably well I guess. Single parenting is hard. But I'm doing okay. Hopefully next week will be better on the weight loss front. It's Thanksgiving this weekend in Canada so that will present some challenges as we are going to be at my in-laws for the big feast. I'm thankful for this thread and all you lovely people in it.
  6. Unfortunately it is very common. Hopefully what will help you is knowing that eventually your band will be working with you and you just need to stay strong during that wait. It's not easy but this forum is a great place to help keep you focussed. You can do it!
  7. From what I was told, it's normal to experience that feeling after a fill, that's why you are supposed to be on liquids or mushies after the fill for a couple of days. My clinic even does the fill slowly because some people experience nausea as the saline is going in and the pressure increases on the stomach. My guess is that you'll be fine but it's certainly worth getting it checked out if you're nervous. Make sure you come back and let us know how you made out!
  8. Too true...my mother weighs about 90 lb and takes bp medication. But losing weight can hopefully reduce someone's dosage!
  9. Awesome thread! I had a lot of similar goals and have reached most of them through the summer. Best ones so far: Having tons more energy to play with my kids - I've been to fairs and waterparks and actually played with the kids on all the rides, slides etc. Having lots of room in an airplane seat - flew in July when I hit my hundred pound mark and it was MARVELOUS! Shopping in regular stores - goodbye plus size stores forever! While it's still a wee bit uncomfortable to cross my legs in a straightback chair, I cross my legs all the time on sofas and other types of seating. This thread is fabulous. It made me appreciate the nsv's I have achieved and look forward to more. Good luck to all of you who are at the beginning of the journey, you have great goals!
  10. Congratulations on your onederful accomplishment!!! I feel so happy for you and I don't even know you I started my journey at a very similar weight about a month after you and as of this morning at 209 I am daring to dream of onederland! Your post is really inspiring for me!
  11. Joan, how are things going with regard to your band slippage?
  12. Yup, 65% of your excess, not 65% of your overall weight. So basically the statistics are that bandsters don't lose all their excess but they do make some great progress. Of course there will be people who lose more and some who lose less.
  13. Congratulations! You're off to a great start!
  14. JulieG (nu2ywg) checking in at 217. That's down 3 from last week but 1 from the start because I had gained 2 last week. A lot of ground to cover in the next couple weeks! And btw Larry, hormonal changes in a woman can affect a lot...fat contains a lot of estrogen. Losing fat is certain to affect a woman significantly. Many woman can retain up to 5lbs of Water when approaching their time of the month. Since losing 100lbs I think I have started ovulating again and find that now twice in the month I fluctuate...I also have a harder time controlling cravings during those times too...so while I understand your sarcasm, there is some validity in my complaint last week. I checked around Wednesday and was actually up to 222 and definitely haven't done anything miraculous to be 217 this morning. I'm certainly relieved though!
  15. Congratulations! Considering your trials with infertility I'm sure you are ecstatic If you are 4 weeks post op and 6-8 weeks pg, you would have been having surgery around the time of your period, right? Could easily have been too early to detect. Just in case you are worried, I had general anaesthesia when my 8yo was just barely there...they thought he was ectopic because they couldn't see him on the ultrasound. Since I had a history of ectopic pg's I had the laparoscopy and they discovered that he was not ectopic and I spent the next couple of weeks worrying my butt off that the anaesthesia would cause me to miscarry. But he's 8 now and fine. Get yourself to a doctor and find out what to do asap, definitely find out about appropriate vitamins! And enjoy your pregnancy while you are at it
  16. So excited to see the scale this morning as I'm now halfway to my goal! That's still a LOT of pounds to lose but it's a lot of pounds gone too I feel so happy that I took the step to get the band. It's not all a bed of roses...I have been having gall bladder attacks and may end up needing it removed but I think that's better than diabetes, stroke, sore knees everyday and not being able to enjoy my children. Hope you are all having a wonderful day and that you are experiencing satisfaction with your weight loss.
  17. nu2ywg

    Super Stoked!!!

    Way to go!!!! Keep up that fabulous work
  18. I had my surgery in January and I rarely go a day without weighing myself. I wish I wouldn't. The days I skip are usually the days that I've eaten more than I should (or made poor choices) so I want a chance to lose any gains before I check. It's a stupid head game but so far I'm losing well so I'm not going to punish myself for it.
  19. So I had a headache the other day and I decided to take a couple of tylenol with my Crystal light. I guess I must have taken them too quickly or something. I was just sitting on the couch at the time and after a few moments of discomfort, and without any effort on my part, up came the crystal light and just poured all over me. I was so surprised because it was like I had no control whatsoever...didn't even move to stand up and run to washroom because I had absolutely no idea it was about to happen. It seems very strange to me since I've been eating real food and not had this happen. The two tylenol must have stuck in just the right way and blocked the crystal light from going down. Anyone else have anything like this happen? I guess it highlights for me the need to chew properly if something so tiny as tylenol could do that to me. Crazy!
  20. nu2ywg

    Diet and Band Failures

    Not sure why you are posting in the January 2011 category...we all just were banded a few months ago...but I hope you can find your motivation again and maybe talk to your doc or clinic, they may have suggestions for you.
  21. nu2ywg


    Good question...I will have to have my gallbladder out as soon as I make it through this crazy medical system in Canada so I'm curious to know if you get any answers!
  22. nu2ywg

    feeling happy :)

    Woohoo! Congratulations
  23. nu2ywg

    My shoes are falling off!

    I never thought that my feet would get smaller, that's great news to me! I have a pair of super cute shoes that I have never worn because they are a bit too narrow (bought them online) but didn't want to return them so they've been sitting in my closet for about two years! I think now after 70 lb I may have to go give them a second chance!
  24. nu2ywg

    NSV + stupid comment

    I think that coworker is just jealous...she probably knew exactly what she was doing when she said that. Congratulations to you, I long for the day to fit into a size 12! And way to go on that kind student who brightened your day.
  25. Are we weighing in on Fridays? If so, I'm at 252, that's down 4 lb (had a fill this week). Julie (nu2ywg)

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