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    Puttingmyselffirst reacted to 2goldengirl in Approvals with BMI history under 40?   
    @@MeFirst, your health plan likely has different criteria for revision (which is what you're seeking) than for a first bariatric procedure. I'd ask for criteria for revision, you may get better info that way.
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    My surgeon is a big fan of "no/low carb" eating. Patients are to stay below 30 grams of non-vegetable carbs per day. I find that when I follow this rule, I am not as hungry and lose weight at a more steady pace. It has worked wonders for me. I eat eggs, tuna, chicken, any kind of meat really, salads, any thing that is high Protein and low carb. My protein intake is consistently above 80 grams a day. You should try this for atleast a week. I promise that you will be fuller for longer and lose weight. But give it a few days.

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