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    So Today is post op day 6. Almost a week into being band. I am getting the hang of things but I have not been counting my calories but I know I am going no where near the recommended amounts with what I am eating. I know I need to get better at that since when I get back on solids I will have to be vigilant on this. So anyway I am feeling okay have had a few bouts of nausea but phenergan and rest has made it better. I am tolerating liquids and most everything else on my diet. I am having a lot of trouble getting in the recommended amounts of protein and water however as I have always struggled with. I have tried several different brands of protein powder and have a bad reaction to the slightest bit. I have never been lactose intolerant so I did some research and it says that I may be allergic to soy and whey. I have tried powders for them both. My incisions are quite smaller then I expected and I do have a lot of bruising and swelling at my port site. As far as pain it is almost gone unless I do too much which is hard for me to just sit and not do house work. I have not felt hungry but once on day three and have to make myself eat. I did have my first episode of hiccups and man that did not feel good. I am still struggling with energy level so I have started taking b12 and going to try to move around a lot more today and get back in my pre surgery habits of walking I think I have rested long enough. Tomorrow I get to move to a pureed diet so I will have to start trying some new things. Nervous about advancing but I have tolerated everything fine. My follow up appointment is not until feb 14th hopefully I will have developed some good habits by then and get ready to go back to work at the end of feb. I find it still hard to watch my husband eat really good food or even something that I would not even want but now I do while I am sitting here sipping on soup but what do I do? He has to eat too. It is very easy in these first few days to sit here and get depressed I have found. But I constantly remind myself that I am doing this for a great change. Hopefully in the days to come when I get back to my old routine of doing things I will feel better. It is just hard to focus on this which I need to be right now deal with life worry about bills tend to everything else that you have to in life. Seems I am living from one meal to the next not living. But like I said I am going to try to start incorporating everyday life and find a balance with my band. I am determined to succeed at this. xoxoxo Rach

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