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    Okay okay yes I know all the typical answers that are popping into everyone's head. It is bad bad bad I know. Right now the thought of having to give up foods, regular coffee, cokes, everything I know seems a lot to digest <Pardon the pun> anywhoo.... I have told my doctor I have quit in preparation for surgery <gasp> yes I LIED... So yes I feel bad and really intend to not smoke in the weeks prior to my surgery but did anyone else not quit? Anyone get caught by there surgeon?
  2. ~*~Rachel~*~

    My wedding March 21 2009

    From the album: Before

    Is it a rule that you must have an awful before picture?
  3. ~*~Rachel~*~

    My other helper Bailey

    From the album: Post op the days after

    Day three post op feeling better...
  4. ~*~Rachel~*~


    You look great chick! Miss talking to you...
  5. Wow some people surprise me at how rude they can actually be. Anywhoo... My hubby took me to olive garden the other night for our valentines dinner. I thought right away it was going to be bad but since I can't eat salad yet we were able to get a bowl of soup instead so I had the chicken gnnochi soup omg so yummy! I was able to stay away from the bread but I did have half a glass of wine. Glad you were able to get out and enjoy it!
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    From the album: Post op the days after

    18 days post op
  7. ~*~Rachel~*~

    Post op the days after

  8. So I can probably guess the answer to this question since my diet has changed and dramatic weight loss and trauma of surgery my period this month went MIA.. I know I am not pregnant but did anyone else lose there period the first month after surgery?
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    That is strange my zoloft is the size of my ambien both of which are REALLY tiny. Are you on an extended release? Not sure if there is one but if you are that capsule isn't meant to be broken you may need to see your PCP and get changed over or modified in some way. Whatever you do don't stop cold turkey.
  10. ~*~Rachel~*~

    New Pain

    I am two and half weeks post op and started back having pain I feels directly below my sternum about where my band would be. It goes all the way to my back and feels like a tearing sensation also hurts when I breath in deeply at the same spot. I have a hematoma over my port site and have felt slightly feverish last night and today so I have been trying to drink as much as I can in case it is me being dehydrated. I have no problem keeping things down and still eating like I am suppose to. I am worried I may have torn a internal stitch around the band. Has anyone else ever felt this or have torn a stitch before? I called my doctors office on monday about the hematoma and noone ever called me back so I doubt they would care about this. I go back to him on monday.
  11. ~*~Rachel~*~

    Lady question :)

    Well I am two weeks late but Finally started this is going to suck...
  12. I put light work on mine and it said 2956 cals a day.... WTF
  13. ~*~Rachel~*~

    New Pain

    Actually this doctors office has been amazing this one snafoo excluded. And that I would not even blame on the doctor but the nurse I spoke with. I am just going to take it easy and see what happens. If I continue running fever or continue hurting tomorrow I will call before the weekend.
  14. Here is what my nut said.. 64g protein 64 oz of water no empty calories so only diet drinks like crystal light limit fruit juices to 4 oz a day. 1% milk, 1000cal a day diet 2 multivits chewable 2 calcium chewable with Vit D separate them by two hours at least and calcium absorbs better with foods. No slider foods like milk shakes and things that will pass directly through your band. Any pills you take must be smaller then a M&M No ibuprofen must start using easy to swallow Tylenol. Begin walking immediately after surgery and work your way up to 30 mins of walking a day. Then once your passed your light duty stage you can begin exercising more. Once your back on a regular diet foods stay away from grits potatoes anything Starchy like bread. If you eat bread it must be toasted otherwise it will be too sticky and cause you to get stuck until you get use to it. If you want treats do sugar free jello and puddings and Popsicle there are great fudge cicles out there that are only 30 cals and really takes like frozen pudding. I would come up with the money to meet with a nut its worth it. Also check out http://www.Lapband.com you can get a lot of good information there it has a register y and you sign up and have access to all kinds of info.
  15. I have also stalled. I am almost three weeks post op and started introducing foods into my diet so I am at a stand still. I feel your pain. It is very discouraging to see such a dramatic loss and then just stop. But I knew it would not last best thing is for our fills to come along and we get to the point were we can start exercising more.
  16. ~*~Rachel~*~

    Two weeks post op

    Yea I decided it was way to soon to do all that jumping and jiving I am still having issues this morning hopefully I did not mess anything up kinda having a sharp pain if I breath in deeply. Think I will take it easy today..
  17. ~*~Rachel~*~

    Two weeks post op

    So I am 2 weeks post op yesterday. My weight in missed the 40lbs spot by 1.2lbs so I was very happy with the results. Still having some strange pain in my stomach and my hematoma over my port site is still present but that does not bother me unless trying to lay on my side. I celebrated by going and buying zumba fitness for ps3 and tested it out this morning. OMG it totally kicked my butt. I had not ate yet today and was able to get about 15 mins of a 20 min work out done before I felt like I was going to faint so I decided I better eat and try again later. I may need to stick to walking for a little while and just learning the steps of the zumba it seemed to make my pain a little worse in my stomach hopefully I havn't done too much and messed up my band or something. But I am trying to be more active and hopefully meet my goal of 50lbs by the time my post op appointment on the 14th. Anyway just a little update for now... hope you guys are doing okay. I can't take the protein shakes so I am picking protein rich foods to eat like for breakfast I will eat a egg with low fat cheese, lunch a cheese wedge and chicken salad things like that to keep my protein level intact good. Still not drinking the amounts I need to be and having a hard time adjusting to getting in these vitamins but I am still a work in progress.. Time to go pass out after that work out!!!!
  18. ~*~Rachel~*~

    XBox360 KINECT

    Just got my Zumba and love it already. I will say its not so much a game as it feels like your doing an actual aerobics class from the comfort of your living room. I was only able to do about 15 mins of it and I was pouring sweat so it really gets you moving hopefully I will work up to being able to complete a session. But I am only two weeks post op and started having some pain so I had to stop.
  19. Phenergan is for nausea but there is also zofran and vistaril that would help as well...
  20. Yes go ahead and ask for a phenergan prescription Before you leave the hospital!
  21. http://www.walmart.com/ip/GE-Single-Serve-Blender-Silver/15231389 Buy this at walmart.... It saved my life... I keep frozen berries in the freezer and make shakes with it..
  22. So as most of you probably had as well I received Lovonox before surgery <the shot in your belly> which is a blood thinner. After surgery when I started walking in the hall I started bleeding from my port site. Since the swelling has gone down I have developed a palm size hematoma over my port site. Has anyone else had this? What did the doctor do? Usually if they are small enough anywhere else my hospital just lets it absorb but since I don't do this surgery and its over my port I have no clue. Afraid I will have to have it evacuated. Tomorrow will be two weeks post op. I have put in a call to my doctor and waiting to hear back.
  23. ~*~Rachel~*~

    What is going on with this website?

    The website crashed yesterday for most the day. When that happened a lot of peoples profiles got lost. Including mine..When I tried to log in it said I did not exists. Even when I searched for my post or my name on my friends pages I just disappeared. So I had to email support@WLSBoards.com <support@WLSBoards.com> to get my account back. Most everything is restored as far as my account just a few post I made yesterday morning. Anyway Thanks support team I was about to go into withdrawals!
  24. ~*~Rachel~*~

    Stir Crazy!!

    So Today is post op day 6. Almost a week into being band. I am getting the hang of things but I have not been counting my calories but I know I am going no where near the recommended amounts with what I am eating. I know I need to get better at that since when I get back on solids I will have to be vigilant on this. So anyway I am feeling okay have had a few bouts of nausea but phenergan and rest has made it better. I am tolerating liquids and most everything else on my diet. I am having a lot of trouble getting in the recommended amounts of protein and water however as I have always struggled with. I have tried several different brands of protein powder and have a bad reaction to the slightest bit. I have never been lactose intolerant so I did some research and it says that I may be allergic to soy and whey. I have tried powders for them both. My incisions are quite smaller then I expected and I do have a lot of bruising and swelling at my port site. As far as pain it is almost gone unless I do too much which is hard for me to just sit and not do house work. I have not felt hungry but once on day three and have to make myself eat. I did have my first episode of hiccups and man that did not feel good. I am still struggling with energy level so I have started taking b12 and going to try to move around a lot more today and get back in my pre surgery habits of walking I think I have rested long enough. Tomorrow I get to move to a pureed diet so I will have to start trying some new things. Nervous about advancing but I have tolerated everything fine. My follow up appointment is not until feb 14th hopefully I will have developed some good habits by then and get ready to go back to work at the end of feb. I find it still hard to watch my husband eat really good food or even something that I would not even want but now I do while I am sitting here sipping on soup but what do I do? He has to eat too. It is very easy in these first few days to sit here and get depressed I have found. But I constantly remind myself that I am doing this for a great change. Hopefully in the days to come when I get back to my old routine of doing things I will feel better. It is just hard to focus on this which I need to be right now deal with life worry about bills tend to everything else that you have to in life. Seems I am living from one meal to the next not living. But like I said I am going to try to start incorporating everyday life and find a balance with my band. I am determined to succeed at this. xoxoxo Rach
  25. ~*~Rachel~*~

    Recovery/Returning to Work

    I am on day 8 still get tired really easy. If your working from home I don't see a problem. My doctor wont let me go back for a month or maybe longer. But I am a critical care nurse. I can't run to codes and do chest compressions and pull on patients right now so I too am enjoying some paid time off..

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