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  1. ~*~Rachel~*~

    My other helper Bailey

    From the album: Post op the days after

    Day three post op feeling better...
  2. ~*~Rachel~*~

    New Pain

    Actually this doctors office has been amazing this one snafoo excluded. And that I would not even blame on the doctor but the nurse I spoke with. I am just going to take it easy and see what happens. If I continue running fever or continue hurting tomorrow I will call before the weekend.
  3. ~*~Rachel~*~

    Two weeks post op

    So I am 2 weeks post op yesterday. My weight in missed the 40lbs spot by 1.2lbs so I was very happy with the results. Still having some strange pain in my stomach and my hematoma over my port site is still present but that does not bother me unless trying to lay on my side. I celebrated by going and buying zumba fitness for ps3 and tested it out this morning. OMG it totally kicked my butt. I had not ate yet today and was able to get about 15 mins of a 20 min work out done before I felt like I was going to faint so I decided I better eat and try again later. I may need to stick to walking for a little while and just learning the steps of the zumba it seemed to make my pain a little worse in my stomach hopefully I havn't done too much and messed up my band or something. But I am trying to be more active and hopefully meet my goal of 50lbs by the time my post op appointment on the 14th. Anyway just a little update for now... hope you guys are doing okay. I can't take the protein shakes so I am picking protein rich foods to eat like for breakfast I will eat a egg with low fat cheese, lunch a cheese wedge and chicken salad things like that to keep my protein level intact good. Still not drinking the amounts I need to be and having a hard time adjusting to getting in these vitamins but I am still a work in progress.. Time to go pass out after that work out!!!!
  4. ~*~Rachel~*~

    What is going on with this website?

    The website crashed yesterday for most the day. When that happened a lot of peoples profiles got lost. Including mine..When I tried to log in it said I did not exists. Even when I searched for my post or my name on my friends pages I just disappeared. So I had to email support@WLSBoards.com <support@WLSBoards.com> to get my account back. Most everything is restored as far as my account just a few post I made yesterday morning. Anyway Thanks support team I was about to go into withdrawals!
  5. ~*~Rachel~*~

    Recovery/Returning to Work

    I am on day 8 still get tired really easy. If your working from home I don't see a problem. My doctor wont let me go back for a month or maybe longer. But I am a critical care nurse. I can't run to codes and do chest compressions and pull on patients right now so I too am enjoying some paid time off..
  6. ~*~Rachel~*~

    Chest pain since this am??

    Are you having trouble swallowing liquids? Nausea? When was the last time you were checked for a band slippage?
  7. ~*~Rachel~*~

    Post op problems

    This sounds like my biggest fear. I have a fear of my body "rejecting the band" I wonder if there is such a thing?
  8. Congrats hun we are praying for you update us asap!
  9. ~*~Rachel~*~

    Surgery and Day 1 post op

    Thanks guys I am okay just in a lot of pain. feels like my port is going to rip out and this gas pain has started. I am a walking time bomb Hopefully it will feel better soon.
  10. ~*~Rachel~*~

    Meeting the new me..

    I don't know if anyone else has experenced this but I have been over weight my entire life. I was wearing my moms dresses when I was in 6th grade.I have only one picture of me as a child with a normal child weight and I was 4 or 5 years old. I don't know what I look like thin and this bothers me. I hear people saying they feel like a "whole new person." I literally feel anxious over the possibility. Who is this person? What will she like doing or dislike doing? Options I have never had before may open up doors for me. Just everyday options and decisions that will be open to be options and decisions. I have always been comfortable being over weight and liked myself. I hope I like this new person I am about to come in 5 more days I will start on a journey to go meet her.
  11. I am just wondering if anyone else out there has had stomach issues with the protein shakes. I have had nausea and diarrhea this whole time and today it is worse. I tried a different type of protein from GNC it is still whey. I thought whey was suppose to be the best out there to digest and I am not lactose intolerant never have been so I know it is not that. Now I am not ruling out the fact that I may have a little stomach virus over the past two days when it has been its worse but, I've had problems this whole time. It's actually helped I am not hungry and I've made extra sure not to get dehydrated but its really starting to get annoying. Anyone else go through this? Surgery is tuesday and I really don't want this to interfere
  12. ~*~Rachel~*~

    But my name is Rachel!!!....

    Thanks guys. He is only a man... you have to forgive him I guess lol... I told my husband and he was just like wow he really stuck his foot in his mouth didn't he.... It is funny of course now but it kinda stung at first.... but boy do I plan to get the last laugh!!!
  13. ~*~Rachel~*~


    So my doctor says 3 months post op you may have a glass of wine. Now I am one of those people that struggle each day with there favorite stuff and even more so if it is sitting right in front of you. Now the empty calories is what is bad in this situation but it is not going to kill you it is not going to hurt your band and right now your not even in the weight loss stage your in the healing stage. Frankly I am not sure how long I will wait until I decide to have a glass of wine. I do not drink that often but I think there are worse things you could have done. Hell you could have went and got a milkshake which is a lot more calories. This is a lifestyle change not a diet in the end you are stuck with this thing for life. I worry about how normal I will feel once I am band but something will be normal for me. I may can never tolerate bread which is my favorite thing in the world. Moderation is key and I think you did really well with only having one glass Kudos to you. Now as far as the rude post Not everyone is going to agree with your decision but I got a lot of rude comments when I came here for support to quit smoking as well so I know how bad that made you feel SO sorry for that! Focus on what is good for you. Your not going to loose weight as a statistic this much this week but on how hard you work and how your body allows those efforts to work don't stress just ride the ride or at least that is what I am telling myself.
  14. ~*~Rachel~*~

    Can someone please help me?!

    My nut said that you should only eat 3 meals a day.... Gastric bypass does the 4 or 5 meals as far as I know. Look I look at it this way. You HAVE to eat to loose weight. your body will go into starvation mode and not weight loss mode. You must eat and eat healthy so your body can be healthy enough to loose weight.
  15. ~*~Rachel~*~


    I also work night shift and my shifts go 7 on 7 off 12 hour shifts so for an entire week I sleep eat and nurse. On my off week I have followed in my mothers footsteps and filling that to be social I have to feed the entire neighborhood. My husband and I are young and sociable and often have friends over and I feed them to death we eat drink grill have a ball. It has been a struggle to divide my eating with my preop diet on my night shift but I have managed pretty well I think. I have three herniated disc in my back and 2 in my neck not to mention my knees hurt and I have sciatic pain running down my lower legs. I was told have lap band or back surgery at 27 years old. Lap band here I come... I would like to blame my weight on my job but I have been over weight my entire life. I think it is in my personality. I have always been comfortable with my weight until the pain started. I never had problems thinking I was ugly or too fat. I always thought I was the pretty fat girl and happy to be the "Fat friend." I am not comfortable with the thought of being thin just because I don't know what it will be like. I pray I will learn to love myself and tend to myself as I tend to others!
  16. ~*~Rachel~*~

    Day 2... yes I am counting!

    well I could only get about half the tomato soup down so I came home and made turkey sausage and a egg felt so good to have something on my stomach... I think I am just going to have to have a balance of one of the bars they are good pudding salad and protein. keep everything low carb but the carbs on the bars and shakes and stuff they want me to drink are far more calories and carbs then i would make out of a meal i would enjoy..
  17. The band is not a quick fix and it is not automatic weightloss machine You must diet... You must make good decisions.... Yes you have to be careful... Yes you can cause some damage.... Yes you can slip... I would start researching the band you already have to get to know it better and I would do it quickly...
  18. ~*~Rachel~*~

    Shakes make me ill

    I am suffering right along with you. All these protein shakes are so sweet and on a empty stomach its just not settling well.. I was nauseated all night last night plus big headache today woke up with stomach cramping. never been lactose intolerant at all I think its just these shakes
  19. ~*~Rachel~*~

    Why Liquid?

    My diet is basically that. Meal replacements 4 x day and then one healthy protein <lean meat baked chicken sirloin > a day. but I have been having such a hard time getting in four of those meal replacements because they taste too sweet. So I have <and not advising this> tried to get in 3 at least and one low carb low calorie low fat something or another. like tonight when my hot cocoa meal replacement would not dissolve and i was gagging trying to chew it I strained a can of chicken noodle soup and drank the broth. worked for the moment until it was time for my next snack. I hope its okay to do but if I am allowed jello and Popsicles and a meal of my choosing to be low carb low fat low calorie then I will do the best I can. I just pray that there is not a scientific reasoning. I am actually cutting my carbs and calories down a lot doing it. So here is to hoping...
  20. Thank God I was not the only one really felt stupid lol
  21. I have not had the band yet but will be on the 25th from what I have researched and learned here and talking with my doctor it sounds to me the problem sounds like you are too tight.
  22. I don't know how many of you out there have struggled to find a protein product that you actually like but at the risk of sounding like a walking advertisement I was forced to try this one. New direction by Robard corp is the pre op diet meal replacements that my doctor uses. I have tried unjury and all the other protein shakes and hated them. Granted I have only tried the strawberry shake and chocolate pudding so far but I pray they keep up being this good. The strawberry shake tasted like a melted strawberry milk shake so I froze it and then blended it. I could not taste any protein taste. However it is very sweet so I have drank it a little along but it was good. I am so happy to finally have found even two products that I like so far. They have 200 cal <it is a meal replacement not a snack> and 27g of protein!!!!!! sorry was too excited not to share! Day one preop down! I pray I do not get tired of these so I can use them after my surgery for a meal with so many flavors I really don't see that happening. Can't wait to try the fudge graham chocolate bar tonight.
  23. ~*~Rachel~*~

    Pre op Day 1

    Yes it is the same process. From what I have watched of the surgery on youtube they basically have to move your liver out of the way to get to the spot they have to work in. A lot of doctors do it different though. Some only allow clear liquids or full liquids and protein shakes. Some do a optifast diet which is nothing but protein shakes. Some do Atkins diet. So basically it all works the same less carbs less fat = less liver..
  24. ~*~Rachel~*~

    Pre Op registration

    So after talking all morning with my employer trying to make sure it was okay for me to go ahead with surgery, I have made the decision to head to Birmingham <about an hour away> to do my pre op admission and pre op class. Also to pick up my pre op diet. Hopefully the roads will be better since the big snow and ice storm here that has had me snowed in all week. Not looking forward to starting my pre op diet but as I said before I feel lucky it is a little more then liquids. Last night instead of being able to have a big send off at olive garden or something like I wished I had to settle for fresh brownies. yummy! I hate this snow storm. I will officially start my pre op diet in the am since I wont get my diet material until after 3 this afternoon. Starting to get excited after the past twenty four hour emotional roller coaster of my work telling me to post pone my surgery. There has been soo much time and money put into this process I would hate to have to put it off again. Thankfully everything has worked out so far. Now if Mr sun will dry up the ice on the roads to get me to where I need to go. I feel like with the insurance requirements and all the emotional hurdles this has been a trek up an icy mountain. So I will pack my snow skis and off I go...
  25. ~*~Rachel~*~

    6 Mos. Medically Supervised....

    Hi I had the same problem. My surgeon was only an hour away but by the time you spent the money for gas parking and co pays it can add up. So I went to a doc and the box that made appointments and talked to a doctor there. She became my PCP and I went to her for 6 months. My insurance also did not cover anything by obesity so I cheated the System. I became a hypochondriac each month I had a different problem each month. I got my blood pressure under control so that was at least two months getting the meds and going back to see if they worked. The next month I had problems sleeping and a ear infection and so on she may think I am a whinny thing but at least I got her to document my weight and that I was "attempting" a diet. So that is how I worked the system. Hope that gives you one idea.

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