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  1. OK, Anyone, Everyone, set me straight if you can. :) I really have been working out and keeping my calories on track since my last fill I have only lost maybe 5 pounds and that was almost 2 months ago. I'm struggling and don't know what I could be doing wrong. ANYONE have some insight. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to do more? I'm just in a rutt & can't seem to get out of it.

  2. I'm sure glad I'm not the only one that feels this way. I have my days & Lord knows I have the worst time trying to eat Breakfast right now but I get sooo hungry and crave things in the afternoon/evening when it's easier for me to eat. Right now it's frustrating and I work out like crazy, along with plenty water...I have 50 left to lose & it's not cooperating with me. I'm in for a fill Monday, hopefully it will help. I appreciate you all & your stories, we're not alone.

  3. You know I didn't even think to ask. He and his staff are on their yearly trip to St. Thomas so they are literally out of the country. He's never really said what I should/ should not take so I will have to check with them. Thanks for bringing that up. I just figured they were pretty small so they wouldn't get stuck. I will definitely check on that. THANKS!

  4. So, I've been sick for about 3 weeks now, started off with Bronchitis, upper respiratory & allergis turned cold/sinus crud. They put me on prednisone and I swear I wanted to eat everything in sight. :huh: I've coughed more than I think I ever have in my life! Finally, they have now put me on antibiotics and some pills for my cough. I do have this wierd feeling in my side when I cough some times and it's a little painful when I swallow. Not sure if my coughing so much would cause my band to do something funky- It's just not feeling the same like it used to. It could be cause my next fill is next Tuesday and is just my 3rd one- I've drank a couple times with my food not thinking until after I've done it. Which I can just kick myself in the booty for!!!! :( I've been staying with softer foods and got myself back in control with my portions, gosh I'm so embarrased I'm even writing this. I notice however that I cough after I eat but don't feel full or anything like that. Could this thing slipped already? My Dr & his staff are out of town until Monday... Any suggestions?? Sorry, just rambling I guess. :( Thanks!!!

  5. Welcome and Congrats! Yeah, it's normal to be nervous. It's great though, a new YOU is just around the corner. I was a bit nervous about surgey, but second guessing myself actually came AFTER the surgery for me. I will be 3 weeks post op tomorrow, am down 15 pounds already! Think about all the good that will come from this. A second chance at a happy life for me... Keep your eye on the prize and stay positive. GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!!! Keep us posted when you get a chance! :D

  6. Welcome and Congrats! Yeah, it's normal to be nervous. It's great though, a new YOU is just around the corner. I was a bit nervous about surgey, but second guessing myself actually came AFTER the surgery for me. I will be 3 weeks post op tomorrow, am down 15 pounds already! Think about all the good that will come from this. A second chance at a happy life for me... Keep your eye on the prize and stay positive. GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!!! Keep us posted when you get a chance! :D

  7. Hello & Welcome!

    I have Tricare South and was just banded. I went backwards through everything yet it only took me 3 months from the time I started everything. When I went to get my referral they wouldn't give it for the doctor I wanted whom had the most experience and I trusted. I walked into the base Tricare office and they helped me. That day I switched to Tricare Standard for Active Duty and didn't even need a referral or to do anything else but qualify. The ladies said this was the best way for me to do it. I'm SOOO happy I did!! Good Luck!!!

  8. You know I have had the same thing happen. I know my Dr. puts Fluid in at surgery but it's been hard for me. I have to make myself and then here come the hiccups which have been horrible. If I drink too fast I feel like I need to burp but nothing happens. I've got some good Protein Powder from GNC and I've mixed some MOM in to my drink. I've noticed it getting a little better. Take your time. I sure hope it gets better anyway.

  9. Hello, I was just banded on the 21st. I started on my liquid yesterday, other than clear. I've noticed that other than my broth, everything I was taking in was sweet. I chose to drink a little Pickle Juice to get my " salt" fulfillment. Not sure if that makes any sense but to me it did. :) I have to watch myself cause sodium for me is a big bloat! It makes me retain like crazy. I'm sure you may be hungry, are you writing down what you are eating other than Protein? Are you getting enough protein? Are you drinking enough in between to satisfy your thirst or is it really hunger? I've read that is a big one, being able to tell the difference. We are all here learning and here for support. I'm sure you will be fine. Keep up the good work. 13.9lbs lost is better than gained. One day at a time and keep your eye on the prize! Good Luck, your fill will come sooner than you think. :rolleyes:

  10. Congrats! :rolleyes: You sound exactly the way I did! I think I actually became obsessed with checking on line with the insurance company and then calling over and over since the "Unapproved" me 3 times. Just paperwork technicalities though. Like said earlier, REALLY take time to learn the post-op. I was so swept up in pre-op questions and insurance, I didn't. LET ME TELL YA!!! I was just banded Friday the 21st, I wish I had. It's different than what I expected. Good Luck on your Journey! Keep us all posted!

  11. Ok. Everything is submitted to Tricare and I am just waiting on my appproval. I was denied first cause the Dr.'s office didn't submit paperwork to my primary insurance. Well, I have a date of January 6th, pending the approval. My Dr. said that with my body structure he didn't think that I needed to go on a pre-op diet. I've heard so much about the .pro's and cons but think that the benefit of the diet is great. I would like to know if anyone has opted to do it when the Doc has said you didn't really need to. I have a fatty liver but he said he didn't think it was that bad cause he couldn't feel it. I keep thinking I should but would like some feedback. Thanks in advance!

  12. Thanks! I've been fighting with Cigna just for a stupid DENIAL! "Ma'am, it can take up to 30 days" is what they told me today! REALLY, more time and money wasted on something I'm telling you that will happen regardless cause it NOT covered in my policy. SMART INSURANCE COMPANY!!!! I see that you have a date of 1/10/11...Congrats!!!! Did they make you do the psych eval and supervised diet before approval? I heard of some not being required to do it. They haven't told me I need to, but, I've had to switch to Tricare Standard to use the Dr. that I need to.

    It's just been a big MESS! Keep us updated on your surgery, you get to enjoy the holidays and start the New Year FRESH!!!!

  13. I'm going to use the "small" bathroom stall at work!! I know this may sound crazy but HECK!!! I know I am not the only one that just about jumped off the toilet with a stomach cramp trying to get it wiped!!! OK, so hopefully I'm not!!. Seriously, tried the 26 Glacier cruise in Alaska and those bathrooms are for KIDS only they were so small!!! I want to just be comfortable in my own skin and not have to be the "fun" one to be around cause my jokes make my confidence that I don't have. I put on a good show and no one know's how much I hurt inside! That's just the start!!! :lol:

  14. Thank you Swan56!!

    Well, before I left work today I just was curious and it said "NOT APPROVED". So I called to see what the issue was. Just as I thought, they needed a denial letter from my primary. I told the office this would happen. I am one of those people that like to do things "Just in case". I explained to them that the policy has a direct exclusion for any bariatric procedure and they said to fax that part of my policy over. HOPEFULLY that will be enough or it will be a few days or more to get a denial letter from Cigna. UGH!!!!! Oh well-- I still have a few more dollars to round up anyway as it's out of network and Tri-care should reimburse that part after the procedure.

    I love this forum and all the great stories involved. It's great to know I'm not going at this alone and others have similar issues. ;)

  15. Hello All! I've been going in circles reading everything I can and finally have the guts to ask/vent.

    I started the process in October. I have Cigna as primary and Tricare Prime as secondary. I attended the seminar, did my sleep study, got a referral from my doc, did my labs etc. I got everything in and learned that Cigna clearly has an exclusion. On to Tricare...I've called several times and got several answers, so did my Surgeons office. I had my first appt. today and they seem to be very positive about getting approved. I am 33, am 245 & have a BMI of 45, no co-morbidities that Tricare lists. They did NOT submit my claim to Cigna due to the exclusion, I did NOT do a psych. appt at all and my referral came from my doc that is NOT my PCM. I'm so worried that I'm not going to get approved and will have to start all over. However, they set a tentative surgery date of Dec. 17th.????? Has anyone used Tricare Prime as a secondary insurance? GEESH!!! This has been a process, let me tell ya! I'm so discouraged for some reason, yet it could be because everything always goes wrong for me. Keeping my fingers crossed!


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