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  1. Had an unfill 2 weeks ago and have lost 7# since!!! woo hoo!! :)

  2. Ok, I've been having real issues eating, think I need a small unfill. :(

  3. Frustrated, slightly uncomfortable when I start eating, then goes away. UGH-

  4. AYE!!! P90X kicked my butt!!! I'm sore.

  5. Ok, had my fill Monday, looking forward to start my workouts again, first week of school with 3 kids has wore me out!!! Watch out now, I'm ready to rumble!!!!

  6. Vacation was great! Working out is going good but I don't see my scale moving, It's driving me crazy!

  7. Good Morning!! Today will be a good day, I'm claiming it! I've really got to get past this hump! I'm stuck and not losing but have some kicker leg muscles. :)

  8. WOW, I didn't think it had been this long since I've been on here. I've missed it! :)


  10. I've been so busy, it's been a while since I've been on here... I had my first fill 3/1 and was doing great until Saturday. I just have an annoying pain under my chest. I feel fine when I lay down and am ok for the first hour in the morning, then it just gurgles and I have pain after, not bad just annoying. Maybe i'm too tight? 2.5cc on my first fill??? Calling the doc when they get open.

  11. having a hard time with food ideas.... time for some research

  12. YAY!!! Friday will be 3 weeks post op & I am officially down 15 pounds!!

  13. I can't take it! These vitamins make me gag and I'm sooo tired of the protein shakes.

  14. I am sooo ready to eat something! Good thing I'm on softs for the Superbowl... YAYA!!! Feeling pretty good. Tired of protein shakes though. Blah! They make my tummy hurt. Bless you all!!

  15. These protein shakes are not as bad as I thought. Yay for good guys at GNC!!

  16. TODAY IS MAGNIFICO!!! :) I was a little weak but hadn't drank any protein, DUH that was my problem! Today I even got out of the house. It's a beautiful day!

  17. Gooood Tuesday Morning! ok now that I've began to add some texture into my liquids. I can't wait until I can actually "Chew" something! My husband snacking right in front of me has been hard, just the smell of the food, and not being able to have any of it. :)I'm all good though, nothing but head games!! :) Have A Fantabulous day!!

  18. OK, still sore. Let me tell you, DO NOT forget to take your pain meds! I fell asleep when I got home and when I woke up...PAAIIIINN!!! Doing goood now.

  19. Just had surgery yesterday morning, doing just fine! Still very sore.

  20. 4 more days!! I have all these emotions going on inside it's crazy! I can't wait, my life will be so different.

  21. January 21st is the big day!

  22. FINALLY APPROVED!!!!!!!!

  23. Merry Christmas to everyone!

  24. Merry Christmas!!!!

  25. YAY!!!! I have my Denial letter from Cigna, thanks to my wonderful HR Dept.!!! I have turned that in to Tricare and waiting now... another step to a new me!!!

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