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  1. nieshmoore1978

    Nausea and vomiting

    It will pass, give it time you just had a major surgery and your body has to adjust, to your new stomach!! My Dr. prescribed me nausea meds that worked great!! After my two day hospital stay I was fine… the first two weeks are the worst, Give it time it will get better!!! My Dr. also prescribe an acid reducer it takes some time to get into your system .
  2. nieshmoore1978

    Saggyness all over

    Try using the weight machines in the gym , start out lifting about 5-10 pounds (not too heavy I would say 20 max) , three times a week do three reps of 15 for each exercise. If that's too tough lift less weight!! Increace your weight every few weeks, you should see a difference in about 30days. This will help you tone, without bulking up!!! I work out at 24hour fitness, and the trainers are good about answering questions. I paid for three personal training sessions and it was money well spent, you tell them your goals and they will tell you the best way to acheive them. I hope this helps
  3. nieshmoore1978

    failure is not an option

    Hello this is my first blog, first let me start off saying I am happy that I made the decision to have the sleeve. I had my life changing event on Feb 22, so that makes me 6weeks out. I lost 22 (310) pounds before the surgery, and another 18 (268) pounds since. I didn’t realize how much work it takes to really work the sleeve, I went in thinking this is my magic cure…and boy was I wrong !!! I have been on a stall two weeks now an it’s kind of frustrating, but it made me look at some of the things that I am doing!! I know for one, I have not been drinking enough water, before surgery water was my best friend after it just had such a nasty taste.. I have been getting my protein but I cut it in half because, I am eating more… I can get down about 3-4oz down per sitting before getting full. I have also been struggling with hunger…it’s like I am hungry all the time even after meals, and it drives me crazy sometimes. The way I dealing with the hunger, I started snacking (not good) now I am chewing gum and drinking water when I get these pangs. Eating 4tiny potions daily, and protein shake/smoothie (with strawberries, and ½ banana, and maybe a slice of pineapple and a scope of protein) Exercise I am working out three times a week about 45min, I am doing about 25min of cardio and 20min on weights. This week my goal is five times week, the two extra days I want to do cardio, I also switched up my routine I started riding the spin bike. I really had to check myself this week because I was starting to go back to some of my old ways…and it is way too early for that!!! I really want to maximize the opportunity…I have been a big girl all my life…and it’s hard to break old and bad habits…but this is something that I have to do a failure is not an option. I love this site…..I don’t mind sharing my struggles with people that actually understand what it is that I am going through.
  4. nieshmoore1978

    Sleeved on Thursday

    I did flinstone Childerns, my first month out and they worked very well for me!! :rolleyes:
  5. 32 year old female currently living in Memphis, Tn. I have battled my weight since 2nd grade. My journey began in 2009, did not make up my mind to have surgery until the later part of 2010. I was sleeved 2-22-2011 best decision I have ever made!!!

  6. Feeling really good today :0) My hubbie told me he can see a change in my body!!!! 40 down and counting

  7. nieshmoore1978

    Anyone have United Healthcare?

    I have UHC, my paperwork was submitted on the 24th of Nov, and I was approved on Dec 2nd!!!! I also gave them a call every other day to check the status. I recieved my letter on the 8th of Dec, they move really fast!!!
  8. nieshmoore1978

    New to the VSG Forum

    I am new to the site also, and looking foward to hear about others experience with the sleeve. Called the surgeon’s office today, I was told that my file is ready to be submitted to the insurance company for approval, and it can take up to six weeks!!! I am patiently waiting don’t know what to expect, I have my fingers crossed!!!

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