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  1. Hi all -- just wanted to give a shout out to a new YouTube support channel -- Back2BasicsWLS Support Channel -- it's all about giving support on the weight loss journey and how we can look at it in a positive light -- check it out! (In the interest of self-disclosure, I'm the Monday Vlogger ) http://www.youtube.com/user/Back2BasicsWLS
  2. Flashback Fridays! -- thanks Sally for reminding me :) -- current profile pic was when I was 15 years old. :)

  3. One year ago, I began losing weight -- today, I feel like a new person :)

  4. so it's a bummer when the hubby goes to the States -- who will bring me my coffee in the morning? I miss you Steve.

  5. Happy birthday to my FA Katherine Roane! (We all know what FA means!) :) I love you!

  6. I want to have a Labor Day, dammit!

  7. Question of the day:If you could have any super power, what would you have and why?

  8. Hey all of us skinny chicks! I'm doing great -- below my goal weight by a couple -- would like to be a couple more lower just for weight fluctuation and stuff -- life is good -- I continue to eat the way I was eating when I was losing (for the most part) -- my surgeversary is on Thursday -- can't believe a year has come and gone! Most of my friends and colleagues have seen me lose the weight, so I don't get any reactions like someone didn't recognize me. It will be interesting going home this Christmas because my family hasn't seen me and my good friends back in the States haven't either -- so I'm looking forward to that. Hope all is well with the rest of us!
  9. Off to school (6:15 am) -- gotta get my grading done -- tomorrow progress reports go out. sigh.

  10. Question of the day: Who is the person from history that you would most like to meet and talk to? Why? What would you like to ask?

  11. hi ho, hi ho -- it's off to school I go!

  12. You're looking terrific! Keep up the good work
  13. juliarh

    14 months out -

    I'm almost at a year (in one week - eek!) -- I can definitely eat at least 1/2 cup of dense Protein with a little veggies (maybe 2 or 3 bites) thrown in. It's definitely more than I could eat even 6 weeks ago. Don't know what changed, but it's interesting to note what Tiff said. I still am not eating nearly the amount of food I *think* I can eat (for example, when I teach, I eat the cafeteria food -- salad, meat, -- just the good stuff -- BUT I always take 3 to 4 times the amount of food I can actually eat. Very frustrating because I'm throwing away good food that someone else could have eaten!) About 6 weeks ago I could only eat 3 ounces at any one time. Now I'm at about 5 ounces. Still a little bit, but MUCH more than I used to. I think if we keep making good food choices, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. The key is good food -- sigh.
  14. juliarh


    It took me 11 months and 1/2 a week to get there, but I finally made it! It's been a long road, lots of hills and valleys, but I'm finally there -- here's the video I made that gives an overview:
  15. juliarh

    An NSV I may never top!

    That is so awesome!! doing a big ol' happy dance for you
  16. This is my miracle - swear to God! I had so many constipation problems, you don't even want to know the details -- BUT!! (no pun intended - ) I started taking psyllium capsules -- 3 in the morning, 3 in the evening -- no yucky metamucil taste, and I am as regular as rain!! whoot! I love them -- I take them with my vitamins and I'm a REALLY happy woman
  17. juliarh

    100 pounds in a year

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Doing the happy dance for you :Dancing_biggrin:
  18. juliarh

    What SIZE are you???

    My heaviest I weighed 304+ pounds -- now at 163. My largest Sizes: 3X Tops, 24W Pants, 12 Panties, 44DD Bra, 8 Ring, 11 Shoe... Me today: S-M Tops, 8 Pants, 34D Bra, don't know my ring size (haven't resized my rings yet ...), size 9.5-10 shoe
  19. juliarh

    Labor Day - WHAT WILL YOU WEIGH???

    SN..............Starting Wt........Current.......Goal.......Lbs to Goal Juliarh ...........171.4...............163.4.........165.............-1.6 CAN YOU SAY GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!
  20. juliarh


    Thanks guys -- Belly and boobs look better every day -- when I have time, I'll try to post b/4 and after surgery pics too (guys, don't get excited -- all pertinent areas will be blacked out )
  21. juliarh

    Photo Update at 9 months

    You look fabulous, Yolanda -- congratulations!!
  22. juliarh


    Thanks guys-- I really think it was the PMA (positive mental attitude) -- never thought I would not get there -- I was gonna make it no matter how long it took
  23. Hey all, hit goal on Sunday, which was my long-term goal as well Maybe I'll even go lower!
  24. I drank it about 3 months out and still do-- I have no problems with it
  25. juliarh


    Lost 140+ pounds, wearing a size 8 (was in a size 24) -- very, very happy! ]