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  1. Hi all -- just wanted to give a shout out to a new YouTube support channel -- Back2BasicsWLS Support Channel -- it's all about giving support on the weight loss journey and how we can look at it in a positive light -- check it out! (In the interest of self-disclosure, I'm the Monday Vlogger ) http://www.youtube.com/user/Back2BasicsWLS
  2. Hey all of us skinny chicks! I'm doing great -- below my goal weight by a couple -- would like to be a couple more lower just for weight fluctuation and stuff -- life is good -- I continue to eat the way I was eating when I was losing (for the most part) -- my surgeversary is on Thursday -- can't believe a year has come and gone! Most of my friends and colleagues have seen me lose the weight, so I don't get any reactions like someone didn't recognize me. It will be interesting going home this Christmas because my family hasn't seen me and my good friends back in the States haven't either -- so I'm looking forward to that. Hope all is well with the rest of us!
  3. You're looking terrific! Keep up the good work
  4. juliarh

    14 months out -

    I'm almost at a year (in one week - eek!) -- I can definitely eat at least 1/2 cup of dense Protein with a little veggies (maybe 2 or 3 bites) thrown in. It's definitely more than I could eat even 6 weeks ago. Don't know what changed, but it's interesting to note what Tiff said. I still am not eating nearly the amount of food I *think* I can eat (for example, when I teach, I eat the cafeteria food -- salad, meat, -- just the good stuff -- BUT I always take 3 to 4 times the amount of food I can actually eat. Very frustrating because I'm throwing away good food that someone else could have eaten!) About 6 weeks ago I could only eat 3 ounces at any one time. Now I'm at about 5 ounces. Still a little bit, but MUCH more than I used to. I think if we keep making good food choices, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. The key is good food -- sigh.
  5. juliarh


    It took me 11 months and 1/2 a week to get there, but I finally made it! It's been a long road, lots of hills and valleys, but I'm finally there -- here's the video I made that gives an overview:
  6. juliarh

    An NSV I may never top!

    That is so awesome!! doing a big ol' happy dance for you
  7. This is my miracle - swear to God! I had so many constipation problems, you don't even want to know the details -- BUT!! (no pun intended - ) I started taking psyllium capsules -- 3 in the morning, 3 in the evening -- no yucky metamucil taste, and I am as regular as rain!! whoot! I love them -- I take them with my vitamins and I'm a REALLY happy woman
  8. juliarh

    100 pounds in a year

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Doing the happy dance for you :Dancing_biggrin:
  9. juliarh

    What SIZE are you???

    My heaviest I weighed 304+ pounds -- now at 163. My largest Sizes: 3X Tops, 24W Pants, 12 Panties, 44DD Bra, 8 Ring, 11 Shoe... Me today: S-M Tops, 8 Pants, 34D Bra, don't know my ring size (haven't resized my rings yet ...), size 9.5-10 shoe
  10. juliarh

    Labor Day - WHAT WILL YOU WEIGH???

    SN..............Starting Wt........Current.......Goal.......Lbs to Goal Juliarh ...........171.4...............163.4.........165.............-1.6 CAN YOU SAY GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!
  11. juliarh


    Thanks guys -- Belly and boobs look better every day -- when I have time, I'll try to post b/4 and after surgery pics too (guys, don't get excited -- all pertinent areas will be blacked out )
  12. juliarh

    Photo Update at 9 months

    You look fabulous, Yolanda -- congratulations!!
  13. juliarh


    Thanks guys-- I really think it was the PMA (positive mental attitude) -- never thought I would not get there -- I was gonna make it no matter how long it took
  14. Hey all, hit goal on Sunday, which was my long-term goal as well Maybe I'll even go lower!
  15. I drank it about 3 months out and still do-- I have no problems with it
  16. juliarh


    Lost 140+ pounds, wearing a size 8 (was in a size 24) -- very, very happy! ]
  17. always a pound or so within the week, but usually I lose it by the end of the week.
  18. juliarh

    Labor Day - WHAT WILL YOU WEIGH???

    Whoot! I am NORMAL today!! SN..............Starting Wt........Current.......Goal.......Lbs to Goal Juliarh ...........171.4.................168.9.........165.............4
  19. Hi!! Ok, honestly this is exactly what I do. First, I record everything I put in my mouth on Fatsecret.com. I've set it to record my net carbs (that is the carbs minus the fiber). If I eat an apple or veggies (like broccoli or something like that) I record them and note how many carbs I've eaten. Now if I've eat a lot of carbs but most of the carbs are due to veggies and/or fruit (like apples), then I know that I'm ok as long as the rest of my carbs aren't over the top. For example, one of the granny smith apples I eat can be 20 or more carbs. I'll probably eat 30 more carbs during the day because I think apples are a good thing to eat. I know that's not very scientific, but it seems to work for me. And in reality, it's not very low carb in the sense of eschewing all carbs, but I essentially have gotten rid of the processed carbs but still eat the real carbs -- if that makes sense. As for beans, I think you should do what you think is best. I record my beans and if they're super high in carbs, I'd probably count them. But if they're not high in carbs, I probably wouldn't. Depends on the beans. For instance, I had 1/2 cup of lentil chili for lunch -- 16 net carbs -- 8.5 g Protein. The lentils plus the apple put me at 36 g of carbs already for today. Oh well. Both are really good for me and I hardly think I'm doing myself a disservice by eating them. Will I have more carbs for dinner? probably. But not enough to make me a carb monster, know what I mean? I hope this is helpful. I know I'm not specific about the carbs, but really I have limited those things that I think are harmful to me -- like processed carbs (sugar, bread, etc.) Other things like fruits and beans and veggies I record but don't really limit myself. Clear as mud? Thanks for the girl crush. I'm happy that you enjoy the vids -- sometimes I think I have nothing to say and I say it for 10 minutes - ugh. I think I need some topics. Maybe you all can feed me some topics -- I'm happy to run my mouth on and on about stuff as long as I have something to say.
  20. juliarh


    Hey Sophia -- I just had a tummy tuck and a breast lift/augmentation done 2 weeks ago. I didn't need the panny b/c my skin wasn't *that* bad -- just a regular tummy tuck. the Panny is usually done when the skin hangs below the genital area. Tummy tuck is done with loose/stretched skin/muscles from pregnancy and lots of weight loss. Essentially they're the same surgery, but the panny is more extreme and takes longer (both in surgery and recovery). I had very little pain and recovery has been really simple so far. Look at my link to my youtube videos to see me talk about my plastics
  21. I try to keep my carb count below 40ish -- recently, I've been upping the carbs to see where my threshold is (where I lose and where I gain) -- but in the past it was 40, not counting veggies and fruit. Now mind you, I don't eat *that* many veggies and fruits -- maybe an apple or two a day and some veggies for lunch or dinner. So it's not like I'm carbing out . . . as for Protein shakes -- yes, once in a while I'll have one. Especially if I feel I'm not getting in enough protein. Initially I had a non-flavored protein that I added to Soups and tea and such. But after I could eat a substantial amount of protein for my meals, I kinda stopped using Protein powder in my food except when I was being lazy and didn't want to cook anything In those cases, I'll make a Protein shake. At your stage, I was definitely using protein powder A LOT. I just couldn't eat much, didn't want to eat much, and basically had to get my protein from the powder. An egg was too much to eat. Glad that's over Now I eat between 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup of food. Sometimes if it's slider food, I can eat like a normal person which is scary. For example, yesterday my son made me a Breakfast wrap for breakfast -- it had a small low carb tortilla, scrambled egg, bacon, black Beans and cheese. It was very yummy and I could eat one entire one. Granted my kids each had 2 or 3 a piece. But the fact that I could eat an entire one was interesting -- I think 4 months ago if I could have eaten half of it I would have been lucky. I still don't get really hungry -- head hunger is more of an issue now because I'm fooling around with my carbs more (word to the wise). But being in semi-maintenance, I'm trying to figure out what my normal is. And maybe I'll always be trying to figure it out, who knows. Speaking of fooling around with carbs, seems to me that the processed carbs are the ones that affect me and not the veggies and fruit. So, that's also interesting (at least to me). Hope that answers your questions. Basically, I was super strict up until about a month ago when I started increasing my carbs and calories to figure out how much I should be eating as a "real" person not trying to lose as much.
  22. I've been doing low carbs since my surgery (about 10 1/2 mos. out) -- I DO NOT count the carbs in my fruits and veggies. I figure they're good for you, you should be eating them, so they don't count. I DO count the carbs in breads, pastas, cereals, rice, etc. You get the idea. Frankly, I think (and it's just my belief) that given our small stomachs, we need as much fiber as we can possibly get -- I still battle constipation and if I don't get enough fiber in, I'm miserable. I've also come to realize in my short time post op, that while we should restrict "bad" carbs, we need to emulate normal eating as much as possible. Our tummies are going to be naturally restrictive (seriously) -- and despite what we eat (even if we fall off the wagon), we're going to lose. I'm about 5 pounds from goal and am still losing at a pretty good clip, despite the fact that I'm upping my calories, upping my carbs, etc. The thing about weight loss, something I think we often lose sight of (and I do all the time despite almost being at goal and almost a year out) -- is that we don't lose at a steady rate. It's stair steps -- sometimes we lose a bunch, then our bodies stop. Then we lose, then we stop. It's our bodies' way of adjusting to the weight loss -- it's mentally frustrating (believe me!) -- but, we have to accept that we will lose as long as we are active and eating well. Now, if you're gonna binge on cake, well after awhile you're not gonna lose. But, eating well, moving our bods, and keeping the weight loss thing in perspective is what it's all about
  23. You are doing a fantastic job!! Very awesome
  24. juliarh

    4 month anniversary!!!

    You look great, Dana!! Great job on losing the weight so fast
  25. juliarh

    NSV For ME

    That is truly an awesome NSV -- I have been in too many dowdy old western dresses to count -- can hardly wait till I get the chance to be a barmaid too

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