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  1. Hi All, I'm afraid I have ran into the bad end of the deal. I wrote that I passed out day after my band was placed.... apparently I injured my spleen at that time. A couple of weeks later I had high fever and could not get rid of it. So went to er, they took tests and sent me home with an antibiotic, figuring I had an infection. I called my Dr(that placed band) tuesday when I woke up with pain in left side of chest. He had me get a chest x-ray. Later called and said to return to er- I had Fluid in my lung. They drained it and found It was old blood....3 cups. This was from my spleen. Then they did some ct scans and found I had a tear of some kind by band. Apparently a stitch came out too. They did surgery to repair the tear and had to take out the band. They didn't have to remove the spleen, it will absorb the hematoma on it with time. I'm home now but have a tube draining my stomach. I'm so weak and sore from laying in hospital bed for a week! I didn't eat or drink for days, just had the iv saline. But, I'm beginning to lose the extra fluid build up since I'm moving around more. They say I can have the band replaced in a couple of months. Please be careful when you have surgery and drink enough Water so you don''t get dehydrated-we think that's why I passed out.
  2. I love the lemon lime propel and peach tea crystal light . In time you will find which ones you want to buy more than others. I also tried different protein bars for that time I could eat them. Then I would have some protein just in case I couldn't eat my meal I would have something. Those depend on what you like as in peanuts or s'mores. The baby bel cheese was good for the all liquid when I got there......check to see when you could add this.
  3. Southern Leo


    I would think if you will just have a salad you should load up on protein earlier in day to make sure you will get enough that day...and be ready to lhave some later if need be. I love salad too but I can't eat it like I used to and just have that for lunch or dinner. Our days will have to be planned more than before to make sure we eat what we need. Are you keeping track of how much protein you get everyday?
  4. Southern Leo


    Find out if you might need to use it after you have fills.......
  5. Southern Leo

    Wearing old clothes again?

    In my adult life I was never small. I have been smaller than I am now. I have saved a few pair of nice jeans hoping that I can fit into them again! I tried one pair on a few days ago that I needed 1 inch to close the button.....it fits now! It's almost snug but I could wear it if I wanted to for the day. This weekend I plan to get all of them out and see if I really want to save any.
  6. Southern Leo

    What have you lost...

    LOL, I got rid of that 2 year old!! Is that the part of me that went back for dessert seconds?? Now I think about dessert in a new way. I even made a cheesecake for my daughter's bd yesterday. Haven't had any. But I might have to get a box of girl scout cookies....it'll just last l-o-n-g-e-r this time! And then only get one box, not 2-3.
  7. Is that per serving and does the can say 1 serving? It's time to start checking...
  8. Southern Leo

    50lbs down!! 1st Goal !!

    WTG Nicole! You look great! This is an inspiration...I'm halfway to my first 50 and feel better about reaching it! Thanks and keep it up!
  9. Southern Leo

    Did your Dr stop meds gradually?

    Hi! Looks like you're doing well! Wow, you're post op diet is one that seems to last...... I just got started on a full diet. But I'm being careful still. I would like a nice steak on the grill but have been hesitant. I want to make sure I get a good one for that!! I have a feeling I will be using my pressure cooker and crock pot more now!! Have you been able to get into the exercising alot yet? I'm even slow on that and began getting tired out quickly. My dog loves to walk but he waits for me! I hope to get on my wii later today and get in some yoga to strenthen my muscles. Which means I should get off the laptop and get something done!! Take care....Linda
  10. Southern Leo

    Did your Dr stop meds gradually?

    That's great! You were helped with meds right away ..wow. I am taking 4 bp meds! Beside having to pay for them I can't wait to see if I can live without them!! Glad you had such a change for the better already.
  11. Southern Leo


    I know.....I was on the diet coke.....I'm beginning to taste it after I eat a meal! (cravings ) I still think about the feeling we might get if we did drink any. I lthink I'd be afraid to let it go flat and drink it. It still might cause some gas and lead to swelling. I stick with different flavored crystal light and propel drinks. I love iced tea so will be making more of that. They have peach tea ect that tastes more like the fruit than the tea.
  12. Southern Leo

    Coughing at night

    Has he tried raising his head on the bed....with pillows or put a pillow under the mattress to lift it. Then he can sleep with head raised.
  13. Southern Leo

    Skipping breakfast?

    I know I need to have something or I will feel it a couple of hours later. Now if I'm in a hurry I will at least have a cup of yogurt. Maybe you will find something you love to eat now and you can use it for breakfast....esp if it has a decent amount of Protein to start you off. I felt that way a long time ago....I could do without brkfast and be fine. I didn't have time to take to have it. But I find I do much better when I have something.
  14. That would be perfect for this...... It's a simple recipe my daughter brought home from work one day. Cut into strips and stir fry the chicken and put in warm wraps. Add pieces of tomatoes and ranch dressing and roll up! On my pre op I couldn't eat the wrap so I used lettuce to roll it up in! You can add seasoning to chicken and cook like you like it. I would add water to steam it.
  15. Glad you got the surgery done and can go forward! I had mine a week ago tomorrow. I had pain and took the liquid hydrocodone and it helped. Yesterday was my first day with out muscle aches! Today I got on the wii and did some yoga. It's important to keep drinking water! Keep it with you and sip thoughout the day! You'll get through this!
  16. I got banded on Dec 28, 2010. I had to get up at 5 to be there at 6:30am! I was taken to be gowned at 8am. We had to wait to go and my surgery was started at 9am. My daughter was with me. She told me I said I loved the anestheologist as he was preparing me. I remember them trying to wake me up but I didn't want to wake up! I got plenty of ice and water. Since I could walk to bathroom and go I got to leave about 2pm to go home! I slept most of the day and the next. I made a mistake of not drinking much water after I was home.....2 times I passed out while getting up(probubly from dehydration) I felt better as I got more water. I was getting tired of clear liquids and glad to go to full liquids so I can have pudding, oatmeal and laughing cow cheese on saltines. My aches are gone enough to move my muscles around more. In a few days I will be on a soft diet. I can feel some restriction today. Have showered and that was really nice! Didn't need pain med today. Looking forward to this.....
  17. Hey, that's great! I'm glad you wrote in case we have the sam symtoms. I am on 4 meds for bp! Now that I've had my surgery and already home I have good things to look forward to.
  18. Southern Leo

    Heaven, I'm in Heaven

    I thought about the taste of food when I was on low carb diet.....I tasted everything for the first time instead of bite and swallow!! Now I will be ready to taste my food in a couple of weeks when i can have soft food! Surgery went well today and I was released to go home in a few hours. My daughter tells me I told the anesthesiologist that I just loved him!!! ....when i went under. LOL
  19. Southern Leo

    Surgery tomorrow!

    Congrats!! I will be banded in the morning! But my daughter wishes it could be afternoon.....we need to be there at 6:30am!! I feel pretty good right now so I must be ready for this and know I want this! Hope I can sleep!!
  20. Southern Leo

    My first mistake

    I guess that might be one more thing that changes with everyone or that we need to do without! In past years I hven't used a straw that much ......except in milkshakes. That was a treat since I don't drink em like I used to! Maybe one a year now! But I had increased ice cream cones........Some of the ice cream flavors were irresistable! Sparkplug...do you now eat as usual or in small meals through the day? You look like you have worked well with the band.
  21. Southern Leo

    Bandsters for the week of December 27 ~ let's chat!

    I just found out that my surgery will be on the 28th! It's a good idea to get together.....helps with answers and emotional support. I wonder if the weekend will seem long....I was on the 2 wk diet here for 3 weeks just in case I got a call ! lol It surprised me that I don't miss carbs like I thought I might.
  22. Southern Leo


    I know what you mean about the knees! I have had a scope in right one and needed some trimming on the miniscus ect. It has arthritis too. I have sore feet and a bad back so this will help my health too. Glad you're looking forward to the surgery, so am I. I'm just waiting to hear when it will be.. good luck!
  23. I am almost at the end of my rope! I have done all the steps needed, even checked my heart out as my Dr wanted. Now I wait until the call comes that I'm approved. I still need a date by end of year or I'm not sure I can do it without my insurance.....it starts new in Jan. I have even started the 2 wk diet.....2 wks ago! So when they call I'll be ready as soon as possible! I even went to a christmas party last night and had roast turkey and raw veggies,, drank Water. I didn't even have any lumpia I fried for the party, I knew if I even "tried" one that I would be wanting more! I keep saying maybe I'll hear something this week! I call my Dr to make sure he has sent everything he needs too! It's all up to them now. The good thing is I have lost 13 lbs on this low carb diet!! And I can tell! This is incouraging me to do more exercise and feel better!
  24. Southern Leo

    stressfull wait

    Hi Camille, Yeah, I have a list of people to call tomorrow and push them along! I will call Dr and make sure everything is sent then call the rest. I have the numbers in phone and ready ! I hope you have a smoother ride!! I am trying to spend my time focused on other things like clearing out clutter and decorating the house! Thanks for input!

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