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    Fills in Tampa

    Once I was an active contributor to this site. But I haven't posted in several years because I was busy living my life. Last year I felt it was time to visit my surgeon Dr. Will Aguila,MD for a band check only to find he'd left the practice. I met the new doctor but wasn't impressed. Didn't get a fill. Fast forward a year... I really needed a fill but couldn't find my original Dr! But as luck would have it.... I ran into him at a social function recently!! He's opened 3 offices in the Tampa Bay Area! So if anyone has been looking for him like I was please let me know and I will pass along his contact info! i just left his office with my fill. I'm back on track!

    Just wondering

    Don't worry yet. You may want to add some fiber. Get the kind that dissolves in liquid. Works great! And always check with your doctor to make sure it's right for you.
  3. Last night we went to a local sports bar to watch my team play. (Congrats Seminoles!!! ). We live in a small suburb of the Tampa Bay Area so we often run into people we know. Turns out my 2 adult daughters were at the same place to watch the game. They were standing outside talking to some guys about their ages.... 29 and 32. I didn't know these guys and when introduced they all were like... No way that's not your Mom.... Well I am not disillusioned enough to know I don't look 30 but the compliment was nice.... I asked them why they didn't think I was the Mom and they said... No disrespect but you look too hot!!! believe me when I tell you my friends... That was worth every single minute of my 22 month losing journey!!! Anyone sitting on the fence.... Commit your life to the band and you will reap the rewards twofold!
  4. To share or not to share is the million dollar question.... For a casual acquaintance like that I won't spill about the band as I don't have time to explain that while the band is a tool it in no way is the reason I lost all my weight. Sounds like you handled it well!! Best of luck on your journey!
  5. . Thanks CG..... I think that's the biggest reason people fail.... They do not commit!
  6. Ask him how many bands he has installed, what his success rate is.... Meaning how many people actually reach their goal. Granted that's not usually his fault when people don't reach the goal but if it's an overwhelming number I might wonder how good the after care was.
  7. You never really know until the time comes and you see how you feel. My surgery was on a. Thursday. I worked 1/2 days on Monday and Tuesday and back to full day on Wednesday. I was exhausted!!! LOL
  8. the unknown is always nerve wracking .... But read, research and arm yourself with as much info as you can. But most importantly listen to your dr and follow his orders above all else. Best of luck to you!

    What Does Lap Band Mean To Your Partner?

    . The removal of the pannus (sp?). It's the lose skin on the tummy and above the groin. I thinks it's pretty similar to a tummy tuck.....


    I smoke legal cigarettes and have no problem with the band. I don't know why the illegal smoke would be any different.... Except you may have to ignore the munchies!!

    Diagnosed Today After A Long Battle

    Donna.... Being informed is the first step to healing. I am sorry to hear about your situation but you are a strong gal!! You will be just fine!!

    December 2013 Band

    you had your surgery so your body is healing. The first 3 days I could barely drink anything. And e bloated feeling is from the gas the pumped in your chest cavity so the dr could see what he was doing.... Walk a lot and sip sip sip!

    Who Got Stuck For Thanksgiving?

    I didn't get stuck. Cooked food for 15 people and ate like I normally do.... No problems
  14. Hi friends.. First time on in a while and see the new format and feel like I am at a new house!!! LOL. Just wanted to stop in and play catch up and see how everyone is doing and skinny you all are! I have been doing well... Still maintaining my weight since I reached my goal last December!! I can't believe I am going on 3 years banded! I go up and down about 5 lbs but that seems to be normal. I will post some pics when I figure out the new site. Look forward to hearing from you!

    Here Are My Pictures

    You look great! Congratulations on your success!

    I Cheated :(

    I didn't cheat I was too scared my dr would cancel the surgery because my liver wasn't small enough. But whats done is water under the bridge.... Recommit and stick to it. Good luck

    Things That Weigh.........

    They aren't on the list but I have lost my 6'1" 200 lb husband and my 2 year old granddaughter...


    3 years ago on Wednesday Before thanksgiving I started my liquid preop diet. I drank 5 Optifast shakes while the food flowed. I didn't host thanksgiving that year so I busied myself helping out, watching parades and football, playing with the random kidlets..... Doing whatever I could to get my mind off food. The next 2 thanksgivings we much of the same,.... I could eat of course but my band will not let me over eat. And if you listen to yours you will find it will tell you whento stop. Since I am maintaining now I just live my life. I will cook food to feed 15 people... And I will eat less than my 2 1/2 granddaughter. I will be wearing sized six clothing and sit in the rickety chair because I am light enough not to break it. Thanksgiving is a day of fellowship with friends and family. The food is secondary.
  19. my dr is fill stingy. Because I had a loss every month he never suggested I needed a fill.... But after a few months I KNEW when I needed one.... And while he never stopped questioning me if I really needed one or not he knew I usually was my best judge. A few times he talked me out if them and I have to say he was right. So then after that when I asked...he obliged. I had 6 the first year because as you lose the band gets loose so it needs to be filled. I never went over 5ccs in my band and my last fill was 14 months ago.

    Doing My Research!

    Thank you. It was worth the effort!!!

    Port placement

    Mine is to he left of my belly button. I almost had it switched out when I had my tummy tuck but I didn't want to spend the couple grand it would take to get my bariatric surgeon to assist in the surgery so I passed. I now wish I would have done it but quite frankly it's really not a problem ... I kind of like it sticking out a bit... It's a constant reminder of my band!!

    Bandster Hell

    It should. But keep sticking with a restricted calorie count because it's still a diet.... The band is just a tool to help you along the way!! best wishes for a successful fill!

    Doing My Research!

    I had the lap band done by Dr Aquila in Tampa 3 years ago in December. I lost 227 lbs in 22 months. I would recommend my dr and the procedure to anyone who is dedicated to losing weight and keeping it off. Best of luck to you in your decision making process!

    9.5 Hrs Till I'm Banded

    Congratulations on taking this first step to a healthy life!!

    Any Low Bmi Getting Banded In November?

    I wasn't a low BMI bandster when I started. But I am now. . And it's my opinion the band is doing exactly what I expected it to do once I got to goal.... Keep the weight off. Granted I need to be smart with when And how often i splurge but so far it's working fine. I would think I it will work for you too, good luck,

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