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  1. BandedKitten

    Anyone from Brooklyn??

    I was banded by Gorecki in May and need support. Any Brooklynites out there? e
  2. BandedKitten

    Weight Watchers Online: Support Thread

    I'm trying to figure out the points plus system in combination with the band. I'm not too successful so far. anyone out there having success and figured out how to use it with the band? I eagerly await ANY advice on this! thanks, e
  3. BandedKitten

    Photos - And How I Always Avoided Them

    Wow. such a good topic. I guess I'm not the only one! My inlaws take pictures of EVERYTHING and I tried so hard to hide. Sometimes they would catch me. It was my son's graduation from middle school on Saturday and I HAD to be in the photos. I was so upset after. I've lost 28 lbs total (since January) and I have been feeling much better about myself. But when I saw the photos that a family member put on facebook I just cried. I have so far to go still and it bummed me out because I felt so cute and slim that day in a new dress. But the camera doesn't lie. My only consolation is that I know I'm on the way DOWN not up. I did the surgery first for health and secondarily for ego/pride/appearance. And my health is improving already....I know eventually teh appearance will too. It doesn't help when my mother in law (who lost 90 lbs on the lapband) made a comment like this: Well I see you've lost ONE of your rolls. Once we you've lost the weight we have to work on your skin. Now I had to go off antibiotics for my skin to have the surgery and my skin broke out like crazy. The surgeon wanted me to stay off the antibiotics for a little bit after the surgery as well. I've just started back on them this week. But did she really have to say that? I mean geez. She's no super model, either. Sorry this is turning into a vent/rant. Guess I needed it.
  4. My hospital allows you to bring your own mask but they require you use their cpap machines. I was grateful to have it because the machine relaxed me. I am weird in that I actually like my cpap machine...it's like stress reduction therapy...breathe in....breathe out... my apnea is not just related to weight..i have a receded jaw line. Even when i was 135 lbs i snored like a lumberjack. So sexy! All the best, BandedKitten
  5. BandedKitten


    I also had a large hiatal hernia repaired during lap band surgery. My acid reflux is greatly reduced. My surgeon said it was pretty big....check with another local surgeon. BandedKitten
  6. BandedKitten

    New here from Brooklyn!

    Hey Nechama! I live in Brooklyn as well. Welcome to the Boards--congrats on your decision and good luck on your journey. I have found it was a great decision and I'm very very happy. All the best, BandedKitten
  7. I was at that fork in the road in my life where it was going downhill fast. I was diagnosed as borderline diabetic and my knees were killing me on the stairs...was so stiff at such a relatively young age (52). I am on a cpap but my breathing is because of my jaw (i have a receding jawline) and the weight made it much worse. I will probably always need one but I had to have the pressure turned up twice because of my increasing weight and i still wasn't getting a good sleep. Now i wake up refreshed. If only I could get rid of my insomnia..but that's another story. At only 27 lbs lost (including pre-op diet) I am already in much less pain on the stairs, less stiffness and my energy is getting much better. I still have nearly 45lbs to go (i'm super short) but I can already see that I'm going to feel much better afterwards. I am off sugar..only rarely take a small bite. I am off stuff that was just plain bad for me..like diet soda, white bread, white Pasta, etc. Most white stuff is bad news. I'm still early in the journey but I FEEL so much better already. yay! hugs, DangerKitten
  8. BandedKitten

    NSV - Shopping

    Thanks for sharing this. i just LOVE a good success story. and yeah..i DO know what you're talking about..people have NO idea what a big deal this is...how it's life changing. I hear you sister and I'm thrilled for you..and hope to be hot on your heels with my own story soon. hugs, BandedKitten
  9. I have PCOS..was diagnosed about 22 years ago. I am losing weight on the band (I'm still a newbie) but PCOS isn't as simple as I thought it was. I just had to have a complete hysterectomy (A large benign tumor was found when I was undergoing testing to be approved for the band) and even though my ovaries are GONE apparently I can still have aspects of PCOS. Bizarre. I dont' even completely understand it....I think it's because it's metabolic..not just gynecological. But I AM losing weight...and so it's possible. good luck. e
  10. I agree. It's very important to be well-informed. As a person who used to review medical publications for a living (for 10 years in a law firm looking at products that "failed") I am pretty well versed in how to read studies. No single study is conclusive. One has to look at a battery of studies over a period of time and there are many elements to consider. Here is an excerpt (I didn't write this excerpt) that discusses some of the limitations from this study. I am NOT saying that the lapband does not have issues ---or even claiming that in the long-term it's going to be a failure OR a success. I'm simply suggesting that as lay people reading medical studies we don't completely understand all the elements in the study and how they relate to an entire body of research. keep reading! keep being informed and aware! Keep asking questions and keeping an eye out for issues--Absolutely! AND don't panic when one or two studies come out---because it takes a lot of studies to show a significant trend in the literature. Here's what was written about the study reported above: Study limitations to consider included surgeon experience, surgical techniques, gastric band specifications, follow-up care, and patients involved in the findings. Specifically: The patients were some of the first LAGB patients to be treated anywhere in the world, thus surgeon experience was not at the level seen today. The gastric bands used in the 1990′s are not the same ones used today; the newest generation of gastric bands are much improved over earlier versions. Surgical techniques have advanced significantly since the 1990′s. Follow-up care has changed dramatically since the 1990′s. The study evaluated LAGB patients from only one location, rather than multiple centers. The study sample was small, the study conclusions did not include the outcomes of all the patients contacted, only the outcomes of the patients who responded. This study may identify some of the long-term outcomes to consider, but many other studies have shown Lap-Band surgery to be a safe and effective surgical treatment for obesity. Individuals who are interested in lap band surgery should not let this study discourage them from seeking treatment, rather they should discuss the benefits and risks of all the options with their doctor. Then decide if lap band surgery is right based on the current level of surgical care and gastric band specifications as well as personal health conditions.
  11. BandedKitten

    Ahh bra...

    The Victoria's Secret IPEX bras don't have underwire but they keep my 40Ds up nice and perky..with cleavage too! For more casual times I use the Spanx Bralelujah (spelling might be off there)---it's kind of looks like a sports bra but it's much more comfy..you do need to keep washing it and putting it back in the dryer to keep it firm, though. I highly recommend both! hugs, BandedKitten
  12. Hi Kids! (no matter what your age! I had my first fill this week and although I feel pretty good after 1/2 cup of food..I've never felt the urge to PB or choke, etc. I've never "tested" the band to see how much I can eat. I don't really want to..but I figure most people do on their journey at some point---seems human and I'm sure I'll test it at some point--although it's not in my plans. I'm still in the uber-compliant phase. So the fact that I've never had any PBing ---does that mean that I'm pretty loose in the band or does it reflect that I've not tested the band? I'm confused...I read about people PBing and I can't figure out why it happens. Is it always related to overindulgence? To be honest, there were a couple of times I sort of ate mindlessly and didn't chew as well as I know I am supposed to and I didn't have any problems. (although I've only been on soft foods so far) I've not had anything above 4-5.5 ounces at a sitting. I'm just too nervous to test it. thanks in advance for helping me sort this out... hugs, Bandedkitten
  13. BandedKitten

    I think my band slipped and am scared

    Have the ER doctors put in an emergency call to your surgeon. They can talk and he can tell them what to look for. I bet there's a bariatric surgeon closer to you who could look at the xrays. Don't just try to Macho your way through it--you're in pain--speak up and be insistent that they find someone who Does understand the band. I'm sending prayers your way and hope this lets up soon. But please don't just lay in pain---call your surgeon. Even if it means you drive two hours (have someone drive you!) ----this is too important to ignore. Take Care of yourself! think of everything you did to get this surgery---all the effort---now protect yourself..take care of yourself! BandedKitten
  14. BandedKitten

    Last hole on the belt!

    Hey Congrats! I'll be excited when I need a belt. LOL :P:P
  15. BandedKitten

    6 cc's on first fill normal?

    I had my first fill yesterday..only 2ccs but I feel the difference today. I just had a 1/2 cup of chili at around 6 pm and 2 hours later I can't imagine eating again. I believe I'll be fine for 4 hours. It feel i'm in a really good place..i can eat without any sign of choking/pbing and yet i really don't feel like eating any more than a 1/2 cup. I DO measure it though instead of eye balling it..because i'm still not used to what a 1/2 cup looks like in all different foods. I couldn't decide whether to weight the chili or just put it in a measuring cup...i wound up measuring it in a plastic measuring cup. I'm still not sure if that's the right thing to do. i think I would weigh solids...like fish/chicken. Cause the 1/2 cup was more than 4 ounces because it was dense. It was almost 5 ounces. so I'll have to figure this out. How does everyone else do it? Measuring cup or weight? I bought a new shiny scale to keep myself on track weighing food. I really really hope I'm not just swollen from the needle and when that goes...my appetite comes back. I dont think a needle would really swell me up all the way down to the pouch, though. Who knows? I want to think positively. On a side note...it's almost Friday and I get to start to eat solid foods tomorrow! wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! hugs to all, BandedKitten
  16. BandedKitten

    first fill. YAY

    Had my first fill today. I was nervous about it..but it was pretty much a nonevent. I'm kind of a wimp with needles but it wasn't so bad. They didn't use lidocaine. This fill was just in time because I've been pretty hungry this past week and I had reached a plateau of weight loss. I didn't expect to hit a plateau after only 18 lbs (26 since my all time presurgery high) Fortunately the PA who did it is a wizard and she took out the .25 ccs that were in the band and put in 2 ccs in a flash. I was half-hoping for a bigger fill and half not. She said they are conservative and go for a slow fill path. She also said to come back in 6 weeks. She said they do fewer fills spread out because of risk of infection with each fill. i had never thought of that, but it does make sense. I Had no problem drinking the liquid before I left..but I do feel a new pressure in my chest. I haven't tried to eat anything yet..but I picked up some Soup at the diner on the way home for later. I am SO done with liquids after this journey. I am souped-out! I have the rest of the day on liquids and tomorrow mushies..and theni go to normal diet on Saturday! I can't believe I'm going to be able to eat regular food. Finally! My PA said that everyone is different in how they react to a fill---she said I may feel a difference tomorrow...or that it may take awhile. She also said some patients don't feel a significant difference until 4 ccs. We'll see. I hope I feel a difference because I've been in bandster hell lately. Even if it's placebo..I'll take it. I wasn't terrible nervous about the fill...but I have to say I'm glad it's over. YAY!
  17. BandedKitten

    1st fill ??

    Had my first fill today. Which was just in the nick of time because I've been pretty hungry this past week. and I had reached a plateau of weight loss. I didn't expect to hit a plateau after only 18 lbs (26 since my all time presurgery high) ..but whatever. My skin is very sensitive to pain so I definitely felt the needle (no lidocaine) but it was certainly bearable. Fortunately the PA who did it is a wizard and she took out the .25 ccs that were in the band and put in 2 ccs in a flash. I have the rest of the day on liquids and tomorrow mushies..and then LO and BEHOLD..i go to normal diet on Saturday! holy moly it's been since May 9th since i've had real food! I can feel a new tightness in my chest but I had no problem drinking before I left the office. She said that everyone is different in how they react to a fill---she said I may feel a difference tomorrow...or that it may take awhile. She also said some patients don't feel a significant difference until 4 ccs. We'll see. I hope I feel a difference because I've gone into hungryland the last week and it's truly not fun. I wasn't terrible nervous about the fill...but I have to say I'm glad it's over. YAY! I'm an officially filled bandster.
  18. BandedKitten

    sex drive after lapband

    Even at only 18lbs down.....i feel like I'm Getting my Pretty Back....so when i feel better about myself....i feel sexier..and <cough> you know what comes next! Hugs, BandedKitten
  19. BandedKitten

    Do you miss food/eating?

    I'm rather new to the band...only about 4 weeks in. but my swelling has diminished and I can feel hunger now...but it's not that HUGE hunger I used to have. I agree with someone above that one bite of something is truly satisfying. If my husband is having something yummy I take one bite just to satisfy my curiosity and I dont feel the overwhelming need to keep eating. That's the magic of the band. I am SO grateful to have it..and I will also be very grateful when i get my first fill next week as I'm starting to get more hunger and I know that will help with that. I am feeling like I'm no longer a slave to food. I feel like I'm the Boss of Food now..not the other way around! hugs, BandedKitten
  20. BandedKitten

    Super Stoked!!!

    I LOVE IT LOVE IT. I absolutely love reading posts like this because it's so inspiring. I am thrilled to see your success and know you're going to feel so great at this wedding. Keep going girl! (I am 4 11 3/4!) hugs, BandedKitten
  21. BandedKitten

    Drinking water with food?

    I told my nutritionist at my last group support meeting that the hardest part was not drinking while eating and she said i could take tiny sips. she said not to have a lot to drink because it forces the food down the band..making us get hungry faster than we should and resulting in eating more. So she said it's not going to "hurt" me but a lot of liquids all the time would make the band less effective in the long run.
  22. BandedKitten

    Anyone else in NYC?

    Park Slope, Brooklyn here. Had mine on 5/12 with Dr. Gorecki at Methodist Hospital. I chose him because he's done a lot of these surgeries and has had no serious complications in years. He is one of the most respected bariatric surgeons in nyc along with dr. ren, etc. There is a free support group at the hospital 2x a month. I'm Thrilled that i had the band---the post-surgery pain wasn't bad and my scars are already fading. I'm very happy. Banded Kitten
  23. Hello nice bandsters So up until yesterday I guess I was unknowingly in the sweet honeymoon phase of the first 3 weeks after surgery when just a little food made me feel full without having had a fill yet. And lo and behold I got hungry last night and am hungry today. I don't have my first fill for 3 weeks...and I have to get through this. I need some suggestions on how to get through this hungry phase. I was SO happy after surgery when my appetite was gone. It was like a dream come true---everything I had hoped for. Now I'm fighting the hunger pains. I had 3 ounces of salmon today and a 1/2 cup for veggies and a couple of sugar-free popsicles. I feel like I want to eat BIG. I'll hold myself back but boy....I really hate feeling hungry again. Hunger has been that Big Lion you see on the lapband posters in the doctor's office...did you see that poster? I knew that lapband was for me when I saw the poster. That hunger lion was always following me around! After surgery when he disappeared...I was SO freaking happy. Please! How did you get through this hungry phase? Will it pass? thanks, Bandedkitten
  24. BandedKitten

    July 4 Challenge 2011

    I'm going for 10. I've never done a challenge before so I don't know if this is too low or too high. But hell..I'll be happy to be 10lbs lighter if I make it. Thanks for setting this up! Bandsters Unite! We have nothing to lose but our butts! Or stomachs! or something...... hugs, bandedkitten

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