On The Road Again...

For equipment, think about bringing a shaker cup or small blender to mix protein shakes, carry protein powder with you (try single serve packets or put a single serving of protein powder in a small container or small zip bag.), carry a stash of utensils (plastic forks, spoons and knives), and bring clean up helpers (paper towels, napkins or wet wipes). If you are going to a hotel that has a microwave, bring microwave-proof dishes or paper plates to heat a frozen meal or leftovers. A small coffee maker can make a decaf cup of coffee you can add vanilla protein to make a latte or chocolate to make mocha type drink. Drink it hot or cool it down and put ice in it. If make a hot drink, keep the temperature under 140 degrees.

If traveling in a car, bring a cooler packed with protein drinks, cheese sticks, cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs, light yogurt or protein snacks like the P3 Protein Packs. You can either buy the individual servings of yogurt or cottage cheese or get a larger container of these foods and divide into small, plastic containers. Be prepared to stop by a grocery store to purchase single servings of yogurt or cottage cheese. There are veggie-fruit-protein snack packs now in many of the produce section of grocery stores. Some convenience stores carry protein shakes and protein bars. These are usually found on shelves towards the back of the store. Other protein snacks include protein chips (Quest, Kay’s Naturals) and protein bars. Look for protein bars that have more protein than carbohydrates such as brands like Premier Protein, Pure Protein, Six Star Nutrition, Quest and Nature Valley Protein Bars. Pouches of tuna or salmon, or the tuna and chicken salad kits to make an easy meal. Softer texture jerky and nuts are other protein options. Pack your bags and pack your protein to have a great trip!

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