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    Too much, too soon.

    My team is so weird. Full liquids are their own thing, and then purees and soft foods are thrown in together. I'm on that stage, which starts with cottage cheese and yogurt and ends with ground meat and soup/chili. The most "advanced" thing I've eaten was a couple (1 and 3/4 :)) of Ikea meatballs, which sat really heavy, but besides those, I'd say I'm around the middle of the list. Very moist tuna salad is fine, as are scrambled eggs (I mean, those settled weird, but I digested them, so I guess they're OK). I'm thinking of trying thin-cut lunch meat next; that sounds really good to me. All I want in this world is the middle of a cheeseburger--I could let the bread and veggies go; I just want some ground beef, and cheese on it would be excellent--but I know not to push things that far, yet. The reward for going slowly is not getting sick, and that is a very compelling reward. :)
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    The other side.

    I'm not going to make it to 64 ounces today. (They sent me home yesterday.) If I really push, I can make it past half way there before bedtime. I never believed people who were like "plain water hurts, but I can do [some more interesting thing]," so karma showed up to put me in my place. I do OK with jello! Hot (really, warm) tea seems to do OK, too. Protein water I can do, but I have to go slowly. Plain water HURTS. I think I'll try my first protein shake (not just protein water) tomorrow. Anyway, I'm glad we're both back out in the non-hospital world and moving forward! ❤️
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    Last Days and Second Thoughts.

    I have kind of gone back and forth, sometimes using sugar-free stuff and sometimes avoiding it. I had a bit of a diet soda habit over the past couple of years, so I guess I'm used to aspartame, at least. Though I do notice the flavor--I can tell it from sugary stuff by the aftertaste (or lack thereof, in the case of sugar). I don't notice an aftertaste with sugar-free Jello, the same way I do with a lot of the sf stuff. It just tastes like Jello to me. I hope you're as lucky, there! I haven't told anyone in my family, besides obviously my husband, who is ... worried, but really supportive, and trying not to burden me with his worry. (That's why I didn't tell my mom. I'd spend all my energy reassuring her, and she'd harass my husband all day on the surgery day.) Well, I told my younger brother, but he lives in another state, and his wife just had the sleeve, plus he's thinking of doing it early next year, so that conversation went well. It's safer than a gallbladder removal or a joint replacement, statistically speaking, and those are also considered to be safe surgeries! I hope that we are both on the right side of all of the statistics--safe, pretty easy recovery, no complications, etc. ❤️ I look forward to hearing how great you're doing when we both check in on the 4th!
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    Last Days and Second Thoughts.

    It's weird how the plans are all different. Today's my 6th day on full liquids, and tomorrow is clear liquids only. No bowel prep, which maybe I am grateful for? I don't think I'm allowed to have V8. (I didn't ask, since tomatoes settle badly for me, anyway.) Sugar free Jello has been the unsung hero of my week, and I think I might actually sing about it tomorrow, when it is the only "thick" thing I'm allowed to have. Anyway, I hear you about second thoughts. I am really full of them, myself. I'm mostly worried about the near-term, right now--getting through the next month or so--but I share some of your longer-term concerns, too. Anyway, I hope your surgery is quick and easy and your recovery goes well! Check in on the October 2018 Sleevers thread when you're able to, after surgery, OK? I'm on the 3rd, too, but I probably won't check in on these forums until I'm home on (fingers crossed) the 4th.
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    Lynn Cannon

    Food funerals and nerves.

    Sleeved Aug 23/18. Interesting about the food funerals. Even though I did them I’ve come to realize that I will be able to have a piece of pizza again just not the whole thing 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕! I think it will be wonderful when I can just have one piece and be satisfied. Really be good on the pre-op, very important. Best of luck 🤗