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    Hey guys, just a little something to keep you encouraged. For me, the pre-op phase was the hardest part of my journey. I am currently 9 mos. P.o. from gastric bypass. I love my tool and wish I had went forward 3 years Ago when I first started this journey. I had lots of questions, but I wanted to know what life was like after the procedure. I wanted to hear from people who were experiencing it. So, this is my info..sw 264 lbs. , cw 186 lbs. Medical issues before surgery...hypertension, diabetes, pcos, infertility, lupus, heart murmur. I currently only take a low dose hypertension pill ,but they will evaluate that at my next post-op appointment. Life is good and I have had zero complications, zero visits to the hospital after surgery. Im grateful for that! I started a YT channel ( under my name Bariatric Blondeshell) that addresses the pre op phase and what life is like for us after surgery. I hope if you check it out you will be encouraged afterwards! Keep pressing on everyone, you deserve this!
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    January 2020 Surgery Folks

    I am glad to hear everyone is doing well, sorry to hear about those that have had to have additional surgeries. I hope you all heal up quickly and get to enjoy the new lives you've worked so hard for. I am doing really well. I weigh in on Saturdays since I think to do it first thing in the morning on the first day of the weekend. I'm currently sitting at 180.2. Been two weeks now and I'm really excited you break into the 170s. I am sticking to a workout routine for the first time in my life. It's amazing how much easier it is to exercise than it used to be. No wonder skinny people do it so often! I'm working out an hour a day, 5 days a week with rest days on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The hour is made up of 40 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of muscle work. I can see I'm definitely going to have loose skin on my thighs, upper arms, and maybe my stomach so I'm not super pumped about that, but again seems like a small price to pay for what I can do now. I won't be stopping till I hit at least 140 and if I get there and feel comfortable, ill either stop or keep going. (I'm pretty short) I struggle with some of my old sugar addiction, but I feel more prepared to handle it now and get back on track. Hoping the next 5 months are icing on this 7 month cake:)
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    What stuck with you?

    Does everyone have one main thing that's stuck with them through the years when they were overweight? I have several. The main one for me happened when I was 7, I wasn't a big kid by any means, bordering on skinny, but I did have a belly. I started ballet classes and I was all for it! Still to this day anything Tulle has my heart. My mum bought me the tutu, slippers and leotard and I was in love. I went to my first class and danced like I was in the nutcracker really I thought this was going to be my life. Anyway after class a couple of the girls teased me about my belly sticking out of my leotard. I cried and never went back to another class. Stayed with me forever. kids can be cruel! So last weekend I signed up for ballet classes and had my first one in 30 years yesterday. I absolutely adored it. Onto bigger and better things and letting things go!
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    Amazing! You're so radiant! I'm in the pre-op testing phase and just terrified. Blood work is done. Psych eval and EGD are the first week of September. Looking at scheduling it November or December (90 day insurance requirement is done in October). [emoji33] Sent from my motorola one hyper using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Insurance chose. Gp referred me to one that was in network and turns out she has good reviews
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    Mine worked with my dad for over a year to try and save his leg before they ultimately amputated. I’m thoroughly convinced he saved my dad’s life. I actually met him at one of my dad’s post op appointments 2 years before I needed him. Fast forward to April 2019 and I need an appendectomy and he’s the surgeon I chose for that. At my post op he invited me to a bariatric seminar and he did my sleeve in December 2019. He’s also my surgeon for my RNY revision this coming Tuesday. I don’t think I could trust another surgeon with what he does.
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    Leg pics??

    Okay, so I have a strange request... and I completely understand if this is too weird. So here goes... I have enormous legs, always have, hence the user name. I am starting to freak out about saggy skin and envisioning my current extra leg skin looking like a shar pei around my ankles once I get to goal. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take shar pei ankles over being in my current obese body... I am just wondering what other large leg ladies look like after WLS.😊
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    August surgery

    I have a date of August 11....just hoping that the date stays and the hospital does not cancel due to covid, since I live in Florida.
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    Do you miss the social parts?

    Ice tea, coffee, pickles, coleslaw, salad, fruit salad, deconstructed burgers/sandwiches, lettuce bun burgers/sandwiches yogurt, cottage cheese, chili, etc...
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    Do you miss the social parts?

    Yeah, have to agree with all of the above. There are always options at every restaurant. I still eat with friends etc, but usually get a MUCH smaller plate in order to look like Im eating a normal amount. It also helps me fool myself in my head. Another thing I did recently when I was eating at a work dinner was eat what I could and then take the rest of the plate to the kitchen to get it away from me. Yeah, ppl were looking at my differently, but it was worth being able to just sit there and drink a cup of hot tea and socialize. It turns out that in the end ppl started drinking and I had a hilarious time watching them all drink. I sort of became the default designated driver and had such a fun time. So you just have to find a way through the challenge. You can do it! Oh and considering Covid and all, you are actually helping everyone by eating at their or your home. So they might not even think it's about you at all and just a good thing to do considering the state of things.