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    June 2019 challenge

    Not quitting. Check in 6/17/2019 - VSG June 2014 /2017, High weight 254, - Goal for this month is to lose 4 pounds this challenge.  6/10 weight is 139 6/11 weight 137 6/12 weight 136 6/13 weight 138 6-14/15/16/ friends and family staying with me and a fantastic block party. 6/17 138 still at the high end of my bounce range but back on plan. Long run today and lifting today. Company is gone and my schedule is back to normal. Mental health cleanse 17 – take your Day 10 reflections and turn them into a game plan. One way I want to be remember is for being the fun grandma. I’m hiding fairy’s and gnomes in a large willow tree for my grandkids. After I pass away, I am leaving instructions in my will. I’m leaving instructions/clues to find boxes buried under the tree with photos and memories.
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    June 2019 challenge

    How do I treat myself TODAY, A the 26th? Only think that comes to mind, instead of just an 8 oz glass of 1% milk I shall have an Atkins Lemon Bar or a Lemon Vanilla Protein Wafer Crisp bar. Really really like the latter, the closest I'll ever come to those Sugar Wafer Cookies I once loved And these have 4 g Fiber,11g protein,1g sugars and 3g net carbs. A whole lot better than those candy bars Wal-Mart stocks next to their check-outs. Even the few non- chocolate are Dietary H***!.
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    June 2019 challenge

    Not quitting!!!!
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    Stalled at almost 7 months

    Stalls happen. It sounds like you're not in a stall though, you're eating/drinking sugary things that are high in calories. Go back to counting your calories and tracking everything you eat. Focus on protein.
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    Insurance Approval

    I have BCBS IL. We submitted docs on June 4 and insurance called just now to tell me that I was APPROVED!!! I started to cry with the ins rep LOL Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    July 2019

    Hello, Congratulations! I just got my date! July 15, 2019!! Sent from my SM-G965U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Robert S. Libberton

    6/5 sleeve experience

    I wanted to check in and post my experience. I was miserable during the pre-op phase diet, I cheated with last meals almost once a day until the 3 day water fast which I adhered to. The last 3 days were honestly not that bad, just uncomfortable because of being hungry. My angelic wife was supportive and did the pre-op diet with me :). The surgical procedure was fast, I struggled with some moderate pain, gas pain from the CO2 belly inflate. I am anti narcotic and needed it for a long drive home (9 hrs), I don’t recommend that! That said I used the oxy suspension to sleep for the first 2 days and it will be in the trash this week. I am type 2 diabetic, I lost 2 meds post surgery and now I am only on metformin, Prilosec, vitamins and Prozac. The after surgical effects are what you would expect: needed some time to pee normally, it took some days to pass gas but now it’s flowing better (taking a stool softener), hurts to sit up and lay flat, driving is a chore, mild stomach cramping, and skin pain at the 4 surgical sites (mainly the 15cm one). I have met the water goals post surgery and pushed it once and almost puked. I don’t recommend that, I am tolerating broth, clear protein drinks, sugar free jello we’ll just struggling with my behavioral issues to want to eat crap food. I do not feel hungry most of the time, unless food commercials are on TV or I walk in a store. I have lost a tremendous amount of weight so far (around 12 lbs so far), and suspect I will be in the 230’s tomorrow. I exercised prior to the surgery by doing P90X to build as mush muscle as I could. I think that helped a lot. I have been walking a lot also and try to get up each hour to walk around the house. My recovery has been very fast, each day it seems like it’s 50% better, I can sleep on my side now with a bit of left shoulder pain that’s is getting better. I watched my wife eat last night, and I was surprised that it did not bother me. Here are some neat things I think about: I will be a normal weight again (185), it will be nice to fly in a small seat, maybe I can get off all my meds, I will not be pre-judged in job situations for being morbidly obese, I might live as long as my wife to enjoy our life together, no 3 xl clothes, hopefully my chronic back pain will lessen.
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    Dense is important. I coincidentally read two different things yesterday posted by bariatric authorities who discussed the importance of re-introducing solid foods to your new anatomy. Not only does it help with satiety but it's kinda like...if you don't use it, you lose it. And you need to have the solid food to maintain a well-working digestive system. So get those solids in. It's all about choices. Choose your hard, dear.
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    VSG to MGB Pictures

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    Revision to rny

    The weight started coming off right away but i did have an early stall. I'm now steadily losing 1-2 lbs a week. They told me due to my previous surgeries that i would lose slower. I lost 8lbs prior to surgery and 32 since December 5th.