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  2. NMlorena

    April Sleevers

    Thanks!! Everyday is a little easier but that trapped air, and water intake are the toughest hurdles. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using BariatricPal mobile app
  3. AngieBear

    April 2019 Surgeries!

    I had surgery this morning. Im doing well, lots of walking.
  4. Bari_KS

    Pro care vitamins

    I take ProCare bariatric multivitamin and supplement it with Celebrate Calcium Citrate chews twice daily. ProCare contains 3000 IU vit. D but has no calcium. Celebrate Ca citrate contains 500 IU vit.D. Makes total 4000 IU vit. D in a day.
  5. I seem to always get confused though.. when you measure do you tend to go by weight or volume? I've found that they're vastly different. Sent from my SM-G965U using BariatricPal mobile app
  6. Pink nova

    The Gym...

    I started working out a month after surgery. I’m now 11 months out and have been working out 6 days a week since then. I do kickboxing which I love because I get to take out all my aggression! Lol. I find the gym too boring so I’m so glad I found something that keeps my interest. Just find something you genuinely enjoy doing and you will stick to it. Before the surgery I tried the gym and it was always a struggle because I wasn’t interested. Now that I found out what I love doing, I never have to drag my feet. It’s my fav part of the day. Who would have thought that fitness would be enjoyable?! Lol Good luck. Remember baby steps...you got this! Losing weight is one thing but working out and seeing yourself build strength and stamina is so empowering!!! Of course, there will be days where you lack motivation and just don’t feel like it...that’s when you have to push through. Don’t think and just do. 👍🏽
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  8. FloraBama Girl

    Ulcers ?

    My doctor did put me on dexilant and it was good. I have been unemployed and have not been able to get it refilled. I hope next week I get it refilled. My plain ompertole is not cutting it.
  9. AlteredReality

    Ulcers ?

    Ask your doctor to put you on dexilant. It's way better than protonix. Also see if they can give you carafate, it helps coat. The ulcer so it can heal
  10. I tried the no fat no sugar added pudding and it tastes so much better. I won’t be able to have it the first few days while on clear liquid so I will just have to tough it out. surprised overall how well I have handled eating so few calories this week.
  11. AlteredReality

    Weight flies just as fast as time!

    I start each day with a protein shake at around 6am. Then I eat small meals (a protein and some vegetables or a salad) about 4 times a day and have 2 or 3 snacks (usually cold crunchy vegetables). I drink water from the time I wake up until I go to sleep. I walk about 2 miles a day and do light cardio. I really pay attention to package labels now and still haven't eaten
  12. Any May 1st sleevers?
  13. Frustr8

    Non Scale Victories

    Hadn't heard from you for a while but glad you're still on the active list. Happy news for you to share. My ENT weighs metric, 102 kg today, I actually weigh less than my son, diminishing a kg a week at nearly 8 months out. Had a mini-stall while on TPN, so my weight loss now less than typical but I will celebrate it. See my Bariatric Clinic on next Tuesday, hope they also will be pleased. Down almost to regular sizing, amazed at the increased selections. I think my face looks older, my smile lines show, starting to look more like my dead ancestors instead of a "moon face" . Had someone ask if that was really ME? So a strange NSV to not be readily recognized.
  14. angie_is_losing_it

    Feeling hungry

    Why am I getting hungry so often throughout the day? I had 75 grams of protein today... my nutritionist said that was a good amount for where I'm at. But I feel so hungry. I'm feeling so frustrated. I read about other people who say they have no appetite and how great it is blah blah blah... I feel dizzy when I stand up as well...and have no energy. I started at 349 and am at 308... I know this may sound dumb or whatever..but I felt so much better before this surgery. Sent from my SM-N950U using BariatricPal mobile app
  15. Friday205

    MAY 2019 Sleevers

    Mine too!
  16. Friday205

    MAY 2019 Sleevers

  17. Pink nova

    Pounds lost

    11 months out and 147lbs total down. 31lbs while prepping for surgery and 116 after surgery.
  18. gabybab

    Pro care vitamins

    Hi! I'm 2 months post-op and take bariatric multivitamins. is anyone familiar with these vitamins? Do I need to supplement with vitamin D or calcium. I kind of thi k yes on the calcium as I dont see any in the list, however it says vitamin D. I've taken the vitamin D before, but it said D3. Thank you!
  19. Emma2.0

    Pounds lost

    I’m one month out from surgery and have lost 26 lbs and 43 since starting preop diet. HW 297 SW 280 CW 254 GW 150
  20. trinks62

    MAY 2019 Sleevers

    May 15th for me
  21. chuckwalsh

    Truthful Regrets, Anyone?

    No regrets at all. I'm a little over six months out. Have lost 110 lbs since my surgery... but it takes alot of work. I work out daily and try my best to stay away from foods I know are bad. I use an app for Samsung called Samsung health that let's me chart my food and exercise.. which helps. Sent from my SM-G955U using BariatricPal mobile app
  22. AlteredReality

    Weight flies just as fast as time!

    Congratulations[emoji323]!!! You're doing awesome! You'll be in Onederland before you know it [emoji847]
  23. mc2017

    Pounds lost

    I am 7.5 months out from gastric bypass and i have lost 117 pounds. Things are going well so far and I am happy I made this decision!
  24. I am 5 weeks post sleeve and am so very sick! Been admitted to er 4 times, given iv fluids for dehyration and sent home. Can eat a couple of teaspoons of soup, tiny sips of protein shake & 2 oz of applesauce a day and some water. Anything else and I'm vomiting! My surgeon doesn't care that I'm in stage 1 & extremely weak, dehydrated & getting worse. Do I regret this sleeve surgery in Las Vegas??? You BET I DO. Not once did my surgeon come to see me to reassure me, check on me, nothing. Over a month post OP & getting weaker everyday.
  25. ms.sss


    same ♥️
  26. Kingb40


    I waited two months and I have found sometimes it hits me harder and sometimes my tolerance is high and I don’t feel it... not sure why that is but I love my wine.
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