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  2. You probably wouldn't need the sleep study/consult then... like SusieQ said, it is a little different for everybody. I was fortunate that I did not have to see a pulmonologist or have a cardiac stress test. Some of the requirements may also be related to the surgeon's selection criteria and not just insurance approval. http://www.aetna.com/cpb/medical/data/100_199/0157.html This is the clinical policy bulletin that describes Aetna criteria to qualify-- every member must meet either have a Physician-supervised nutrition and exercise program (6 months over two years) OR Multi-disciplinary surgical preparatory regimen (90 days). I did the multi-disciplinary regimen which was a busy 90 days. obesity-surgery-precert-form.pdf
  3. GreenTealael

    Food Before and After Photos

    I know I know but I feel like my dumping is sooooo unfair that I have to keep trying things to make sure I'm not having a sigular occurrence
  4. So I’m just over 7 months post op. I’ve lost 76lbs and am at 128lbs (5’7”). I think that’s a bit low for me...too bony! I’d like to maintain or maybe put a few pounds back on. Having a hard time getting to maintenance level calories without feeling like I’m going to explode or barf! I’ve been adding spoonfuls of peanut butter, an extra protein shake, nuts etc. I talked to my dietician and that’s pretty much what she advised in addition to adding condiments like mayo, salad dressings etc to up calories without the bulk Anyone have certain things they have done to maintain or even put on a few pounds? This is just too bizarre having to think this way after being so focused on following the plan to lose weight! 🤪
  5. Friday205


    Has anyone had the sleeve outpatient? I’m having it outpatient on May 1st.
  6. Friday205

    Outpatient sleeve

    I hope it goes well for me!!
  7. gabybab

    Outpatient sleeve

    I can't imagine being discharged outpatient. I was in a world of hurt and they need to monitor your liquids.
  8. SusieQ2019

    For those who hated or were bored with exercise

    How soon did you start hot yoga @ms.sss I use to practice up until 2017. Do you take the entire 90mins. The studio were I went to had 90mins and 60mins classes. I would like to practice once cleared by my doctor after my surgery. Thank you.
  9. Friday205

    MAY 2019 Sleevers

    I’m very nervous. This preop diet is not easy. I’m on a one week liquid diet. Also, mine is outpatient.
  10. Keke101

    Pre-Op Diet Adherence

    My surgery is May 8th my instructions were nothing after 6pm night before Sent from my SM-N950U using BariatricPal mobile app
  11. TheFlinstones

    April 2019 Surgeries!

    @Tallymom @girlaccountant @LabGoddess @brownymix13 @OhMyGracious! I hear all of you on the energy levels going up and down. @girlaccountant I don’t know how you are surviving doing two jobs, that’s so incredibly hard and then dealing with energy levels and getting water and protein down. I had my 2week post op appointment yesterday. I’m allowed to start purées but I have no idea how I will be able to eat 80g of protein via purées and shakes I feel like I’m eating all day. I got quite overwhelmed yesterday and a little this morning that I can quite easily just skip eating (purely because of how annoying the process of it is taking, NOT because I’m trying to avoid eating from a dieting sense - I know that’s not an option and also doesn’t work) When I feel low on energy I also get a sweaty thing happen, like a shot of adrenaline that seems to freak me out and then I need to lay down. I’ve also been sick now for a few days and that is taking a toll also - not sleeping well, coughing and blocked sinus etc. (I was also sick the week before surgery same thing) Trying my best to remind myself that it’s all small steps, you don’t have to be perfect, do what you can. Aside from all that I’m happy with how it’s going it’s and been so far. I do feel nervous that I won’t lose weight this week, which really shouldn’t be my worry. Focus more on health an nutrition, however clearly I want to know this works. So clearly I’m happy, tired, a little apprehensive and some positivity. I feel like such a fool for being so many things at once. I’m grateful to read others experience to know we’re going through similar circumstances. Much love and happiness to everyone.
  12. Lol. I know, but before I knew it I was out. I'm sure they see a lot! I was bruised on my arms. I bet I was hard to move lol
  13. Friday205

    Outpatient sleeve

    In Birmingham, Alabama.
  14. ms.sss

    Pre-Op Diet Adherence

    Ultimately, it is up to you on what you eat or not eat. Your success on this path you have chosen will be determined entirely by the decisions you make Good Luck!
  15. Friday205

    Outpatient sleeve

    Mine is being done outpatient on May 1st.
  16. They told me to shower with Dial soap tonight and tomorrow morning as well. I am assuming the wipe they will give me I will have to do when changing into my gown. Lol, I don’t even want to think about what I’m going to look like under anesthesia!
  17. I'm telling you it was a chore using that soap and it was sticky! Lol I felt it unnecessary, but I just did it anyway. Best wishes on your upcoming surgery! How exciting!
  18. I asked about the special soap, nurse said not for bariatrics, but they use soaps for different types of surgery.
  19. NYJenn

    For those who hated or were bored with exercise

    I hired a trainer because I literally have no clue what to do at the gym and would never challenge myself
  20. NYJenn

    Pre-Op Diet Adherence

    I’d ask your surgeon
  21. Cheeseburgh


    Lunges and plank (in 2) done, plus full workout at gym. I was not creative today, hopefully I’ll make that one up this week.
  22. NYJenn

    Outpatient sleeve

    Don’t think it can be done as an out patient procedure
  23. gabybab

    Outpatient sleeve

    I've honestly not heard of outpatient. I think it's pretty typical to stay one night. Where are you having surgery?
  24. Please don't shave. I'm sure it's in your best interest. I dont think they care what you look like. I must have looked crazy all sprawled out under anesthesia. lol
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