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3 Week PO Plastics Update: I ​❤️​ my Boobs



Had my 3 week post op follow up with my surgeon tonite.  Before he came by to check me out, one of his PA's took all my steri-stips off, and I finally got a good look at all my incisions.  I was glad to see that they are pretty flat, considering. About 80% of them have some sort of scab in varying states (newish, crusty, peeling, etc.. or whatever).

When Doc came by to check me out, he said he was happy with the way I was healing, among other things:

  • NOT cleared for regular exercise.  He said I could walk as much as I want and can do lower body (i.e., leg) work, but that's it.
  • NOT allowed to submerge my body in water yet (i.e., no swimming, baths, hot tubs, etc.)
  • NOT allowed to expose my healing incisions to the sun (which I can't do anyway since I'm to keep my garments on...see below)
  • I am cleared for sex.  LOLOLOLzzz...I didn't even know I wasn't allowed.  Ooopsies.
  • With the steri-stips now off, I am to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.
  • Am to keep the compression garments on at all times (save showering) until I see him again in another 3 weeks.
  • I asked about the silicone tape (for scar maintenance) and he said ideally they should be used at least 6 weeks after surgery.  Apparently the body is supposed to do some healing first.  I will be given a supply at my next follow appt.
  • He gave me my "before" pictures he took of me back in June 2018 and holy moly, I look different!

Here is a bit more detail organized by each procedure site:


  • The arm incisions seems to be the scabbiest of all the areas.  It is also the "raise-iest" incision, specifically in the armpit.
  • Doc said I am still pretty swollen there, which is a little surprising, because I thought it was normal sized.  So I asked does this mean my arm will get even smaller, and he said I could probably expect to see a bit more shrinkage, but that I can also expect the skin to loosen a bit as well, so net result may be zero from this point.  I'm pretty happy with the size right now...so I do NOT want it to get smaller...thought I wouldn't mind a bit more definition (can't wait to be cleared to work em out!)
  • I can wear deodorant if I want to.
  • He asked me to make an effort to lift my hands up as far as comfortable every day until I get full upward extension, but to be careful as the armpit incision is statistically the most likely to separate and become a wider scar.


  • As the title says, I ❤️ my boobs!  The whole lifting aspect of this was supposed to be secondary, but OMG, I love my boobs!  They are a lot smaller than pre-op WLS, but may actually be bigger than I was pre-op PS (I think I'm a 30C now) but, they are so perky and stand-at-attention-y, LOL.  They have fullness at the upper part now, I won't need a push up at all anymore.  Actually, I probably don't even need a bra, they handle gravity all by themselves.  And my nipples!  After my breast lift correction: reduction many years ago, my nipples looked stretched out and flat.  Now they are perky too and pop out a bit in a nice way even when I'm in a "non-aroused" state...or maybe I'm now perpetually aroused, LOL.
  • .I told Doc that I feel there is still a liiiiiitttlbe bit too much skin left in my left upper side boob for my liking.  He said if after 3 months, it doesn't work itself out, OR I am still displeased, he will do some maintenance in that area under local anesthetic.  Bonus.
  • I can wear regular bras now if I want, but if I want to wear an underwire, to make sure there is some foam or padding around the wire.


  • First thing Doc said when he walked into the room was "Look at your waist!" (I was naked save my panties on the exam table/recliner).  That made me feel good despite the fact that my waist is actually bigger now than it was was pre-op, as is my lower abdomen.  But it is super smooth and tight now ;)
  • When I told him about the size increase, he and the PA said that I can expect there to be swelling for up to a YEAR.  Wtf?!  This is the first I've heard this.  Granted my stomach is not so very big in the grand scheme of things, but it IS much bigger than it was before.  Le Sigh.
  • I told him that I am generally standing upright, except for the little while after I get up after sitting down for a while.  He said what I figured he would: get up more often.  I don't have to get up for long, just lots.  "Its better to go for 10 minute walk every hour than a 60 minute walk every 5 hours"

That's all for now.

I'll try to post some pics tomorrow now that my steri-strips are off...


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