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Matt Z


WLS is hard.  I knew this going into my band back in 2011.  I knew this going to my revision to bypass this past March.  I expected it to be hard.  I'm getting very frustrated with the struggle.  Granted this is coming from a place where I'm working 10+ hour days, we just had to put a dog down, and I'm stalling hard every few days.  My body fat has been slowly reducing but not the weight.  And again, I get that it's a process.  Just venting I guess.  I'm in the gym almost every day, only missed 2 days total in over a month.  One was because a friend needed help with his car, so I spent several hours in the junk yard getting a door off for him, so I might have missed the gym, but I certainly didn't miss the workout that day!  And the other day was this past Tuesday, because my pup got put down while I was at work.  She was old, and I knew it was coming, but that doesn't change the waves of depression and emotional break downs the loss is causing.  Just need a win this week and everything is coming up crap.  Our dryer stopped working and 4 parts later, too much money and too much effort and it's still not working.  Just feels like this whole week has it out for me.


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