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Long Story Short



Hi, I'm Deborah and I'm addicted to food. My addiction has led me to obesity. I was an overweight newborn and an overweight child, and I'm an overweight adult. Sure my upbringing played a role, but I can't place the lion share of the blame on my family. I know that I overeat, I know that I shouldn't eat the things I do. I could probably write a terrible book on nutrition. I've starved on all the diets, choked down all the pills. Yet here I am. 261lbs. Enough is enough!

I've started treatment at the Beaumont Weight Control Center in Michigan. I am strongly considering Gastric Bypass. I've already attended my first appoint. I have six months of mandatory treatment which I have no problem with. I need to take this time to prepare both physically in emotionally. I have so many plans and goals. I'll be using this blog to help me stay focused and motivated. This blog will discuss my personal feelings. Needless to say, idgaf if something offends (within the rules of the site of course), this is my "safe space". If you don't like to look to the upper left corner of your screen, there you will find the back button.


  I'm writing from the perspective of a 27 yeard old Black women, born and raised in the city of Detroit. I'm not the most articulate, or the highest educated, but I love to learn and to grow. I am however done growing sideways *smile*. Right now I'm spending my time reading this site. I have a PCP visit coming up, and my psych eval, NUT and exercise ed visit next week.

When I post again I'm going to outline my health goals both short and long term. I'll also talk about how those visits went. Until then I'll hop around the forums, and start planning my heal vision board. More on that later.

Until Thursday!



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