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Had my doctor's appointment today



Hi everyone! So I had what I was really thinking would be my first of six doctor's appointments for the supervised diet. I had to find a new pcp and get in so it took me a couple of weeks. I went today and I get the one that doesn't believe in bariatric surgery....at all. sigh. So instead of finding someone to really start my diet out strong I get someone who has "seen many bariatric patients of his that have complications that would, if given the chance, rethink their surgery"...which is completely contradictatory to all you guys, HOWEVER if there are people out there that hate the fact they got surgery and regret it terribly LET ME KNOW! I also got the "it's a lifestyle change" which I KNOW. It's just making those changes are incredibly difficult, which I know the surgery is but a tool but the counseling I will get and the whole 'learning how to eat again' REALLY appeals to me. I also love the idea of having my stomach help with portion control...I can eat and eat and eat and the gastric sleeve will hopefully help. I'm kind of frustrated. I did the math with all the weight I have lost since like...2003 and it's the amount I need to lose now. Any way, this dark, maddeningly frustrating cloud comes with a silver lining. While I didn't make a diet plan with the pcp he gave me orders to see the dietician for an intial consult. I made the appointment for a week before I head to NC, so it looks like I will have a concrete diet plan started which is good. I wish he knew what it was like growing up from 4th grade on as a morbidly obese female. Seriously. Ugh. But it's okay. Because I will do my 6 months, I will get the surgery, I will make it work with me and I will go skydiving with my brothers and run in all the fun 5ks that are out there.

Thoughts guys? Anyone have to deal with a pcp who didn't see bariatric surgery as a tool to help with you weight?


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Find a new PCP again... i was with my old PCP for almost 20 years.. she was AGAINST surgery even though i have been overweight my ENTIRE life.. its not up to them..its your body, your choice, they jsut need to make sure you are healthy enough to have the surgery..everyone can have opinions on surgery, but it is available, and if you qualify and WANT to change then who are they to stop you. I finally found a new dr who is all for surgery. It a great feeling. Just keep looking. your perect PCP is out there! good Luck!

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I kind of inherited my PCP... Don't really know him well, but he was supportive.

My endocrinologist was super supportive. In fact, she's the one who wrote the referral letter. Can't wait to see her in two weeks - hoping for med adjustment.

It's up to you!

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