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My weight is stressing me out!



It really sucks. I went from 210 last May back to my starting weight of 240. Its so freaking stressful and frustrading. I don't really know what I want to do. I want surgery, then I don't, then I do. I feel like I'm trying to do it on my own, there's way too many temptations inbthis house and too uch junk food. I feel like I try and my mom too...but we give in. I try to watch what I eat but sometimes I just say screw it, what's the point anymore. I feel like its too hard on my own. At least when I had the band I felt full and and didn't early think about foodas much as I do now. I'm constatly thinking about food non stop and I never feel full. I'm scared that one day I'll wake up and I'll be 300 to 400 pounds. I feel like my family is all against my choice of WLS again. Wish they can just say "do whatever you think is best for you, we will support you along the way" I wish :/ makes weight loss that much more stressful when you feel like youdont have the right support from your own family. I wouldn't have gotten weight loss surgery the last timevifvi didn't think ivneed the help.


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Erin 18 I am sorry that you feel so discourage and feel that your family does not support your choice to be healthy, remember this is your choice to be healthy not theirs , you must make the choice to be healthy and live for you, I am sure your family wants you t live and be healthy, perhaps they do not understand your struggles. Your first priority is to yourself, I would suggest you pursue your choice to be healthy as well as perhaps talk to a therapist to get support for your life changing decision . Take one day at a time but at the end you have to do what is best for you not your family. I wish you the best.

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erin, i can so relate to you because i have been dealing with the decision to have the sleeve or not have the sleeve for 2 years now. i keep giving myself that "one" more chance over and over again to do it on my own and Im not getting anywhere. Im to the point where I started going through the testing, slowly and i need to start telling myself its okay to help myself in this way. Im just nervous of leaks but im sure we are all afraid. My father wishes I do it on my own and he doesnt say much about it to me because he knows it will upset me. You need to do whats best for you. really think about it, even if it takes 2 years like it took me, just do some heavy soul searching and praying. only you will know what the right answer is .....good luck

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