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The holidays are over what is your excuse now



Most people use the holidays and all the goodies as an excuse to eat whatever they want. So now here it is almost the new year so what will your excuses be now? I have said this a million times that for us holidays are for family not to stuff ourselves with food. I don't bake anymore on the holidays because sugar is my trigger. If we are going to a party I will bake then leave it where ever I take it. I have no control over sweets so I just have to stay away from them. There are no major holidays between now and Easter that would require sweets and bad food so now get back to doing you and get the devil out of your head. Just because we had wls does not help with the emotions or the head hunger. If you can get that beat then you will be successful. Whenever I go for food I ask myself are you hungry. Most of the time no I am not and I get some water and go back to what I was doing. The only way you will achieve your goals is to stop making excuses. Actions speak louder then words. You don't have to talk about it just do it. Wishing everyone new and old a happy and prosperous new year. It is always in us to do what we want but our excuses make it hard to do right. If you are not truthful to your self how can you be truthful to others. Just a random thought.


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