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Back on the move



Sleeved in Nov 2011 started at 330 now almost 2 years after I'm about 255. About a year back I sort of went into maint mode. Down to a comfy size 18 I was very content. I did want to go down one more pant size so I attempted to "diet" to lose more weight. I excersied, joined a gym ( URGH!! ) I so hate gyms, I so hate excersise. I bought the Wi Fitness Zumba Kit,, Did enjoy that for quite a while. My daughter and I really got into the dances. But as with most things time gets in the way. Got home too late from work to get in a good zumba session before having to cook, eat diner and get the grandson ready for bed. Went back to the NUT she suggested a 3::2 way of eating.. Stick to 3 low carb high protein meals a day and only 2 snacks. Did that.. and careful tracking of everything I ate. Found that I had been snacking more than I realized. Eating the 3:2 way helped me stop the food grazing and gain some control. With that I did lose another 5 pounds,, which got me to 255.. Where I've been stuck again for many many months. I"ve recently stumbled on Intermittent Fasting (IF). yes another FAD.. but appears to be working. You basically eat normally ( what ever your normal is ) for 5 days and eat 25% less calories for 2 days called fasting days. I call them CONTROL days. Having done that for about 4 weeks the scale is moving in the right direction again. During the normal 5 days, I eat what I consider sleeve normal, low carb high protein with added veggies. Portion sized are larger than in the very beginning of the sleeve, but still smaller than most. I do track what I eat using my Fat Secret phone app and I can see I average between 1200 - 1700 calories a day for normal eating days. I've cut back on the snacks, but will admit to having the occasional bad snack a couple of times a week. Then on what I call CONTROL days ( Monday and Thursday) I don't eat until evening diner. Then its my normal chicken, fish, pork, minimal days beef, with hearty veggie, on occasion small amount of rice, or pasta, totals to about 300 cal meal. Followed by a power crunch bar (200 cals). The rest of the day I drink, typically hot green tea. there is science behind the IF way of eating.. Might very well be another FAD, but the theory is two fold. One of course obvious.. eating less calories 2 days a week, then you'll average out eating less calories for the week, resulting in weight loss. The other, not so obvious.. is making the body rest from eating for a length of time caused the body to " eat its on fat" for energy. Therefore I stop eating from 7pm on Sunday night and don't eat again until Monday night around 7pm, giving my body 24 hours of rest..hence the term Intermitting Fasting. MOnday would be considered my FAST day. I call it my CONTROL day. because that's the day I start off with a cup of protein hot chocolate, then control my urge to eat until my diner meal. If the urge to eat ( typically not hungry ) gets the best of me I eat a small salad. These days have helped me gain control over my grazing and junk food eating binges. So.. I'll be bloging on my goal to go down at least one more pant size. I'm on my way!!


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