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Post-Op Days 3-4

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I have been working diligently on managing to get my 64oz of fluid & actually have worked out to get 74oz, the liquid includes 3- 17oz bottles of water & 3- 8oz protein shakes, I have found routine & drinking the same thing work the best for me & I also divided it up into 1/3's throughout the day. yet I feel I always have a bottle of liquid in my hand. by night time I am so happy to not have something in my hand, but my nurses scared me about dehydration. so every-time I go to the bathroom I am always looking at what color it is. yes I do that. I have been hitting my goal of about 70 grams of protein. & the last 2 days I have also had about 1/4Cup broth, with a shake of Mrs Dash (my new best friend) I don't add that total to my fluid counting even though I could the last 2 nights my family has had hearty meals, like lasagna & ham & tater casserole. (I made these ahead of time to help if I had problems with surgery) I haven't so much wanted to eat them, more I have a horrible habit at the end of the day of snacking. That's where the soup came in. I have some mixed feelings I need to work thru before I do eat real food. I have a few idea's like changing what my evening pattern is, I have some projects to start as soon as I have a bit more energy & my incisions heal up a bit more, I don't want to ruin anything I have worked so hard to do.


Today I had a great couple of personal victories, 1- my oldest was mindlessly eating a big muffin for breakfast, & I thought, I use to do this, now that kind of repulses me. 2- I got to drive to do an errand. I felt so free, where I haven't hd pain med's I knew I felt good enough to do it. Both of these put me in some deep thoughts about how my life was going... I could have eaten 2 of those muffins before, & if I don't get my health under control, then I might have to rely on others to get me around. it just helps me know I have made one of the best decisions of my life. I promised myself on New Years this year I will take back my life! I am on my way! :)

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Thanks for sharing. I am in the "considering" VSL stage. I am truly inspired by the stories I am reading here. One of my biggest hesitations is my fear of not getting enough water. I have always been a huge water drinker (no pun intended) and I am fearful that I won't be able to get enough in.

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YES. I can so relate to the mindless eating being repulsive! My husband does A LOT of this and while I love him, it is killing me. Today we went out and I got two soups. One was just too thick, but I could lick the spoon and get the taste and that was nice. He had one bite, which was great because there's no way I could have the whole thing even over a week and in no time he was almost done with it! I handed it to him and he was all embarrassed. I really don't have much tolerance for mindless eating even though I totally did it! Weird.

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I am just ready as I can be for the New me. Sick of being Extremely over weight & people around me helping me be blind to it. I always keep a Smile on my face but I am tired of trying to hide my pain. So now there is no more hiding, its just a matter of working this all off to be Happy in my own body. Good luck on all your journey's. Also I have had no problem with water other than remembering not to gulp. I have gotten back up to drinking about 80oz my personal goal is 100oz. since March I have been drinking a lot more than that. 1/2 my body weight in ounces. my heights weight was 308. I lost on my own to 260, then sadly it came back, till I decided that I could not do it on my own. I'll use a quote from a thread I read a few weeks ago, "I yo-yo dieted myself to obesity..." granted there are a Ton of other contributors & also genetics.

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