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21 days out & i have acid? I had that hernia fixed...



I feel a little acid at the back of my throat. My hiatial hernia was fixed, i'm confused. Maybe 21 days isnt long enough to heal?



Also, having problems getting in fluids, protein and food. One is always lacking, and it's fluids. Well, and food. I only eat two or three times a day.


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I was told it was the reason i had acid. The muscles connecting my esophagus and stomach were letting the contents of my stomach come back up.

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Aren't you on a PPI? I had to sign a paper before surgery that I would probably have acid reflux after surgery and I do. I am 9 months out and occasionally stop the pill to see if it is gone and within 2 days I have to take it again.

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Oh, i am on it still. Crushing the pills makes me want to throw up. I stopped it for a few days.

I guess ill just have to keep taking them.

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