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4 weeks post-op

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Yesterday marked 4 weeks post-op and I was thrilled to get on the scale today and see 260 lbs. I am really looking forward to being 235 again...that was how much I weighted when I got pregnant so it would be great to lose all the 'baby weight', even though I gained most of the weight after having the baby. Being on 6 weeks bed rest really deconditioned my body.


I have been walking and swimming a lot but I can't start a full exercise regimen until my gp gives the ok. I have some minor arthritis in my lower spine which is causing the outer part of my right leg to be numb and twinges of stabbing nerve pain. I had a more mild case of this before the surgery, but laying on my back recovering for three days really aggravated things. Since oral steroids are very hard on the stomach I decided to go the physical therapy route. (MRIs and steroid shots will be plan B) I started PT this week and I know I'm on the right track. Losing weight will certainly help.


Some big wins of the week:


- I am still very strong around food - I am in control, not food; this is so empowering.


- I am actually having positive thoughts about the future. I used to think getting old just meant gaining weight and the ticking time bomb of diabetes or a massive stroke (family history of both). But now I'm looking forward to 35, 45 and beyond. This is very new.


- Realizing that this new healthy life hasn't been very difficult to embrace. My new "default settings" are healthy choices. I don't want to eat hot dogs or pie right now! I don't have to have the internal fight of "eat bad food x...it will taste so good...you deserve it...everyone else can eat it so can you." In the past I would eat it and beat myself up for being so fat and out of control, and a loser etc... Now I think "Oh fish sounds amazing, with a few bites of steamed broccoli" The end!


- Knowing that I am on the right road to a long, happy and healthful life! I really never want to veer off.

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