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Week FOUR VSG Weigh In




Weigh in day! WOOT! 

HW: 273

SW: 250

LW: 237.2

CW: 233.6!!!! Woot! 

A 3.6lb drop this week bringing my post surgery loss to 16.4lbs and my total loss to  39.4lbs. 

This week’s loss comes at a great time because I was a little mopey thinking I might not hit 20 lbs my first month.. NOT because I am trying to hit a magical number but because if this is the ‘best loss’ I’ll have before it starts to slow down, imagine what life will be like the further I get out. I spent  $12K when I add up travel and all that good stuff having VSG surgery. It has to work and be worth it. This week showed me that everything is fine so I can just calm my impatient ass down. 


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yes curvy way to go.... I am 3 weeks post-op today and i weighed myself yesterday i weigh 195. I have lost 26 since my surgery date Dec. 28. My pre-op weight was 221. Much continued success to you. Blessings


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I am anxious as well to see a difference, I had my surgery on Dec 28 as well, and I was getting a little down on myself at first because I thought I should have lost more weight by now. I lost 24 pounds so far since surgery date. I did not loose any weight pre op which I totally regret because I should have put more of an effort but it was around the holiday so... I had to think about when was the last time I lost 24 pounds in 3 weeks NEVER!! So on my road to getting finer and ever so fabulous I keep putting my best foot forward when Im on the treadmill and kicking it up a notch every day. I workout an hour every day. I started walk/

jogging and learning to be patient and humble myself. I know the change will soon come, hang in there by

the summer you will be beach ready sipping on mojitos, or at least that's my plan lolololol

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