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6 weeks out today and back in the game.



I am 6 weeks out, trying more and more foods and not really having difficulty with digestion. I have had a poor appetite and my taste buds have been off, everything has tasted bland and not near as good as I seem to remember or believe. I had only lost 19 lbs and was feeling rather disappointed in myself and the process. Then I realized I have been eating, not like a healthy life style but as if I were recuperating from a surgery and just making do

waiting for everything to return to normal. I had not been getting in my protein. My water intake was not adequate, my carb ingestion way too high.

I had to stop and think duh.......this is not waiting to get back to normal, this is my new normal and this is for life! What the hell did I do this for if I was not going to develop the healthy habits I had planned on.

Light bulb moment. For a smart woman I sometimes take awhile to get it.


So yesterday and thus far today, made my water requirements, protein is up, carbs down and exercised too!!!!!!! look out baby I am back in the game and I intend to be a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Good for you for having that ah hah moment. At least it didn't take you 6 months to realize you have to make a new normal. Glad you're back on the wagon and hope your loss picks up. Good luck!

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I am so happy for you that you figured it out and are back on the path! thank you for sharing this with us to help us not go that way, takes courage. Keep posting your progress.

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Great Job! Thank you for writing out your true feelings!! I am 2 days from being 6 weeks out and I have only lost 24 since surgery! I'm glad i read your posting!! It was a wake up call for me too! I need to stop eating the junk and do what I had planned to do!

I too need to reach water requirements and protein and need to keep down the carbs! Thank you for your posting! You are inspirational and motivating! I wish you the best in your journey!

We can do dis!!!!

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