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Loa Extended, Pain Continues



Called my employer, confirmed my LOA extension until Nov 8. Feel like some pressure off, not worrying about having to get back to work in less than a week. However, the pain continues. Slept in recliner again, but even getting out of that chair is becoming painful. Pain seems to have moved to more central upper abdomen, just above belly button. I am taking ES tylenol every 6 hours and wearing my abdominal binder to make it tolerable. I still cannot bend over, or lean to one side or the other, or sleep in my own bed. I did sneeze and I did not feel like my stitches were ripping out-so that's an improvement. It's hard to look to the future when I will feel better. I recall thinking of how much better I would feel, how much more I could do after losing the weight, how young I would feel; yea, that's not happening yet. I can't even stand up straight for pete's sake!

23 days postop....it just not fair,...(but what is? )


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