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I Figure This Blog Could Use A Happy Post Too!



So my stall finally broke itself - Those of you who said it would just break on its own - 100% right. I did try stuff to get out of it, and it taught me a good lesson, my body controls itself sometimes - not me.


I am glad that I vented on here though. I will be glad when I'm farther along that I can look back (especially when I hit another stall) and prove to myself that even though it was hard and I was upset, I got through it. And my body went through a period of readjusting. You know, it's really easy to say that your body is readjusting to other people - but it can be difficult when it's you that's going through it, even if you keep telling yourself it rationally. Add in hormone fluctuations and you get frustration, upset, etc. I think that's natural. I researched a ton before this procedure and knew I'd stall and it was still hard for me when it hit. So much for being level headed and prepared!


With the end of my stall also has come a decrease in my mood fluctuations, which is another clue to me that it's related to hormones. My period started, my weight started dropping again, and I'm finally a little more rational again.


My 26s fit okay most days. They're a little tight, but I've been measuring weekly and I'm seeing the numbers come down, so I know it's just a matter of time before I'm fully into them. I'm really looking forward to getting to wear them at school. I pulled a bunch of clothes I'd had packed up in my basement and the majority of them I will be able to wear in the next couple months. It's very exciting.


My eating has been going well. I have stayed on plan and the only thing I'm having any trouble with is making sure I'm getting in my water at work. Funny enough it's easier for me to get a snack in at work than water, which is backwards from pre-op. All of my coworkers have been very supportive - They have been volunteering to take out the trash and whatnot when I work the late shift because they know I can't. One of my coworkers I was with my first day back made sure all the night work was done for me, which I was super appreciative of. She's awesome.


I am a little anxious about school, but also excited. I can't wait to see my classmates. They all went out on Saturday night but my sleeve and I were having a disagreement, so I decided to stay home. I know a couple of my classmates that I'm closer with are a little bummed, so I'll have to make a point to come up with a group outing sometime soon.


I chatting on the webcam with my ex the other day and he told me that he can really tell the difference in my face/upper body now. That felt nice to hear. I have been having quite a few NSVs lately. I think I might open a word document and make myself a list, so I never forget what this life changing event has given me.


Mostly I just wanted to make this post because I can tend to write in blogs when I need to rant, but I want to document my happy times too. Through our good and bad times, my sleeve has become my best buddy.


Now I just need to think of a name for it....=p


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I posted once in the blog I started here, and now I cannot find how to do it again...this site is not well set-up in some areas.

Seems like you are doing well....you talk to your ex?

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I can sooooo relate with your weight stall issue. I've been going through the same thing myself. My WLS was in early July. I lost 25 lbs in the 3 months prior to surgery and only 5 lbs during the pre-op diet stage. 2 weeks after surgery I lost an additional 15 lbs. Then HALT! NADA! ZILCH! NOTHING! for 5 weeks... OH MY GOD! What happened... Why did I stop losing! I figured this was some kind of joke someone was playing on me or something. I also know that I'm consuming way fewer calories than the recommended daily allowance. So why was I not losing?

What I came to the conclusion was that there was more going on that needed to be addresses. So like the detective I am, I did some research. I found that the reason for the stall is what they call "starvation mode". It's when your body is in diet mode for a long period of time and your body has adjusted to the new levels of nutrition you are consuming. It's like your body is hanging on to every ounce because it thinks you need to keep it. I also found that because I am consuming so much protein, I also am not getting in the fruits and vegies as much as I like to. So here's what I did:

I started adding a vegie/fruit smoothie every day to my diet. These smoothies can be incorporated with nuts to give you extra protein as well. Because they are a smoothie, the whole vegies and fruits will go through your stomach very easy without upsetting because it is all liquid. It not only helped "move things along", but it gave me a lot more balance. I also increased my calories by 100-200 calories a day. (I know... not easy after your stomach has been shrunk to the size of your fist). But if you add an extra snack in... it helps. Instead of 3 meals/snacks... I increased to 4 meals/snacks... Less time in between meals, so my body does not recognize that I'm 'starving' for food.

Another thing I've done is started logging my food and liquid intake on a calorie/nutrition website that calculates your nutrition values. I use My Fitness Pal. The calculator logs calories, protein, fats and carbs. That way you can tell each day if you are getting the recommended nutrition you need to stay healthy and still loose. If you get too few calories for too many days in a row, the calcualtor will let you know you can be in danger of 'starvation mode' which will possibly inhibit your weight loss.

I've started losing again (3 lbs) so now I'm no longer trying to through my scale through the bathroom window.

Sooo, if I go through a stall again, (and I know it will happen), I know that all I have to do is change up my diet and kick start it with fluctuating my daily calorie intake and change one or tow of my diet choices by either eating a bit more, or more often or drinking more fluids, or eating more vegies or something that will change the routine.

Anyway... hope this helps.

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