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It Happened.....



We've been in a fairly stress filled situation the past few months, and recently it has gotten more so. Stress isn't related to my surgery or weight loss........is related to other family issues. Nothing tragic, just stressful.


So Wednesday evening, I told my hubby he had to get me outta this house........and being the wonderful charming chap he is......he did. I was just tied in knots and needed to blow off some steam. I don't have any girlfriends that I can share this with, so unfortunately for the hubby, he gets to play that part.


In any event, I digress.


So, we're riding down the road in his truck, he turns and asks "What do you want to eat?" I replied, "Does it really matter? I'll eat 4 bites and that'll be the end." And, we laughed..........and went for his favorite food......MEXICAN!


So, we're sitting in this Mexican cantina, listening to the pitiful "live" music for Wednesday night and it happened.........


I found myself wishing I could just stuff myself with food (chips, queso, salsa) and beverage (code word for Dos Rita - Dox Equis beer inverted in top shelf Margarita!) so............(now this was an eye opener for me)........I could FEEL BETTER!!!


OMG!!!!! It's been 1 1/2 months since surgery and not once has that thought crossed my mind. Typically, I'm giggling at being the world's cheapest date, but somehow with all this stress, I WANTED to EAT and DRINK.


I can't (stuff me with food and drink) and I gotta say it is so good to be saved from myself. But it does leave me wondering....is this part of how I got fat in the first place. I know it is, part of it. I can look back at food journals and see I dove off the wagon in times of great stress, usually self directed hatred at my own short comings.........and then the cycle started up.


What to do with this new self discovery? How do I fill the space gluttony used to take in my life? More so, do I fill that space?


Maybe the space where gluttony used to live.............is kinda like when I clean out my closet. I clean out what I don't want any more so I have room for all the new, cool, groovy, awesome stuff I want now.


Or maybe I just leave it as a reminder that it leads somewhere I just don't want to go..........like those ugly, ugly jackets with the linebacker shoulder pads from the 80s!


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Ok what I need to know is did I have a cocktail and if so how did I effect you? I'm 2weeks post op and I can't wait to hit my favorite Mexican spot and have a cadillac Rita

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I so related to this!! I'm a month out and would really like a lunarita!! lol My husband is taskmaster deluxe though so he's keeping me in line! lol I am hoping for a glass of wine next week to celebrate my one month post-op anniversary!! I've been eating food for about a week now and enjoying every couple of bites!! lol My really favorite thing has been cottage cheese! Go figure... I love the "cleaning out the closet" analogy. It is definitely a change in how you see and think about food. Good luck to you!!!

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Oh yes, MJ....I most definitely had a cocktail!!!! My beverage of choice has always been Crown Royal with water......nothing exciting or exotic. And on Wednesday of last week.......it was Crown and Ice! and it took a good hour to drink it, which was fine by me. I've always had an unusual tolerance for alcohol, so the effect was minimal - other than it just took the edge off my nerve. Not really sure if it was the alcohol that did that, the setting, the company (I really do like my hubby), or just the fact I sat there, breathing in and out, sipping on my beverage. But if your question regarding effects of alcohol were more tolerance directed....it doesn't hurt my stomach, cause nausea or anything like that. And if your question is more of how does it effect my weight loss, couldn't tell ya cause I quit weighing daily weeks ago. I discovered that was bad for me. :)

Leslie - go for it girl! And, ain't it lovely to cherish all 4 delicious bites of whatever it is that you're eating (cottage cheese and tuna are a favorite of mine)? I don't remember really enjoying eating pre surgery like I do post surgery.

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