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Introduction To Nutrition

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Well I had my second appointment yesterday with a nutritionist. Its so much information. I'm really starting to get excited about the possibility of surgery (still have to wait for insurance approval) but sometimes I think about all the things I'm going to miss...I'm convinced after discussing what the nutritionist said with a co-worker (she had weight loss surgery 8 years ago) that its not going to be as bad as I thought. Also I believe most things that were discussed during the appointment is just about life right after and not necessarily for the future (if I am wrong please let me know) I was told no soda/caffeine/coffee among other things. The thought of going my whole life not EVER having a soda or coffee again is a bit scary. My co-worker said she has coffee/soda and eats/drinks at the same time so that makes things easier. I really thought about it though..I have been struggling with my weight for as long as I can remember and then I start to think of all the things I'm going to gain...such as less lower back pain/joint pain..more energy to play with my son...no shortness of breath going up stairs...being able to shop anywhere without worrying if my size is available...being more comfortable on the airplane..just to name a few...so if I have to give up soda/coffee or anything else that is such a small sacrifice for everything that I will gain. I still have some things that I have to get done on my own..I still need to get a medical clearance from my doctor and a psychiatric

appointment to prove I am sane..also blood work and have my esophagus checked (excuse me for not remembering the name of the procedure) Well I still have a ways to go to say the least...

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I am 3 months out and have my coffee every morning just like I used to. It doesn't bother my new little stomach at all. I had given up soda a long time ago and so I don't miss it at all.

There are two main things that come in to play from my viewpoint. You have to face your feelings about food and examine the role it plays in your life. Alot of us have had very emotional feelings letting our good friend (food) go...or our addictive patterns of overeating.

Obviously we all still have to eat and in the beginning there are challenges, but time flew by for me, and before I knew it I was trying different foods to see what and how much I could tolerate and also logging my nutritional info so that I am getting my liquids/proteins/calories under control so that I continue to lose, but maintain my nutritional health.

I feel great, better every day. Some foods still give me a little trouble, so I eat what goes down easy. I spend more time with friends and not always going out to eat! If we do go out to eat, I bring home my doggy bag...but I enjoy every little morsel I do eat!

Good luck on your journey!

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