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Day 7 Protein Experiments



Walked to the local supermarket today, and went to visit my cat at the vet.It involved a fair amount of walking and tonight I'm going to walk around the neighbourhood. It is 45 degrees celsius outside (113 deg F)which doesn't help. Not managing to get much more liquid in me than a litre a day though, but I try. I think I'm doing not bad with protein though. Today I had a carton of muscle milk for breakfast (15g protein), a bowl of warm butternut and sweet potato soup with a scoop of unflavoured protein mixed in for lunch (20g protein) and late this afternoon a can of pure protein shake (35g protein). I am only really enjoying the soup to be honest, the shakes are kind of "meh". I have some crystal light lemonade that a friend found me and I've had about 2 cups of that too and that is my lot. I may try to drink some herbal tea before bedtime, but I feel so full of liquid that I'm gurgling!


I'm a little tired today, but not too bad, my side is sore today which is a bit of an annoyance as I'm trying to stop the liquid brufen pain meds they have me on and I can't cut them so much today. I sneezed today which was OOOUUUUCH!


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HI! I am having trouble getting that much liquid, food, anything in so my husband found these liquid protein "bullets". They are called New Whey Liquid Protein and they have 42 grams of protein in 3.8oz. YAY! I haven't tried one yet but they come in all different flavors.

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tonibugg, we were cautioned against those. Check to see if it has collagen in it. If it does it's not good for you, our body can't digest that stuff. At least that's what we were told by our surgical group and nut.

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