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Surgery Looms & I Can Only Think Of My Kitty



I have today and tomorrow to get ready, and then my surgery is on Monday!


I am finding it very difficult to wrap my head around all this as I'm just not thinking of myself because my beloved cat is really sick. She was given to me by Godmother and my Mom before she died- so she is very special to me and is only 12 years old. She has had a temperature, stopped eating and was dehydrated and the vets have done blood tests, a chest X-ray, and a tumour scan and they still don't know what it is and this has been going on for over two weeks. She has had a feeding tube inserted through her neck into her stomach because she has lost so much weight -she is just skin and bones although recently she did put on a little weight. She has been in and out of the vet and is there being monitored right now. They still have no diagnosis, she still is not eating and they are bareIy keeping on top of the temperature. If she is utterly miserable with no clear positive prognosis I will have to make a difficult decision because I just can't put her through more pain and misery. I simply can't bear the thought of losing her though - as I live alone and much of my life pretty much revolves around her. (I'm the original weird cat-lady) NOT good timing :-( and very much adding to my worries with the surgery. Oh, and to top it all, it is costing me an utter fortune (although her health has no price to me).


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So sorry to hear about your Kitty! I understand how you feel, been there... many times. Its heartbreaking, my pets are family too.

And for you with surgery stress it is such bad timing. But keep thinking about her... right now she needs you.. maybe to do something that hurts you but will help her... Believe me I have gone to major lengths to save and try to 'cure" alot of mine over the years, but I always promised them I would look after them and sometimes looking after means letting them have peace. Its a hard decision but its the most important and really sometimes its the best for them, yes we suffer after they are gone, but they are painfree and I picture them up there lazing around on the clouds with all their friends that went first.

My heart is with you in this sad time

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I'm sorry to hear about your Kitty :( I'm very attached to my cats too and have been in that difficult decision as well. You are both in my prayers.

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My heart and prayers go out to you today, I am a cat fanatic and to have such an important part of your family in that kitty makes it all that much harder. I have 2 younger cats but I also have a 12 year old lab that has been a part of our family since he was literally born and it is so hard to watch them get older. Like losing a a literal part of your family! Just know that what ever decision you make it is the right one, your heart is the only thing that can tell you what is right and time at this point =)

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I'm OK- doesn't seem real! I sat at the vet today and brushed my kitty and she was quite responsive so it made me feel a bit better about her. They will do more blood tests tomorrow and I'll call on my way to surgery.

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I'm so glad to hear your kitty is doing better! Everything is going to be fine tomorrow. I'm sending well wishes from thousands of miles away in Texas!

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